[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / scripts /
2000-12-01 drepper(oldest_abi): New variable.
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate from upstream maintainer.
2000-09-15 ajRemove one local patch, now we're in synch with subvers...
2000-09-14 ajNew version from subversions.gnu.org.
2000-09-07 drepperStrip out -unknown for linux target.
2000-09-05 ajNew upstream versions.
2000-05-17 aj2000-05-17 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-03-22 roland2000-03-22 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
2000-03-21 roland2000-03-21 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
2000-03-20 roland2000-03-20 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
2000-03-19 roland2000-03-19 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
2000-02-22 drepperFix typos.
1999-12-18 drepper Find pwd program also in /usr/bin and let shell do...
1999-12-02 drepper(installation_problem): Filter out libpthread_db.
1999-11-15 drepperDon't expect to read predecessor versions, compute...
1999-10-19 drepperUpdate from latest autoconf version.
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-06-03 drepperUpdate from latest versions.
1999-04-14 rthSparc merge from Jakub.
1999-04-09 schwab(installation_problem): Skip
1999-02-06 drepperRecognize dot in library names.
1999-01-29 drepper Recognize alpha{pca5[67],ev[67]}.
1999-01-29 drepperQuote { in regexp.
1999-01-25 drepperChanges for ARM/Linux.
1999-01-25 drepperChanges for ARM/Linux.
1999-01-24 drepperUpdate from latest autoconf release.
1998-11-27 drepperAdd Netwinder specific matches.
1998-11-19 drepperScript to generate sorted list of directories.
1998-09-23 drepper(installation_problem): Don't link the test program...
1998-09-23 drepperRecognize digits in library names.
1998-07-08 drepperMoved from ..
1998-07-01 drepperInclude <stdio.h> in test program to make it strictily...
1998-05-08 drepperTest installation.
1998-05-08 drepperCreate relative symbolic link.
1998-05-08 drepperSimple pretty printer.
1998-05-08 dreppermv replacement to only move if target differs from...
1998-05-08 drepperMake directory hierachy.
1998-05-08 drepperBSD install replacement.
1998-05-08 drepperGenerate FAQ from FAQ.in.
1998-05-08 drepperHelper for config.guess.
1998-05-08 drepperGuess configuration.
1998-05-08 drepperPrepend __ to definition in given file.