[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / math / libm-test.c
1999-06-14 drepperChange more deltas.
1999-06-09 drepperUpdate deltas.
1999-06-06 drepper(jn_test): Adjust delta.
1999-06-06 drepper(yn_test): Change one delta.
1999-06-03 drepper(main): Add new test functions.
1999-06-02 drepper(y1_test): New tests.
1999-05-27 drepperAdjust a few more deltas for the poor ARM emulator.
1999-01-31 drepper(fdim_test): Fix typo in message.
1998-12-13 drepperRemove macro ISINF. Change all usages of ISINF to...
1998-12-04 drepperExpand literal tabs in strings. Normalize whitespace.
1998-12-01 drepperVarious cleanups.
1998-11-20 drepperRaise some epsilons a bit.
1998-10-29 drepperLoosen deltas for sin(0.9)^2+cos(0.9)^2.
1998-09-09 drepper(exp10_test): Adapt epsilons for powerpc.
1998-08-08 drepper(csqrt_test): Adjust epsilons.
1998-07-29 drepper(csqrt_test): Correct typo in one test, add another...
1998-07-28 drepper(tgamma_test): Remove redundant tests.
1998-07-28 drepperSplit old gamma_test and move half of it in new functio...
1998-07-23 drepperCorrect test for SVID version of gamma.
1998-07-23 drepper(gamma_test): Add test for gamma(-1) and gamma(0).
1998-07-01 drepperAdjust delta for indentities1_test because gcc became...
1998-06-10 drepper(main): Call exp10_test.
1998-05-20 drepper(hypot_test): Fix typo.
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate many of the epsilon to match actual performance.
1998-05-06 drepper(pow_test): Add test for special value from PR libc...
1998-05-06 drepper(pow_test): Add test for special value from PR libc...
1998-03-06 drepperAdjust deltas.
1998-02-25 drepper(sqrt_test): Add test for sqrt(2).
1998-02-24 drepperChange epsilons for libm-ieee754.
1998-02-17 drepper(modf_test): Correct typo.
1998-02-17 drepper(modf_test): Add test for 1.5.
1998-02-17 drepperUse M_*l constants now.
1998-02-13 drepperTighten accuracy bounds for exp(), correct constants.
1998-02-11 drepper(modf_test): Add one more test for modf.
1998-01-25 drepper(modf_test): Add more tests for modf.
1998-01-20 drepperTweak epsilons.
1997-12-22 drepperAdd more epsilons.
1997-12-14 drepper(csqrt_test): Add testcase.
1997-12-03 drepperAdd more tests.
1997-12-01 drepper(csqrt_test): Add tests for cabs, carg, ctan, csqrt...
1997-11-22 drepperPrint test results also using %a format, specified...
1997-11-18 drepperAdded counting/reporting of number of test cases.
1997-11-18 drepperAdd epsilons.
1997-11-13 drepperAdd tests for fma.
1997-11-11 drepperMore tests.
1997-10-29 drepperRelax math test. libc-ud-971029
1997-10-29 drepper(cbrt_test): Add test for cbrt(0.970299).
1997-10-12 drepper(lround_test, llround_test): Test for all FP formats...
1997-10-06 drepperAdd test for clog10.
1997-09-24 drepper(exp2_test): Add some more tests.
1997-09-11 drepperChange various tolerances to match what the tested...
1997-08-24 drepper(identities): Change epsilon.
1997-08-14 drepper(cbrt_test): Add epsilon for long double to `cbrt ...
1997-08-10 drepper(cbrt_test): Add test for number with aboslute value...
1997-08-02 drepperRemove unneeded function check_int_exec.
1997-07-26 drepper(ccos_test, ccosh_test): Fix sign in some tests.
1997-07-21 drepper(cos_test, sin_test, sincos_test): Use precomputed...
1997-06-29 drepper(test_single_exception): The argument to fetestexcept...
1997-06-23 drepper(ilogb_test): Don't require exceptions for zero and...
1997-06-21 drepper<foo.h> -> <bits/foo.h>.
1997-06-19 drepper(check_int_exc): New function.
1997-06-15 drepperFix typos
1997-06-14 drepper(main): Call new tests, reorder tests.
1997-06-04 drepper(cpow_test): Add epsilon for long double in test for...
1997-05-29 drepperImplement testing of inlined functions, make output...
1997-05-07 drepper(test_not_exception): Don't mix the internal
1997-04-30 drepperImplement test for exceptions.
1997-04-17 drepper(basic_tests): Use the appropriate isnan and isinf...
1997-04-12 drepperNew functions ccos_test, cacos_test, cacosh_test, casin...
1997-04-11 drepperFix more typos.
1997-04-08 drepper(check_long): New function.
1997-04-07 drepper(clog_test): Compile this function. Fix a few typos.
1997-04-04 drepper(cbrt_test): Add tests for +-inf and NaN arguments.
1997-04-02 drepper(log2_test): Add epsilon for long double to "log2 ...
1997-03-31 drepper(initialize): Make strings unique and force values...
1997-03-30 drepperAdd definition of ctanh_test, clog_test, and csqrt_test.
1997-03-29 drepper(cexp_test): Correct a few bugs.
1997-03-27 drepper(this_does_nothing): Remove functions. It's
1997-03-25 drepper(log2_test): Compile this function and call it.
1997-03-25 drepperFix typo.
1997-03-24 drepperIncrease epsilon in many places. Fix many typos.
1997-03-23 drepper(remquo_test): New function.
1997-03-22 drepper(copysign_test): New function.
1997-03-22 drepper(basic_tests): Add tests for `nan' function.
1997-03-22 drepper(fdim_test, fmin_test, fmax_test): New functions. ...
1997-03-20 drepper(_GNU_SOURCE): Define only if still undefined.
1997-03-16 drepperMath library tests.