Include limit in interface as it was before.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nis / nis_callback.c
2000-04-27 drepper(__nis_create_callback): Do failed memory allocation...
2000-04-25 drepper(__nis_create_callback): Add needed tests for failed...
2000-04-25 drepperReverse last patch.
2000-04-21 drepper(__nis_create_callback): Check result of memory allocat...
1999-08-13 drepper(internal_nis_do_callback): Free my_pollfd.
1999-08-03 drepper(__nis_create_callback): Fix port problem on big-endian...
1999-08-02 drepper(internal_nis_do_callback) use poll() instead of select().
1999-06-19 drepperInclude libintl.h.
1998-10-31 drepperChanges for new 64bit clean NIS+ interface.
1998-06-22 drepperFix typo.
1998-06-16 drepperUse internal _xdr_* functions, check for NULL pointers...
1998-06-01 drepper(cb_prog_1): Remove debug info.
1998-06-01 drepperInsert public key of user in callback data.
1997-11-11 drepperCallback functions.
1997-09-24 drepperImplementation of callback functions.