Add libnsl_hidden_proto for _xdr_ib_request and _xdr_nis_result.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nis / nis_table.c
2006-05-20 drepper(__create_ib_request): Renamed from create_ib_request...
2006-05-05 drepperSome cleanups. Add branch prediction.
2006-05-05 drepper(nis_list): Fix and improve last patch.
2006-05-05 drepper(nis_list): Avoid clearing res twice before filling...
2006-05-05 drepper(get_tablepath): Renamed from __get_tablepath. Adjust...
2006-04-07 drepper(__create_ib_request): Free ibreq in case strdup fails.
2006-04-06 drepper(nis_add_entry): Move test for NULL parameter ahead...
2005-12-08 drepper(nis_list): Fix memory handling in error case.
2005-12-04 drepper(nis_list): One more reallocation optimization.
2005-12-04 drepper(nis_list): Optimize freeing and reallocation of result...
2005-11-27 drepper(nis_list): Add more free calls in error cases.
2005-11-27 drepper(__get_tablepath): Make cptr const.
2005-11-27 drepper(__create_ib_request): Use strdupa instead of variable...
2005-04-29 drepperFix realloc handling.
2004-10-24 drepperAdd libnsl_hidden_def. Minor optimizations.
2004-05-07 drepperClean up memory handling.
2003-09-25 drepper(nis_list): Always strdup string used with ibreq->ibr_n...
2003-03-16 roland2003-03-15 Roland McGrath <>
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
1999-05-16 drepperPretty print.
1999-05-05 drepperFix some memory leaks.
1999-04-28 drepper(__create_ib_request): Always use realloc.
1998-10-31 drepperChanges for new 64bit clean NIS+ interface.
1998-07-28 drepperTry at first if last client handle works.
1998-06-26 drepperRewrite __create_ib_request.
1998-06-16 drepperUse internal _xdr_* functions, check for NULL pointers...
1998-04-03 drepper(nis_list): Fix FOLLOW_PATH and ALL_RESULTS flags.
1997-10-12 drepperFixed bugs shown through the new clone functions.
1997-09-24 drepperAdd support for callback, FOLLOW_PATH and ALL_RESULTS.
1997-07-28 drepper(nis_list): Don't try the next server if network is...
1997-07-11 drepperComplete rewrite.
1997-06-13 drepper(nis_add_entry, nis_modify_entry): Create default objec...
1997-06-12 drepperFix a lot of pointer errors.
1997-05-10 drepperChange __nis_docall/__nis_docall2 parameters for new...
1997-04-08 drepperChange const nis_name to new type const_nis_name.
1997-03-18 drepperPretty print and little cleanups.
1997-03-18 drepperAdd NIS+ functions