(yp_bind_client_create): Use __libc_clntpudp_bufcreate instead of
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / posix /
2008-07-25 drepperDeclare dup3 and pipe2.
2008-06-25 drepper(main): Rename to...
2008-05-27 drepperRemove useless if test before free.
2008-05-15 drepper(create_cd_newstate): Don't look at create_cd_newstate.
2008-05-15 drepper(optimize_utf8): Add a note on why we test opr.ctx_type.
2008-05-15 drepperAdd dummy definition of _res_hconf_init.
2008-03-29 drepper(_getopt_internal_r): Remove old POSIX-demanded error...
2008-03-26 drepperFix comment for scope nullbits.
2008-03-08 drepper(_getopt_internal_r): Clarify error message by putting...
2008-01-16 drepperCleanup namespace.
2008-01-10 drepperAdjust for change of rfc3484_sort.
2008-01-02 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2007-12-12 drepperFix typo in last change. fedora-glibc-20071212T1953
2007-12-12 drepper(optimize_utf8): Fix a typo, s/idx/ctx_type/, that...
2007-11-26 drepperDeclare fsync for __USE_XOPEN2K not __USE_UNIX98.
2007-11-26 drepperDefine for __USE_XOPEN2K not __USE_UNIX98.
2007-11-26 drepperDefine REG_ENOSYS also for Unix98.
2007-11-26 drepperDeclare fsync also for Unix98.
2007-11-20 drepper(tests): Add tst-rfc3484-3.
2007-11-20 drepperDocument scopev4 defaults.
2007-11-20 drepper(do_test): Initialize scopes.
2007-11-20 drepperMore tests for RFC 3484-like sorting.
2007-11-19 drepperUpdate for current default tables.
2007-11-14 drepperAdjust for addition of index field and change of rfc348...
2007-11-13 drepperAdjust for addition of prefixlen field.
2007-10-15 drepperReimplement link_exists_p to use fstatat64.
2007-10-15 drepperAdd some branch prediction throughout.
2007-10-14 drepper(do_test): Adjust for addition of service_order field...
2007-10-14 drepper(do_test): Adjust for addition of service_order field...
2007-10-12 drepperTake rule index returned as part of findidx return...
2007-10-07 drepper(glob): More efficient code.
2007-10-07 drepper(glob): Don't treat \ as quoting in last change if...
2007-10-07 drepper(find_file): Handle absolute path names.
2007-10-07 drepper(glob): Recognize patterns starting \/.
2007-09-26 drepper(__read_chk_warn, __pread_chk_warn,
2007-09-24 drepper(lookup_collation_sequence_value): check that nrules...
2007-09-15 drepperInclude bits/unistd.h when __extern_always_inline is...
2007-09-11 roland2007-09-11 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2007-08-26 drepperPrevent some declarations and definitions to be seen...
2007-08-26 drepper(__idna_to_unicode_lzlz): Initialize *OUTPUT.
2007-08-26 drepper(__idna_to_unicode_lzlz): Initialize *OUTPUT.
2007-08-09 drepper(CPU_FREE): Rename badly named parameter.
2007-08-04 roland2007-08-04 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2007-08-02 roland2007-08-02 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2007-07-29 drepper(routines): Add sched_cpualloc and sched_cpufree.
2007-07-29 drepperExport __sched_cpualloc and __sched_cpufree for GLIBC_2.7.
2007-07-29 drepperTests for cpu_set_t handling.
2007-07-29 drepper__sched_cpufree implementation.
2007-07-29 drepper__sched_cpualloc implementation.
2007-07-29 drepperDefine old CPU_* macros in temers of __CPU_*_S macros...
2007-07-29 drepper(vars): Add missing _SC_LEVEL4_CACHE_LINESIZE entry.
2007-07-28 drepper(struct a_test): Make data field const char *.
2007-07-28 drepper(fnmatch): Rearrange code to avoid maybe unitialized...
2007-07-24 roland2007-07-24 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2007-07-19 drepper<__USE_BSD || __USE_XOPEN_EXTENDED>: Define __need_size...
2007-07-19 drepper(vars): Add POSIX_V6_WIDTH_RESTRICTED_ENVS.
2007-07-16 roland2007-07-14 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2007-07-13 roland.
2007-07-13 roland2007-07-13 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2007-06-08 drepper(__sched_cpucount): Minor optimizations.
2007-06-08 drepper(__sched_cpucount): Let specialization decide whether...
2007-06-08 drepper(__sched_cpucount): Allow using special instruction...
2007-05-07 drepperRemove __THROW from fdatasync.
2007-04-16 drepper(_XOPEN_VERSION): Define appropriately for SUSv3.
2007-04-07 drepperRemove unnecessary forward declaration.
2007-04-04 drepper(__sched_cpucount): Add setsize parameter.
2007-04-04 drepperDefine CPU_COUNT.
2007-04-03 drepperExport __sched_cpucount with version GLIBC_2.6.
2007-04-03 drepper(routines): Add sched_cpucount.
2007-04-03 drepperTest for CPU_COUNT.
2007-04-03 drepperGeneric __sched_cpucount implementation.
2007-04-01 drepper(struct STRUCT): New type.
2007-04-01 drepper(STRUCT): Define.
2007-04-01 drepper(tests): Add tst-fnmatch2.
2007-04-01 drepperTest of fnmatch with patterns using lots of *.
2007-03-17 drepperUse __extern_inline and __extern_always_inline where...
2007-02-14 drepperAdd a couple of new tests.
2007-02-14 drepper(attribute_hidden): Define if not defined.
2007-02-05 drepper(parse_bracket_exp): Set '\n' bit rather than '\0'...
2007-02-05 drepper(tests): Add bug-regex27 and bug-regex28.
2007-02-05 drepperTest REG_NEWLINE handling.
2007-01-25 drepperRevert last patch.
2007-01-22 drepper(parse_arith): Use _itoa_word instead of _itoa if possible.
2007-01-03 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-vfork3 test.
2007-01-03 drepperTest for memory leaks when using vfork and execvp.
2007-01-03 drepperInclude alloca.h.
2007-01-03 drepperUpdate copyright year.
2006-12-23 drepperRemove some unnecessary tests.
2006-11-09 drepper(sysconf): Remove const attribute.
2006-09-30 drepper(glob_in_dir): Add some comments to explain why there...
2006-09-25 drepper(glob_in_dir): Fix up last change.
2006-09-25 drepper(glob_in_dir): Don't alloca one struct globlink at...
2006-09-12 drepperUse size_t for string length variable.
2006-09-07 drepperAdd rules to build and run bug-regex26 test.
2006-09-07 drepperText for memory corruption in re_search.
2006-09-07 drepper(re_string_reconstruct): Handle
2006-08-24 drepper(getlogin_r): Already define for POSIX199506.
2006-08-24 drepper(getlogin_r): Already declare for POSIX199506.
2006-08-02 drepper(CFLAGS-waitid.c): Add -fasynchronous-unwind-tables.
2006-06-04 drepperAdd rules to build and run bug-regex25 test.