Rename *_priv.* to *P.*
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nptl / sysdeps / unix / sysv / solaris2 /
2008-09-04 David BartleyRename *_priv.* to *P.*
2008-09-04 David BartleyFix sched_*
2008-09-02 David BartleyImplement thr_continue and thr_suspend
2008-09-01 David BartleyFix cfa magic
2008-08-31 David Bartleythread.h needs sys/signal.h
2008-08-31 David BartleySet ebp to 0 initially
2008-08-31 David BartleyCDISABLE is an internal function so need to pass-by...
2008-08-29 David BartleySet header.multiple_threads in createthread.c
2008-08-29 David BartleyFix bug in pthread_rwlock_init
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd support for USYNC_PROCESS_ROBUST
2008-08-29 David BartleyCheck type in cond_init and rwlock_init
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd macros to test for self-ownership of a mutex
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd aio_misc.h
2008-08-29 David Bartleycond_* and sigaction need to be compiled with -fexceptions
2008-08-28 David BartleyFix PTR_DEMANGLE inclusion
2008-08-28 David BartleyUnconditionally set mutex_owner
2008-08-27 David BartleyUse syscall/__systemcall instead of *_SYSCALL macros...
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd jmp-unwind.c
2008-08-27 David BartleyInstall synch.h
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd fork.h (just #include's linux version)
2008-08-26 David BartleyRefactor tls.h
2008-08-26 David BartleyRemove old files
2008-08-26 David BartleyEmulate futex_wake/futex_wait via busy waiting
2008-08-26 David BartleyMake i386/tls.h more like the linux one
2008-08-26 David BartleyReuse linux fork code better
2008-08-25 David BartleyFix lowlevellocks again
2008-08-23 David BartleyFix bug in pthread_sigmask
2008-08-23 David BartleyMake sure that we inherit the parent thread's sigmask...
2008-08-23 David BartleyFix mutex initializers
2008-08-23 David BartleyWe no longer waste 2 realtime signals (there's only...
2008-08-23 David BartleyImplement pthread_getattr_np
2008-08-23 David BartleyInclude lockkind in rwlock initialization
2008-08-23 David BartleyFix barrier initialization
2008-08-22 David BartleyUse lwpid instead of THREAD_SELF for mutex_owner
2008-08-22 David BartleyFix handling of EINTR
2008-08-22 David BartleyPass sched_priority rather than full sched_param
2008-08-22 David Bartleycond_timedwait and cond_wait should return EINTR
2008-08-22 David BartleyRefactor pthread_*sched*
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd missing brackets in createthread.c
2008-08-21 David BartleyFix error check mutex handling
2008-08-21 David BartleyClear owner before unlocking (fixes race condition)
2008-08-21 David BartleyFix rwlock initializer
2008-08-21 David BartleyFix typo in thr_getconcurrency.c
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement pthread_mutex_getprioceiling
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd more space for clockid
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_getconcurrency and thr_setconcurrency
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_min_stack
2008-08-21 David BartleyUse clock in condition variables
2008-08-21 David BartleyFix return in createthread_arch.c
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_getspecific, thr_setspecific, and thr_key...
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd thr_sigsetmask
2008-08-21 David BartleyFix typo in thr_main.c
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_yield
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd ATTR_FLAG_THR_CREATE flag (used by thr_create)
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_main
2008-08-21 David BartleyBreak-off arch-specific part of createthread.c
2008-08-20 David BartleyActually fix i386/Implies
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix i386/Implies in nptl
2008-08-20 David BartleyMore x86 Implies magic
2008-08-20 David BartleyMove some shared 32/64-bit stuff into x86
2008-08-20 David Bartleyopensolaris -> kopensolaris in sigprocmask.c
2008-08-20 David BartleyMove opensolaris-gnu to kopensolaris-gnu
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix lowlevel locks
2008-08-20 David BartleyStatic rwlock initializer needs extra 3 fields initialized
2008-08-20 David Bartleyonce_control should be a recursive lock
2008-08-18 David BartleyFix lwp_sigmask in Makefile
2008-08-18 David BartleyAdd internal sched_* functions
2008-08-18 David Bartleynptl needs sys_lwp_sigmask
2008-08-18 David BartleyImplement cancellable PSEUDO_SUBCALL
2008-08-18 David BartleyRefactor rval_t
2008-08-18 David BartleyAlways define __resp
2008-08-18 David BartleyAdd better invalid abstime checks and fix bug in rwlock...
2008-08-17 David Bartleylll_wait_tid should not return EINTR
2008-08-17 David BartleyFix FREE_P
2008-08-17 David BartleySemaphore fixes
2008-08-17 David BartleyMinor fixes
2008-08-17 David BartleyImplement sema_*
2008-08-17 David BartleyImplement rwlock_*/rw_*
2008-08-17 David BartleyFix barriers so that ptread_barrier_destroy is consistent
2008-08-17 David BartleyFix up struct sizes
2008-08-16 David BartleyAdd priority protect checks to pthread_setsched*
2008-08-16 David BartleyFix rwlock static initializers
2008-08-16 David BartleyDon't return EINTR and don't check invalid abstime...
2008-08-16 David BartleyCheck for EOWNERDEAD in cond_reltimedwait
2008-08-16 David Bartleypthread_rwlockattr_setkind_np is now implemented
2008-08-16 David BartleyImplement cond_*, mutex_* (lots of refactoring)
2008-08-16 David BartleyNo need for OpenSolaris-specific pthread_mutexattr_setp...
2008-08-15 David BartleyImplement priority inherit mutexes and partial robust...
2008-08-15 David BartleyRemove useless atomic_write_barrier's
2008-08-15 David BartleyNo need for opensolaris-specific bits/stdio-lock.h
2008-08-15 David BartleySwap order of broadcast and unlock around
2008-08-15 David BartleyAlways hit the kernel for priority inheritance locks
2008-08-14 David BartleyUse lll style locks in pthread_once.c
2008-08-14 David BartleyAdd cancellation support in pthread_cond_*wait
2008-08-14 David BartleyFix up some attr_* usage
2008-08-14 David BartleyWe support the default wrlock type for now
2008-08-14 David BartleyMove __thread check out of pthreaddef.h
2008-08-14 David BartleyFix up some attr_* definitions
2008-08-14 David BartleyFix up some define's and move __thread check back to...
2008-08-14 David BartleyMove 'SUPPORT' defines into pthreaddef.h (#include...