[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / nscd / nscd.c
1999-06-15 drepperPrint error message if other then root try to use getstat.
1999-06-11 drepperAdd -S options for separate caching of data for every...
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1998-10-29 drepper(doc): It's "Name Service" not "Name Switch".
1998-10-18 drepperRecognize new parameter nthreads. Adjust initializatio...
1998-07-24 drepperDon't use daemon(), set signal handler after fork.
1998-07-04 drepperCheck, if pthread_create fails.
1998-07-01 drepperInclude unistd.h.
1998-03-24 drepper(options): Add -g option to argp options.
1998-03-12 drepperIgnore SIGPIPE.
1998-02-24 drepperCheck if init functions fails.
1998-01-31 drepperRewrite to use argp instead of getopt.
1998-01-31 drepperName Switch Cach Daemon implementation.