(addinitgroupsX): Judge successful lookups by status of NSS calls, not
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nscd / initgrcache.c
2006-08-02 drepper(addinitgroupsX): Judge successful lookups by status...
2006-01-06 drepperDon't use sendfile for records on the stack.
2005-12-07 drepperUse GPL, not LGPL.
2005-11-22 drepperUse sendfileall instead of sendfile.
2005-11-19 drepper[HAVE_SENDFILE]: Include <sys/sendfile.h> and <kernel...
2005-08-23 drepper(addinitgroupsX): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-02-22 drepperUse __readall and __readvall.
2004-10-05 drepperRemove duplicate group IDs.
2004-09-30 drepperNSCD cache for initgroups.