(re_string_reconstruct): Handle
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / posix / tst-rxspencer.c
2005-01-26 drepper(mb_frob_pattern): Don't frob escaped characters.
2003-12-23 drepperRemove C99-ism.
2003-11-21 drepper(mb_tests): Don't run identical multi-byte tests multip...
2003-11-20 drepper (mb_tests): Don't test [[=b=]] for now as
2003-11-19 drepper(main): Add call to mtrace.
2003-11-14 drepper(check_match): @ without any following characters must...
2003-11-13 drepper(main): Pass empty string for short options to getopt_l...
2003-11-13 drepperTest program to run rxspencer regex tests.