(__pthread_kill): Don't allow SIGSETXID to be sent.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nptl / sysdeps / unix / sysv / linux / pthread_kill.c
2004-09-28 drepper(__pthread_kill): Don't allow SIGSETXID to be sent.
2003-12-20 drepperAdd comment explaining use of PID field.
2003-07-08 drepperUse tgkill instead of tkill if possible.
2003-03-25 drepperDo not allow SIGTIMER to be send.
2003-02-21 drepper(__pthread_kill): Disallow sending SIGCANCEL.
2003-02-21 drepperUse INVALID_TD_P.
2003-02-18 drepper(__pthread_kill): Fix last change.
2003-02-18 drepper(__pthread_kill): The kernel returns EINVAL for PID...
2003-02-15 drepper(__pthread_kill): Don't use INLINE_SYSCALL. Error...
2002-12-08 drepperAdd second parameter to strong_alias.
2002-12-08 drepperDefine additional alias __pthread_kill.
2002-11-26 drepperInitial revision