[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / posix /
2004-11-18 drepperFix last two tests (\0 -> \1).
2004-11-18 drepperTest optimization of unnecessary subexpressions.
2004-11-18 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-regex2.
2004-11-18 drepper(re_search_internal): If subexp_map is not NULL, duplic...
2004-11-18 drepper(struct subexp_optimize): New type.
2004-11-18 drepper(OP_DELETED_SUBEXP): New.
2004-11-18 drepper(RE_NO_SUB): New define.
2004-11-15 drepperInclude string.h.
2004-11-12 drepperRemove gpl2lgpl variable.
2004-11-12 drepper(tests): Add bug-regex24.
2004-11-12 drepper(check_dst_limits_calc_pos_1): Use the map to cut recur...
2004-11-12 drepper(struct re_backref_cache_entry): Add a map of reachable...
2004-11-12 drepperTest of matching subexpressions.
2004-11-10 drepper(match_ctx_free_subtops): Remove, merge into...
2004-11-10 drepper(transit_state): Remove the check for out-of-bounds...
2004-11-10 drepper(re_string_reconstruct, re_string_context_at): Add...
2004-11-10 drepperDon't use error to print error message, they won't...
2004-11-10 drepperAdd 5 new tests.
2004-11-10 drepper(calc_eclosure_iter): Don't access dfa->edests[node...
2004-11-08 drepper(utf8_sb_map): Define.
2004-11-08 drepper(build_wcs_upper_buffer) [!_LIBC]: Enable optimizations...
2004-11-08 drepperRemove unused variables.
2004-11-08 drepper(init_dfa): Get the codeset name outside glibc as well...
2004-11-08 drepper(check_dst_limits): Hoist computation of the source
2004-11-08 drepper(struct re_backref_cache_entry): Add "more" field.
2004-11-08 drepper(empty_set): Remove.
2004-11-08 drepper(match_ctx_clear_flag): Remove.
2004-11-08 drepper(struct re_backref_cache_entry): Remove flag field.
2004-11-03 roland2004-01-03 Paolo Bonzini <bonzini@gnu.org>
2004-10-27 drepperAdd rules to build and run bug-glob2 test.
2004-10-27 drepperTest of globfree after failed glob call.
2004-10-22 drepper(execvp): Also ignore ENODEV and ETIMEDOUT errno values.
2004-10-06 drepperInclude stdlib.h and string.h.
2004-10-01 drepper(prepare): Fix creation of symlink.
2004-09-30 drepperAdd rules to build and run bug-glob1.
2004-09-30 drepperTest case for globbing dangling symlink.
2004-09-30 drepper(find_file): Handle leading "./". Fix recognition...
2004-09-28 roland2004-09-27 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-09-28 roland2004-09-27 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-09-26 drepper(tests): Add tst-getaddrinfo2.
2004-09-26 drepperTest for getaddrinfo.
2004-09-24 aj * sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h (elf_machine_rela_relati...
2004-09-17 drepperAdd __nonnull where appropriate.
2004-09-17 drepperRemove cruft to make header usable outside glibc. ...
2004-09-15 drepper(CFLAGS-getaddrinfo.c): Add -DUSE_NSCD.
2004-09-14 drepperRemove uses of __P and __PMT.
2004-09-12 drepperCheck whether any unknown bit is set in FLAGS parameter...
2004-09-12 drepper[__USE_GNU]: Define POSIX_SPAWN_USEVFORK.
2004-09-07 drepperUse __NTH and __REDIRECT_NTH where necessary.
2004-09-02 drepperAdd 25 new tests.
2004-09-02 drepper(FCT): For backslash between brackets, branch to normal...
2004-08-30 drepper_POSIX_CHILD_MAX, _POSIX_OPEN_MAX): If not __USE_XOPEN2...
2004-08-11 roland2004-08-11 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-08-10 roland2004-08-09 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2004-08-05 roland2004-08-04 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-08-04 roland2004-08-04 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-07-23 drepperDefine gid_t, off_t, pid_t, uid_t, and useconds_t if...
2004-07-23 drepperFix values for _POSIX_CHILD_MAX and _POSIX_OPEN_MAX...
2004-06-29 roland2004-06-19 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-05-17 drepper(build_wcs_buffer): Also set pstr->mbs when translating.
2004-05-03 drepper(libc): Remove __libc_wait, __libc_waitpid,
2004-04-21 drepper(do_test): Fix a typo.
2004-03-25 roland2004-03-24 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-03-19 drepper(__GNUC_PREREQ) [!defined __THROW]: Define
2004-03-19 drepperChange sched_getaffinity and sched_setaffinity interfac...
2004-03-12 drepper(vars): Add _SC_ values for cache information.
2004-03-10 drepper(_): Don't define here for glibc.
2004-03-10 drepper(__compat_regexec): Use attribute_compat_text_section.
2004-03-10 drepper(libc): Add regexec@GLIBC_2.3.4.
2004-03-10 drepper(regexec): Return with error on unknown eflags.
2004-03-10 drepper(tests): Add tst-vfork2.
2004-03-10 drepperTest for vfork.
2004-03-10 drepper(do_test): Fix comment.
2004-03-09 drepperInclude "getopt_int.h". Remove
2004-03-09 drepperInclude "getopt_int.h".
2004-03-09 drepper(_getopt_internal): Move to getopt_int.h.
2004-03-09 drepperInternal definitions for getopt.
2004-03-09 drepper(tests): Add tst-vfork1.
2004-03-09 drepperTest for vfork and getpid interaction.
2004-03-05 drepper(transit_state): Remove unused variable next_state.
2004-03-05 drepper(init_dfa): Use __btowc instead of btowc.
2004-03-04 drepper(REG_STARTEND): Define.
2004-03-04 drepper(regexec): Check for REG_STARTEND.
2004-03-04 drepper(transit_state): Don't handle state == NULL.
2004-02-26 drepper(parse_expression): Avoid duplication in calls to build...
2004-02-26 drepper(bitset_not, bitset_merge, bitset_not_merge,
2004-02-26 drepper(build_wcs_upper_buffer): Enclose `offsets_needed'...
2004-02-23 drepper(xtests): Add bug-ga2.
2004-02-23 drepperTest for memory leak in getaddrinfo.
2004-02-21 ajInclude <string.h> for memset prototype.
2004-02-16 drepper(transit_state): Fix typo in commented-out code.
2004-02-16 drepper(tests): Add bug-ga1.
2004-02-16 drepperTest case for bug in getaddrinfo's RFC 3484 prefix...
2004-02-13 drepperAdd some non-gcc support.
2004-02-11 drepper(tests): Add bug-regex23.
2004-02-11 drepper(check_node_accept_bytes): Return 0 if char_len is 0.
2004-02-11 drepperTest for invalid regex input.
2004-02-06 drepper(build_range_exp): Fix off-by-one.
2004-02-02 drepper(check_matching): Add P_MATCH_FIRST parameter.