Allow for c++-types-$(config-machine)-$(config-os).data in addition to
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / stdio-common /
2003-09-12 drepper(CFLAGS-cuserid.c): Add -fexceptions.
2003-09-12 drepperMark most functions with __THROW.
2003-09-06 drepperDon't use the first grouping number twice.
2003-09-06 drepper(vfscanf): Fix recognition of characters matching the...
2003-09-03 drepper(CFLAGS-vprintf.c): Add -fexceptions.
2003-08-30 drepper(CFLAGS-psignal.c): Add -fexceptions.
2003-08-19 drepper(main): Don't write temporary file into source directory.
2003-08-14 drepper(ORIENT): Use _IO_vtable_offset.
2003-08-13 drepper(ORIENT, vfprintf): Use _IO_vtable_offset.
2003-07-31 drepper(main): Cast arguments with %C format to wint_t.
2003-07-15 drepper(CFLAGS-tmpfile.c, CFLAGS-tmpfile64.c, CFLAGS-tempname...
2003-06-25 aj * posix/tst-nanosleep.c: Include <time.h> for nanosleep
2003-06-25 aj * posix/transbug.c: Include <string.h> for memset...
2003-06-12 drepperInclude stdlib.h and sys/param.h.
2003-06-11 drepperUpdate calls to find_spec and parse_one_spec for new...
2003-06-11 drepperDefine DONT_NEED_READ_INT.
2003-06-11 drepperWide character format string parsing.
2003-06-11 drepperMulti-byte character format string parsing.
2003-06-11 drepper(read_int): Don't inline.
2003-06-11 drepper(_itowa_word): Always inline.
2003-06-11 drepper(_itoa_word): Always inline.
2003-06-11 drepper(_iftoa_word): Add here.
2003-06-11 drepper(aux): Add printf-parsemb and printf-parsewc.
2003-05-27 drepper(union printf_arg): Remove pa_char, pa_short_int, pa_u_...
2003-05-27 drepper(process_arg, process_string_arg): Use
2003-05-27 drepper(main): Add new test.
2003-05-26 drepper(vfprintf): Be bug-compatible with some other implement...
2003-05-03 roland2003-05-03 Roland McGrath <>
2003-04-17 drepper(perror): We don't need to set the offset to _IO_pos_ba...
2003-04-15 drepperAdd casts to avoid warnings.
2003-04-05 roland2003-04-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
2003-03-14 roland2003-03-13 Alexandre Oliva <>
2003-03-05 roland2003-03-05 Roland McGrath <>
2003-01-30 drepperCheck printf with multibyte locales.
2003-01-30 drepper(tests): Add bug15.
2003-01-30 drepper(vfprintf): Only subtract lowest 3 bits of ps.__count.
2003-01-28 drepperUse official name for the locale.
2003-01-28 drepperAdd bug14-ENV to set LOCPATH for make check.
2003-01-28 drepperUse _IO_cleanup_region_start instead of __libc_cleanup_...
2003-01-17 ajInclude stdlib.h for exit prototype.
2003-01-16 drepper(tests): Add bug14.
2003-01-16 drepperTest case for reading multibyte character string.
2003-01-15 drepperWhen recognizing multibyte characters in string reset...
2002-12-19 drepper(assert): Undefined before redefining.
2002-12-17 drepperUndefine assert before redefining it.
2002-12-16 drepper(routines): Remove lockfile. Add flockfile, ftrylockfi...
2002-12-16 roland2002-12-15 Art Haas <>
2002-11-04 drepperInclude <stddef.h> to get NULL definition.
2002-11-03 roland2002-11-02 Roland McGrath <>
2002-11-01 roland2002-10-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
2002-10-24 roland2002-10-23 Roland McGrath <>
2002-10-12 roland2002-10-12 Roland McGrath <>
2002-10-11 roland2002-10-11 Roland McGrath <>
2002-10-09 drepper(vfprintf): Use __libc_use_alloca instead of hardcoded...
2002-10-09 drepper(__printf_fp): Use __libc_use_alloca instead of hardcod...
2002-09-30 drepperShuffle a few lines around to help the compiler optimiz...
2002-09-30 ajFix format strings.
2002-09-24 roland2002-09-23 Roland McGrath <>
2002-09-24 roland2002-09-23 Roland McGrath <>
2002-09-10 drepperRemove INTUSE from __is{inf,nan} calls.
2002-09-10 drepper(__printf_fp): Remove INTUSE from __is{inf,nan} calls.
2002-08-31 drepper(generated): Add errlist-compat.c.
2002-08-31 drepper(process_arg): Remove duplication ifs in form_number...
2002-08-29 drepper(process_string_arg): Fix typo.
2002-08-29 drepper(vfprintf): Add builtin_expect for string_malloced...
2002-08-27 drepperFix typo in stdio_lim.h installation rule.
2002-08-27 drepperRemove more left-overs from old stdio.
2002-08-27 drepper(headers): Remove bits/stdio_lim.h. This file isn...
2002-08-27 drepper(main): Add casts to avoid warnings.
2002-08-26 roland2002-07-06 Bruno Haible <>
2002-08-25 drepper(inchar): Add cast to avoid warnings.
2002-08-25 drepper(vfprintf): Use correct type in va_arg. Use prec not...
2002-08-10 roland2002-08-10 Roland McGrath <>
2002-08-04 drepperDeclare _sys_siglist_internal. Use USEINT to access...
2002-08-04 drepperAvoid multiple calls to fileno_unlocked.
2002-08-04 drepper(__vfscanf): Add libc_hidden_def.
2002-08-03 drepper(__printf_fp): Add libc_hidden_def.
2002-07-25 drepper(main): Improve error messages.
2002-07-11 drepper(inchar): Restore errno from previous underflow operati...
2002-07-11 drepper(__printf_fp.c): If _FPIO_CONST_SHIFT is non-zero,...
2002-06-22 drepper(_IO_helper_jumps): Use _IO_default_setbuf not _IO_wdef...
2002-06-11 roland2002-06-11 Roland McGrath <>
2002-04-14 drepperUse INTUSE for calls to __isinf, __isinfl, __isnan...
2002-04-09 drepperUse INTDEF for __asprintf.
2002-04-08 drepper(_itoa_word): Only use internal digit arrays if in...
2002-04-08 drepperInclude localeinfo.h for new MB_CUR_MAX definition.
2002-04-06 drepper(headers): Add bits/stdio_lim.h here instead of install...
2002-03-24 aj(main): Remove unused variable.
2002-03-15 drepperAdjust for removed test.
2002-03-15 drepper(main): Comment out one test which checked the compiler...
2002-03-13 drepperAdjust for last change in tst-printf.c.
2002-03-13 drepper(process_arg): Fix decimal format with 'h' flag and...
2002-03-13 drepper(rfg3): New function to test positional arguments.
2002-03-13 drepper(__printf_arginfo_table): Declare as hidden.
2002-03-13 drepper(__printf_arginfo_table): Define as hidden.
2002-03-13 drepper(_itowa_lower_digits): Define as hidden.
2002-03-12 drepperUse INTVARDEF with _itoa_upper_digits.
2002-03-12 drepperUse INTVARDEF with _itoa_lower_digits.
2002-03-12 drepper(_itoa_lower_digits_internal): New declaration.
2002-03-12 drepper(_itoa_base_table): Declare as hidden.