Make IFS per test-case.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / posix / wordexp-test.c
1998-04-07 drepperMake IFS per test-case.
1998-03-25 drepperAdd new new test.
1998-03-24 drepperTwo new tests.
1998-03-18 drepperAdd more tests.
1998-03-16 drepper(main): Fix little thinkos and typos.
1998-03-16 drepperRemove temporary directory afterwards.
1998-03-12 drepper(exec_comm): Always chop off terminating
1998-03-11 drepperMove test for parameter list at the very beginning.
1998-03-10 drepper(command_line_test): New function to allow testing...
1998-03-08 drepperIFS now includes non-whitespace character (comma)....
1998-03-06 drepperChange testsuite so that it can run even for ~root...
1998-03-05 drepperTestsuite for owrdexp.