(headers): Add grp.h, necessary after patch to Makefiles.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / mkinstalldirs
1996-05-03 friedmanDon't report an error if mkdir fails because a director... libc-960503
1996-03-25 rolandUndo last change
1996-03-25 rolandTest "$pathcomp/." so a symlink to a directory counts...
1995-07-26 djmRemove weird unnecessary shell construction.
1995-02-08 djmadd a space in #! line
1994-03-26 djmentered into RCS
1994-03-17 friedman*** empty log message ***
1993-08-13 djm*** empty log message ***
1993-05-23 friedman*** empty log message ***
1993-05-16 rolandInitial revision