[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / stdio-common /
2006-08-03 drepper(__printf_fphex): Make sure EXPONENT is always positive.
2006-08-03 drepper(tests): Add bug16.
2006-08-03 drepperTest for rounding F up and with negative exponent.
2006-08-03 drepper(__printf_fphex): Fix exponent computation after rounding.
2006-08-03 drepper(__printf_fphex): When rounding up 'f', use '1' as...
2006-05-06 drepper(memory_error): Remove definition.
2006-05-05 drepperAdjust for tst-printf.c change even on 32-bit arches.
2006-05-02 drepper(process_arg): Fix reading of signed short and byte...
2006-05-02 drepperAdjust for tst-printf.c change.
2006-05-02 drepper(main): Add more tests.
2006-04-27 drepper(renameat): Fix typo.
2006-04-25 drepperFix potential memory leaks for malloc'ed wbuffer isn...
2006-01-14 roland2006-01-14 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2006-01-08 roland2006-01-08 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2006-01-07 drepper(F): Use NAN to get NaN value.
2005-12-29 drepper[FLT_EVAL_METHOD!=2] (dbl_max): Defining as macro as...
2005-12-27 roland2005-12-27 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2005-12-27 drepperIf FLT_EVEL_METHOD is 2 use long double math to generat...
2005-12-21 roland2005-12-21 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2005-12-20 roland2005-12-15 Thomas Schwinge <tschwinge@gnu.org>
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric tmpfile64.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric tmpfile.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric tempname.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric siglist.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric renameat.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric rename.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric remove.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric printf_fphex.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric funlockfile.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric ftrylockfile.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric flockfile.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric errlist.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric cuserid.c.
2005-12-14 drepperGeneric ctermid.c.
2005-11-11 drepper[GLIBC_2.4]: Add renameat.
2005-11-11 drepper(routines): Add renameat.
2005-11-06 drepperRemove use of HAVE_GNU_LD.
2005-11-05 drepperRemove test of HAVE_SUBTRACT_LOCAL_LABELS.
2005-09-27 drepperTest for fwrite buffer overflow.
2005-09-27 drepper(tests): Add tst-fwrite.
2005-09-26 drepperTest special cases in fgets and friends.
2005-09-26 drepper(tests): Add tst-fgets.
2005-09-05 drepper(do_test): Unlink correct file.
2005-09-04 drepper(tests): Add tst-put-error.
2005-09-04 drepperTest of sputn error after first output.
2005-08-08 drepperInclude libioP.h.
2005-07-28 drepper(__fxprintf): Add INTUSE to _IO_vfprintf call.
2005-07-22 drepper(__fxprintf): Declare functions more local.
2005-07-21 drepperInclude string.h.
2005-07-20 drepperAdjust all __fxprintf callers.
2005-07-20 drepperInclude assert.h, ctype.h and wchar.h.
2005-07-19 drepperUse __fxprintf instead of inline stream orientation...
2005-07-19 drepper(aux): Add fxprintf.
2005-07-19 drepperfprintf variant which prints regardless of stream orien...
2005-04-26 drepperCorrectly account for characters of decimal points...
2005-04-24 drepperFix parsing of decimal point after +-.
2005-03-06 drepper(parse_printf_format): Introduce new variable f to...
2005-01-27 drepperInclude string.h.
2005-01-06 drepper(do_test): Adjust SEEK_END test.
2005-01-06 drepperTest of fmemopen.
2005-01-06 drepper(tests): Add tst-fmemopen2.
2004-11-18 drepper(process_arg): Fix typo.
2004-11-18 drepperAdjust all users of _IO_FLAGS2_CHECK_PERCENT_N.
2004-10-18 drepper2004-10-15 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2004-10-11 drepperAdd support for reading localized digits.
2004-09-14 drepperRemove uses of __P and __PMT.
2004-08-11 roland2004-08-11 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2004-08-10 roland2004-08-10 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com>
2004-08-04 drepper(main): Check for MAP_FAILED instead of NULL.
2004-08-04 drepper(printf_size): Initialize fb_info structure with *info...
2004-07-23 drepper(tests): Add tst-popen.
2004-07-23 drepperCheck that popen streams are byte oriented.
2004-06-29 drepper(__parse_one_specmb): Initialize info.extra.
2004-06-15 roland2004-06-14 Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de>
2004-06-06 drepperAdd _itoa implementation.
2004-06-06 drepperDon't expand _itoa inline for libc.
2004-06-01 drepper(psignal): Check result of __asprintf call and don...
2004-05-03 drepper(libc): Remove _itoa_upper_digits@@GLIBC_PRIVATE.
2004-04-20 drepper(int_tests): Adjust.
2004-04-20 drepper(_IO_vfscanf): Revert last %% whitespace handling change.
2004-04-20 drepper(int_tests): New array.
2004-04-20 drepper(_IO_vfscanf): When skipping whitespace,
2004-03-24 drepper[!COMPILE_WSCANF] (TOLOWER): Cast first parameter to...
2004-03-24 drepper(__printf_fp): For IEEE quad long double on 32-bit...
2004-03-19 drepperRemove USE_IN_LIBIO conditionals.
2004-03-15 drepperSimplify error handling macros. Use direct locale...
2004-02-10 drepper(_i18n_number_rewrite): Few more changes to make the...
2004-02-10 drepperFinish last patch.
2004-02-09 drepperSupport printing localized decimal point and thousand...
2004-02-08 drepperUndo parts of patch from 2000-2-11. Initialize width...
2004-01-14 drepper(vfprintf): Disallow the 'I' flag after width or precis...
2003-12-29 drepperCFLAGS-errlist.c, CFLAGS-siglist.c): Add
2003-12-19 drepper(vfprintf): Pass use_outdigits flags to __printf_fp.
2003-12-19 drepper(__printf_fp): Add support to use alternative decimal...
2003-11-30 ajDo not inline buffered_vfprintf to decrease stack usage.
2003-09-12 drepper(CFLAGS-cuserid.c): Add -fexceptions.
2003-09-12 drepperMark most functions with __THROW.
2003-09-06 drepperDon't use the first grouping number twice.
2003-09-06 drepper(vfscanf): Fix recognition of characters matching the...
2003-09-03 drepper(CFLAGS-vprintf.c): Add -fexceptions.