2003-09-05 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nptl / sysdeps / pthread /
2003-09-04 drepperSupport for accessing jmpbuf to unwind.
2003-09-04 drepperSupport for forced unwind.
2003-09-02 drepper(struct pthread_functions): Add ptr___pthread_cond_time...
2003-08-31 drepper(_IO_acquire_lock): Avoid nested function, use static...
2003-08-31 drepperMark pthread_setcancelstate as weak.
2003-08-29 drepper(_IO_acquire_lock, _IO_release_lock): Define.
2003-08-27 drepper(pthread_exit): Remove __THROW.
2003-08-08 drepper[_LIBC && SHARED] (__rtld_lock_default_lock_recursive,
2003-08-04 drepper(do_clone): Move error handling to first syscall error...
2003-08-03 drepper(do_clone): If __ASSUME_CLONE_STOPPED
2003-08-02 drepper(do_clone): Only use sched_setschduler and pass correct...
2003-07-31 drepper(pthread_attr_setstackaddr, pthread_attr_setstacksize...
2003-07-31 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): Shut up warnings if INTERNA...
2003-07-29 roland2003-06-19 Daniel Jacobowitz <drow@mvista.com>
2003-07-22 drepperConditional _Unwind_Resume support for librt.
2003-07-22 drepper(routines, shared-only-routines): Add unwind-resume...
2003-07-22 drepperConditional _Unwind_Resume support.
2003-07-22 drepper(do_thread, create_thread): Make attr argument const...
2003-07-22 drepperDon't define CLONE_STOPPED.
2003-07-20 drepperDeclare pthread_attr_getaffinity and pthread_attr_setaf...
2003-07-20 drepperIf attribute is provided and a new thread is created...
2003-07-15 drepperRegenerated.
2003-07-15 drepperUpdate.
2003-07-15 drepperRequire CFI directives also for ppc and s390.
2003-07-05 drepper(__libc_cleanup_push): Renamed. Fix use of parameter.
2003-07-05 drepperUpdate.
2003-07-03 drepperCFI is only really required (so far) for x86 and hammer.
2003-07-03 drepperUpdate.
2003-07-03 drepperRequire CFI directives.
2003-07-03 drepper(__pthread_unwind): Remove definition.
2003-07-02 drepper(__pthread_cleanup_push): Define.
2003-06-29 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-29 drepperCHeck for C cleanup handling in gcc.
2003-06-27 drepperMove __pthread_unwind definition to the front.
2003-06-26 drepper(class __pthread_cleanup_class): Add missing closing...
2003-06-24 drepperAllow using other thread's clock.
2003-06-22 drepperCall __pthread_mutex_unlock_usercnt.
2003-06-17 drepper(create_thread): Set header.multiple_threads unconditio...
2003-06-15 drepper(librt-sysdep_routines): Add librt-cancellation.
2003-06-15 drepperCancellation handling in librt.
2003-06-14 drepper(timespec_compare): Always inline.
2003-06-08 drepperAdd support for fully exception-based cleanup handling.
2003-06-05 drepperStore TID not self pointer in __writer. Compare with...
2003-05-31 drepper(timer_create): In case evp==NULL, assign timer ID...
2003-05-31 drepper(struct pthread_unwind_buf): Change type of prev element to
2003-05-29 drepper(__pthread_cond_broadcast): Fix typo: MAX_INT -> INT_MAX.
2003-05-26 drepperRemember mutex which was used in condvar structure...
2003-05-26 drepperRemember mutex which was used in condvar structure...
2003-05-26 drepperTry using FUTEX_REQUEUE instead of FUTEX_WAIT.
2003-05-10 drepperDeclare pthread_getaffinity_np and pthread_setaffinity_np.
2003-05-01 drepperUse THREAD_ID instead of THREAD_SELF to record ownership.
2003-05-01 drepper(create_thread): Fix typo in last change.
2003-05-01 drepper(create_thread): Use CLONE_SYSVSEM flag.
2003-04-25 drepper(create_thread): Don't use p_multiple_threads.
2003-04-25 drepper(create_thread): Use p_multiple_threads macro if TLS_DT...
2003-04-21 dreppersigfillset implementation for NPTL.
2003-04-21 dreppersigprocmask implementation for use with NPTL.
2003-04-21 drepperRemove handling of SIGTIMER.
2003-04-21 drepperRemove handling of SIGTIMER.
2003-04-19 drepperRemove __THROW marker from cancellation points.
2003-04-18 drepperFix typo in comment.
2003-04-18 drepperAdjust comment.
2003-04-18 drepperDon't mark pthread_cancel, pthread_setcancelstate, and
2003-04-18 drepperDon't mark pthread_testcancel with __THROW.
2003-04-12 drepper(struct pthread_unwind_buf): Remove unwind info. Reduc...
2003-04-12 drepperAdd prototypes of the old cleanup handler interfaces.
2003-04-12 drepperDefine new data structure for cleanup buffer. Declare...
2003-04-12 drepper(struct pthread_functions): Add ptr___pthread_unwind.
2003-04-12 drepperRegenerated.
2003-04-12 drepperAdd checks for availability of the unwind interfaces.
2003-04-08 drepperRemove duplicate pthread_cleanup_{push,pop} definitions.
2003-04-05 drepper(create_thread): Add some more comments explaining...
2003-03-31 drepperFix comment.
2003-03-31 drepperFix comment.
2003-03-31 drepperFix comment.
2003-03-26 roland2003-03-25 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-25 drepper(timer_id2ptr, timer_ptr2id): Just pass pointer through...
2003-03-25 drepper(pthread_sigmask): Make sure SIGTIMER is not unblocked.
2003-03-25 drepperAlso prevent SIGTIMER handler from being changed.
2003-03-25 drepperCheck return values to fthe functions we test.
2003-03-21 drepperAdjust for new form of compare&exchange macros.
2003-03-19 drepper(__pthread_cond_broadcast): Release lock before waking...
2003-03-19 roland2003-03-18 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-18 drepperRelease condvar lock before waken all waiters in cleanu...
2003-03-18 drepperDeclare pthread_condattr_getclock and pthread_condattr_...
2003-03-18 drepperImplement clock selection.
2003-03-17 roland2003-03-17 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-17 drepperCorrect exit criteria.
2003-03-16 roland2003-03-15 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-14 roland2003-03-14 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2003-03-12 drepper[! TLS_MULTIPLE_THREADS_IN_TCB] (create_thread): Initialize
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): Use __pthread_enable_asyncc...
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_wait): Use __pthread_enable_asynccancel...
2003-03-11 drepper(__condvar_cleanup): Wake up all waiters in case we...
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): Remove unnnecessary variable.
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): Return the result of the...
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_wait): Return result of the final locking.
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): If function operation succe...
2003-03-11 drepper(__pthread_cond_timedwait): Cleanup.
2003-03-11 roland2003-03-11 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>