(__REDIRECT_NTH): Change order of __THROW and __asm__ for C++.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / posix /
2003-12-16 drepperMake !RE_ENABLE_I18N work again.
2003-12-15 drepper(re_acquire_state_context): Compare the node sets after...
2003-12-14 drepper(find_subexp_node, check_arrival, check_arrival_add_nex...
2003-12-04 drepper(distribute): Add PCRE.tests.
2003-12-04 drepperPCRE regex tests.
2003-12-04 drepperDriver for PCRE regex tests.
2003-12-04 drepperBOOST regex tests.
2003-12-04 drepperDriver for BOOST regex tests.
2003-11-29 drepper(re_string_allocate): Don't initialize
2003-11-29 drepper(tests): Enable #ifdefed out tests. Add new tests.
2003-11-29 drepper(re_string_t): Remove mbs_case field.
2003-11-29 drepperInclude getopt.h.
2003-11-29 drepper(tests): Add new tests.
2003-11-29 drepper(peek_token): Use opr.ctx_type instead of opr.idx for...
2003-11-29 drepper(acquire_init_state_context): Make inline. Add always_...
2003-11-27 drepper(check_subexp_limits): Only check close
2003-11-27 drepper(tests): Enable most #ifdefed out tests. Add new test.
2003-11-26 drepper(re_string_allocate): Make sure init_len is at least...
2003-11-26 drepper(main): Uncomment backwards case insensitive tests.
2003-11-26 drepper(tests): Fix register values for one commented out...
2003-11-26 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): Only set has_plural_match
2003-11-26 drepper(re_search_internal): If prune_impossible_nodes
2003-11-26 drepperRegeneratd.
2003-11-26 drepper(main): Make errors fatal.
2003-11-26 drepperOne test in GA135 and GA136 check functionality which...
2003-11-24 drepper(tests): Add new tests.
2003-11-24 drepper(group_nodes_into_DFAstates) <case OP_PERIOD>: Only
2003-11-24 drepper(free_dfa_content): Free sb_char.
2003-11-24 drepper(re_token_t): Add word_char bit. Add comment.
2003-11-23 drepperCorrect several memory allocation problems. Add more BE.
2003-11-23 drepperRegenerated
2003-11-23 drepperAdd const in a number of places.
2003-11-23 drepperMake EPSILON_BIT a macro to help debugging. Its value...
2003-11-22 drepperRegenerated.
2003-11-22 drepperFix first test of GA143.
2003-11-22 drepperRegenerated
2003-11-22 drepper(re_dfa_add_node): Add BE, reallocation isn't likely.
2003-11-21 drepper(duplicate_node): Remove unnecessary local variable.
2003-11-21 drepper(re_dfa_add_tree_node): Make fourth parameter a pointer...
2003-11-21 drepper(fetch_token): Change interface to match peek_token...
2003-11-21 drepper(tests): Add more tests.
2003-11-21 drepperAnd one more commented out test.
2003-11-21 drepper(mb_tests): Don't run identical multi-byte tests multip...
2003-11-21 drepper(BRE, ERE): Define.
2003-11-20 drepperRegenerated
2003-11-20 drepperFix first test in GA143.
2003-11-20 drepper(tst-rxspencer-ARGS): Add --utf8 argument.
2003-11-20 drepper (mb_tests): Don't test [[=b=]] for now as
2003-11-20 drepper(tests): Enable some commented out tests, add 2 new...
2003-11-20 drepper(check_matching): Remove fl_search argument.
2003-11-20 drepper(create_newstate_common, free_state): Don't free trtabl...
2003-11-20 drepper(re_dfastate_t): Remove trtable_search.
2003-11-20 drepperRegenerated
2003-11-20 drepperUndo last change.
2003-11-19 drepperUpdate.
2003-11-19 drepper2ns GA 135 test is wrong, too.
2003-11-19 drepper(extend_buffers): Don't allocate twice as big state_log...
2003-11-19 drepper(BIN_TREE_STORAGE_SIZE): Define.
2003-11-19 drepper(tests): Add bug-regex21.
2003-11-19 drepperTest for memory leak in regex.
2003-11-19 drepper(main): Add call to mtrace.
2003-11-19 drepper(free_bin_tree): Removed.
2003-11-19 drepperCorrect invalid UTF-8 sequences.
2003-11-19 drepper(build_wcs_upper_buffer): If mbrtowc fails, just use...
2003-11-19 drepper(re_string_first_byte): Use ->valid_len not ->len.
2003-11-19 drepper(get_subexp): Adter calling get_subexp_seb reload buf...
2003-11-19 drepperAdd comment re possible optimization.
2003-11-18 drepper(BRE, ERE): Define.
2003-11-18 drepper(create_ci_newstate, create_cd_newstate):
2003-11-18 drepper(re_token_type_t): Remove unused ALT, END_OF_RE_TOKEN_T...
2003-11-18 drepper(transit_state_mb): Fix comment typo.
2003-11-18 drepper(re_compile_fastmap_iter, calc_first): Handle OP_UTF8_P...
2003-11-18 drepper(mbsinit): Remove define.
2003-11-18 drepper(check_node_accept_bytes): Move nrules and j
2003-11-18 drepper(tests): Add new tests. Multi-byte char followed by...
2003-11-18 drepper(optimize_utf8): Optimize multi-byte chars as well.
2003-11-16 drepperAdjust call of re_string_allocate.
2003-11-16 drepperAdjust definitions of re_string_allocate and re_string_...
2003-11-16 drepperInclude localeinfo.h.
2003-11-16 drepper(re_compile_internal): Add call of re_string_construct.
2003-11-16 drepperAdd forward declaration of re_dfa_t.
2003-11-14 drepper(check_match): @ without any following characters must...
2003-11-13 drepper(main): Pass empty string for short options to getopt_l...
2003-11-13 drepperAdjust comment for more failures in the test file.
2003-11-13 drepper(tests): Add new tests. Expect [ABC] to be optimized.
2003-11-13 drepper(optimize_utf8): Optimize even if SIMPLE_BRACKET with...
2003-11-13 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-rxspencer.
2003-11-13 drepperCopyright for rxspencer regex tests.
2003-11-13 drepperrxspencer regex tests.
2003-11-13 drepperTest program to run rxspencer regex tests.
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): Remove unnecessary extra test...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): Don't check for range if this...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): Fix test for EOS after hyphen...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_bracket_element): Reject hyphens unless we expec...
2003-11-13 drepper(run_a_test): Prettier error messages.
2003-11-13 drepper(run_a_test): If regcomp failed, reset last_pattern.
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_dup_op): Fail with REG_BADBR is first number...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_expression): In BRE consecutive duplications...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): If end of expression is seen,...
2003-11-13 drepper(parse_expression): If token is OP_OPEN_DUP_NUM and