New header for db2 compatibility header.
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1997-08-24 drepperFinish gettext section.
1997-08-20 drepperFix typos.
1997-08-20 drepperDescription of message translation functions in glibc.
1997-08-20 drepperDocument LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, NLSPATH, setenv, unsetenv...
1997-08-20 drepperCorrect previous entry in @node for new chapter.
1997-08-20 drepperCorrect previous entry in @node for new chapter.
1997-08-20 drepperAdd menu entries for chapter on message translation.
1997-08-14 drepperAdd comment to sincos decsription to say it's a GNU...
1997-08-14 drepperMention _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED in correct place.
1997-08-10 drepperDocument UTMP/WTMP handling functions.
1997-08-10 drepperCorrect typos.
1997-08-10 drepperCorrect typos.
1997-08-10 drepperCorrect typos.
1997-08-04 drepperExplain difficulties with strftime if the functions...
1997-08-04 drepperUpdate.
1997-08-04 drepperDescribe socklen_t and change prototypes of socket...
1997-08-04 drepperRemove paragraph which explained that wordexp is execut...
1997-08-04 drepperDocument exceptions, functions to handle exceptions...
1997-08-04 drepper(UPDATED): Update.
1997-08-04 drepper(Error Codes): Fix typo.
1997-08-04 drepperMark floating-point test macro from ISO C 9X as macros...
1997-08-02 drepperFix typos.
1997-08-02 drepperFix typo.
1997-07-28 drepperUpdate.
1997-07-28 drepperDocument some more IPv6 things.
1997-07-24 drepper(Argp Option Vectors): Use @minus, not @math, to format...
1997-07-19 drepper(INSTALL_INFO): Introduce variable to override
1997-07-15 drepperUpdate
1997-07-13 drepperUpdated. libc-ud-970712
1997-07-11 drepperUpdate.
1997-07-07 drepperupdate libc-ud-970706
1997-07-06 drepperUpdate.
1997-07-06 drepperUpdate and reformat copyright.
1997-07-06 drepper(Argp Option Vectors): Fix use of @math to make it...
1997-06-28 drepperUpdate. libc-ud-970627
1997-06-26 drepperUpdate address.
1997-06-21 drepperUpdate copyright and date.
1997-06-19 drepperEmpty dir file.
1997-06-19 drepper(info): Depend on
1997-06-19 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-19 drepper(Argz Functions): Document argz_replace.
1997-06-19 drepper(Argp Special Keys): Document ARGP_KEY_ARGS.
1997-06-13 drepperFix typo.
1997-06-12 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-12 drepperCorrect description of GLOB_MAGCHAR and GLOB_NOMAGIC.
1997-06-12 drepperAdd @dircategory and @direntry text.
1997-06-12 drepper(dir-add.texi): Also emit wrapper text for info/install...
1997-06-12 drepperAdd dir-add.texi.
1997-06-05 drepperDescribe GNU extensions for glob.
1997-06-05 drepperFix typo.
1997-06-05 drepperExample for argp documentation. libc-ud-970604f
1997-06-05 drepperUpdate.
1997-06-05 drepperStrip trailing commas from node-names.
1997-06-05 drepperMention argp_parse in places that previously mentioned...
1997-06-05 drepper(Contributors): Give Miles Bader credit.
1997-06-05 drepper(Program Arguments): Menu updated.
1997-06-05 drepperDocumentation of getopt functions.
1997-06-05 drepperDocumentation of argp functions.
1997-06-05 drepper(%.c.texi): Deal with multiple @-commands on a single...
1997-06-05 drepperIgnore chapters-incl[12] rather than chapters-incl.
1997-06-04 drepperAdd comments to discourage use of index and rindex.
1997-06-03 drepper(String and Array Utilities): Add `Argz and Envz Vector...
1997-06-03 drepperAlso refer to ISO 9945.
1997-05-31 drepperECOFF hasn't been tested in ages and I don't plan on...
1997-05-26 drepperUpdate.
1997-05-25 drepper(Formatted Messages): Corrected some typos.
1997-05-24 drepperExample program for fmtmsg documentation.
1997-05-24 drepperAdd description of fmtmsg and addseverity.
1997-05-21 drepperAdd documentation for strverscmp.
1997-05-21 drepperAdd documentation for versionsort.
1997-05-20 drepperupdate
1997-05-07 drepperUpdate.
1997-05-07 drepperRemove -$(subdir) suffix from subdir stamp files to...
1997-04-30 drepperAllow names with only one character.
1997-04-30 drepperUpdate.
1997-04-30 drepperRecognize @defmumblex.
1997-04-30 drepperUse @vtable where possible. Add TeX version of @multit...
1997-04-30 drepper(Miscellaneous Signals): Use @deftypevrx for second...
1997-04-30 drepperUse @defmumblex for additional description headers.
1997-04-30 drepperUpdate.
1997-04-30 drepper(Floating-Point Classes): Don't indent text,
1997-04-21 drepperAdd description of a64l and l64a.
1997-04-21 drepperUpdate various entries for ISO C 9X.
1997-04-21 drepperAdd description for INFINITY, _Imaginary_I, fpclassify...
1997-04-19 drepperAdd description of printf_size and printf_size_info.
1997-04-10 drepperCorrect parameter order for memmem.
1997-04-09 drepper(dir-add.texi): Make it usable.
1997-04-08 drepperUpdate malloc documentation for new malloc.
1997-04-05 drepperCorrect a few typos and errors.
1997-04-02 drepperCorrect example.
1997-04-02 drepperAdd description of lldiv_t, lldiv, and atoll.
1997-04-02 drepperAdd rule to easily generate dir-add.texi file.
1997-04-02 drepperRemove them since CVS keeps the history for us.
1997-04-02 drepperAdd documentation of __va_copy.
1997-04-02 drepperChange wording for snprintf description a bit. Correct...
1997-04-02 drepperDocumet behavour of inet-ntoa in multi-threaded programs.
1997-04-02 drepperAdd error codes ENOMEDIUM and EMEDIUMTYPE.
1997-03-16 drepper(Domain and Range Errors): Change descriptions accordin...
1997-03-16 drepperAdd documentation for scandir and alphasort.
1997-03-10 drepperExample for scandir and alphasort function.