Linux/SPARC specific setcontext definition.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / math /
1997-06-29 drepper(test_single_exception): The argument to fetestexcept...
1997-06-29 drepper(LDLIBS-*): Change from libm to math/libm to get static...
1997-06-27 drepperNew file. Test for exception handling functions.
1997-06-27 drepper(tests): Add test-fenv.
1997-06-26 drepperMove definition of macros for unordered comparison...
1997-06-26 drepper(tests): Add test-matherr.
1997-06-24 drepperTest handling of matherr.
1997-06-23 drepperAdd warning about use of M_* constants.
1997-06-23 drepper(ilogb_test): Don't require exceptions for zero and...
1997-06-21 drepperComplex math functions.
1997-06-21 drepperMIPS64 patches.
1997-06-21 drepperAdd all necessary functions, correct existing entries.
1997-06-21 drepperMoved to bits/.
1997-06-21 drepper<foo.h> -> <bits/foo.h>.
1997-06-21 drepper(headers): foo.h -> bits/foo.h.
1997-06-21 drepperStandardize the multiple-include protect.
1997-06-19 drepperRearrange prototypes according to ISO C9X draft.
1997-06-19 drepperChange prototypes for rinttol/roundtol.
1997-06-19 drepper(check_int_exc): New function.
1997-06-19 drepper(libm-calls): Remove w_gamma_r.
1997-06-15 drepperFix typos
1997-06-14 drepperAdd more symbols.
1997-06-14 drepper(main): Call new tests, reorder tests.
1997-06-12 drepperMap files for versioning.
1997-06-12 drepper(libm-map): New definition.
1997-06-12 drepper(_Mldbl): Define even if M_* constants are not defined.
1997-06-04 drepper(cpow_test): Add epsilon for long double in test for...
1997-06-04 drepper[NO_LONG_DOUBLE]: Add alias for long double function.
1997-05-29 drepperRenamed to test-ldouble.c.
1997-05-29 drepperFrontend for long double tests.
1997-05-29 drepperFrontend for double tests of inlined functions.
1997-05-29 drepperImplement testing of inlined functions, make output...
1997-05-29 drepperFix typo in comment.
1997-05-29 drepperAdd rules for new test programs, change rules for renam...
1997-05-26 drepperDe-ansidecl-fy.
1997-05-21 drepper( Depend on for dynamic loading and...
1997-05-21 drepperCorrect typos.
1997-05-21 drepper(calls): Add s_signbit.
1997-05-07 drepper(test_not_exception): Don't mix the internal
1997-04-30 drepperImplement test for exceptions.
1997-04-29 drepperCorrect typos.
1997-04-21 drepperFix typo.
1997-04-21 drepper(headers): Add mathbits.h.
1997-04-17 drepper(basic_tests): Use the appropriate isnan and isinf...
1997-04-15 drepperAdd prototype for sincos.
1997-04-15 drepper(libm-calls): Add s_sincos and s_cproj.
1997-04-12 drepperInclude new header mathbits.h which defines some more...
1997-04-12 drepperNew functions ccos_test, cacos_test, cacosh_test, casin...
1997-04-12 drepper(_Imaginary_I): Define correctly. I misread the standa...
1997-04-12 drepper(libm-calls): Add s_nearbyint, s_catan, s_casin, s_ccos...
1997-04-11 drepperPretty printing.
1997-04-11 drepperFix more typos.
1997-04-11 drepperFunctions and macros to handle floating-point environment.
1997-04-11 drepper(headers): Add fenv.h and fenvbits.h.
1997-04-08 drepper(check_long): New function.
1997-04-07 drepper(rinttol): Argument is of type `long double' not `double'.
1997-04-07 drepper(libm-support): Add s_rinttol and s_rinttoll.
1997-04-07 drepper(clog_test): Compile this function. Fix a few typos.
1997-04-04 drepper(cbrt_test): Add tests for +-inf and NaN arguments.
1997-04-02 drepper(log2_test): Add epsilon for long double to "log2 ...
1997-03-31 drepper(initialize): Make strings unique and force values...
1997-03-31 drepperPrevent inlining.
1997-03-30 drepperAdd definition of ctanh_test, clog_test, and csqrt_test.
1997-03-29 drepper(cexp_test): Correct a few bugs.
1997-03-29 drepperAdd C++ protection.
1997-03-29 drepper(routines): Add carg, s_ccosh and s_csinh.
1997-03-29 drepperCompute argument of complex double value.
1997-03-29 drepperCompute argument of complex float value.
1997-03-29 drepperCompute argument of complex long double function.
1997-03-27 drepper(this_does_nothing): Remove functions. It's
1997-03-27 drepperDon't define CFLAGS-* macros to prevent inlining in...
1997-03-25 drepper(log2_test): Compile this function and call it.
1997-03-25 drepper(libm-calls): Add s_log2 and s_exp2.
1997-03-25 drepperFix typo.
1997-03-25 drepperUse __MATHCALLX for fabs, infnan, copysign, nan, isnan...
1997-03-25 drepperAdd definitions of macros __MATHCALLX and __MATHDECLX.
1997-03-24 drepperIncrease epsilon in many places. Fix many typos.
1997-03-24 drepper($(objpfx)$(tests)): Link against libm.
1997-03-24 drepperRemove whitespace before function name in use of __MATH...
1997-03-24 drepper(CFLAGS-test-float.c, CFLAGS-test-double.c, CFLAGS...
1997-03-23 drepper(libm-routines): Add s_remquo.
1997-03-23 drepper(remquo_test): New function.
1997-03-22 drepper(copysign_test): New function.
1997-03-22 drepper(basic_tests): Add tests for `nan' function.
1997-03-22 drepper(libm-calls): Add s_nan.
1997-03-22 drepper(fdim_test, fmin_test, fmax_test): New functions. ...
1997-03-20 drepper(__NO_MATH_INLINES): Define only if not already defined.
1997-03-20 drepper(_GNU_SOURCE): Define only if still undefined.
1997-03-20 drepperAdd rules to build and run test programs.
1997-03-16 drepperTest for long double libm functions. libc-ud-970316
1997-03-16 drepperTest for double libm functions.
1997-03-16 drepperTest for float libm functions.
1997-03-16 drepperMath library tests.
1997-03-16 drepper(fpclassify): Correct stupid typos.
1997-03-08 drepperHeader with complex math definitions.
1997-03-08 drepperFile with actual prototypes for complex functions.
1997-03-08 drepperReturn real part of long double complex value.
1997-03-08 drepperReturn real part of float complex value.
1997-03-08 drepperReturn real part of double complex value.
1997-03-08 drepperReturn complex conjugated float complex value.