Fix a few typos.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / misc /
2000-12-29 drepper(__attribute_format_strfmon__): Define.
2000-12-27 ajMake local functions static.
2000-12-16 drepper(fcvt_tests): Add new test.
2000-12-16 drepper(FCVT_MAXDIG): Define.
2000-12-16 drepper(FCVT_MAXDIG): Define.
2000-12-16 drepperFix typo in test to really use the examples from Unix98.
2000-12-16 drepper(dirname): Fix search for second to last slash.
2000-12-15 aj Fix thinko in checks for flexarr macros.
2000-12-08 drepperAdd format attributes for __error and __error_at_line.
2000-12-08 drepperAdd format attributes to syslog and vsyslog.
2000-11-28 drepperAdd const to cast to avoid warnings.
2000-11-28 drepperMake strings in okshells array const.
2000-11-28 drepperAdd prototypes for __error and __error_at_line.
2000-11-28 drepper(__getmntent_r): Add break at end of switch statement...
2000-11-27 drepperDefine __flexarr.
2000-11-25 drepper(const_node): New type.
2000-11-25 drepper(fcvt_r): Use ssize_t instead of int and add cast to...
2000-11-01 drepper(routines): Add getclktck.
2000-10-28 drepper(__step): Use __regexec instead of regexec.
2000-10-28 drepper(daemon): Use __fork instead of fork.
2000-10-07 drepper(__THROW): Define to nothing if not gcc.
2000-09-26 drepperAdd mkstemp64.
2000-09-26 drepper(routines): Add mkstemp64.
2000-09-26 drepperImplementation of mkstemp64.
2000-09-26 drepper(daemon): Fail if !noclose and we cannot open the real...
2000-09-26 drepper(distribute): Add device-nrs.h.
2000-09-26 drepperWarn about insecure mktemp.
2000-09-01 drepperUse *stat64 instead of *stat internally.
2000-08-23 aj * misc/sys/select.h: Move prototypes of __select from...
2000-08-21 drepperDefine __restrict_arr.
2000-08-21 drepperAdd restrict where required by AGd4.
2000-08-17 gkm * Makeconfig (link-extra-libs-bounded): Strip `-bp...
2000-08-10 drepper(mincore): Export at GLIBC_2.2.
2000-08-02 drepperDefine __attribute_format_arg__.
2000-07-14 aj * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/getsysstats.c (free_mem...
2000-06-30 gkm * sysdeps/generic/libc-start.c (__libc_stack_end)...
2000-06-21 aj * stdio-common/temptest.c: Include <stdlib.h>.
2000-06-15 drepper(vsyslog): Initialize msgoff in all cases.
2000-06-14 drepper(vsyslog): Allow open_memstream to fail without crashin...
2000-06-13 drepperDefine __bounded and __unbounded if __BOUNDED_POINTERS_...
2000-06-13 drepperRemove one more __P.
2000-05-23 aj Remove K&R support, use ANSI C prototypes.
2000-05-12 aj * misc/sys/cdefs.h: Add support for pure attribute.
2000-05-05 aj2000-05-05 Andreas Jaeger <>
2000-04-22 drepperInclude <string.h> for strcmp prototype.
2000-04-14 drepper(posix_madvise): Add prototype.
2000-04-14 drepper[libc] (GLIBC_2.2): Add posix_madvice.
2000-04-12 drepperAdd prototypes for shm_open and shm_unlink.
2000-03-31 drepperFix typo in last patch.
2000-03-31 drepperDon't allow gcc in traditional mode to be used.
2000-03-31 drepperRemove K&R support.
2000-03-20 drepper(routines): Add mincore.
2000-03-17 drepperAdd prototype for mincore.
2000-02-25 drepperDefine off_t and mode_t if not already done.
2000-02-23 drepper(struct entry): Fix type of element data.
2000-02-23 drepperInclude <features.h>.
2000-02-11 drepper(closelog): Reset LogType to SOCK_DGRAM.
2000-01-08 drepperDon't use `defined _LIBC', only `_LIBC'.
1999-12-19 drepperDefine __attribute_malloc__ in the right place.
1999-12-19 drepperDefine __attribute_malloc__ according to available...
1999-11-25 drepperUse __REDIRECT for mmap, correct prototype to use __off...
1999-11-10 drepper(output_r_error): Remove extra parameter.
1999-11-10 drepperAlso test ecvt_r and fcvt_r.
1999-11-10 drepper(special): Add tests for a too small buffer for ecvt_r...
1999-11-10 drepper(APPEND): Correct check for too small buffer according...
1999-11-10 drepperFor LOG_PERROR only append a newline if necessary.
1999-10-10 drepper Fix typo in last patch.
1999-10-09 drepperRemove K&R compatibility.
1999-10-04 roland1999-10-04 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-10-04 roland1999-10-04 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-08-26 drepperAvoid namespace pollution.
1999-08-24 drepperDon't define basename macro as taking arguments.
1999-08-18 drepperDon't define NULL.
1999-07-29 drepperInclude <alloca.h>.
1999-07-29 drepper(NDIGIT_MAX): Provide precomputed constants for all...
1999-07-28 drepperRemove one test which cannot reliably be run anymore.
1999-07-28 drepperUse IEEE 854 formula to compute number of digits to...
1999-07-26 drepperAdd test case for addmntent and getmntent.
1999-07-26 drepperCorrect stupid mistakes in last patch.
1999-07-26 drepperAllow spaces and tabs in entry names by encoding these...
1999-07-06 drepperAdjust call of __gen_tempname to match new convention.
1999-07-06 drepper(routines): Add mkdtemp.
1999-07-06 drepperExport mkdtemp.
1999-07-06 dreppermkdtemp implementation.
1999-06-24 drepper(ecvt_tests): Test 92.0 with ndigits == 16.
1999-06-24 drepper(ecvt_r): Limit ndigits before passing it to fcvt_r.
1999-06-23 drepper(special): Add test for large ndigit parameter.
1999-06-23 drepperDefine NDIGIT_MAX.
1999-06-23 drepperDefine NDIGIT_MAX.
1999-06-23 drepperDefine NDIGIT_MAX.
1999-06-19 drepperUse __GNUC_PREREQ.
1999-06-19 drepperInclude libintl.h.
1999-06-09 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.
1999-06-08 drepperRemove advertising clause of copyright.