duh, don't need __attribute__ in the alpha header, it's in the toplevel
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / stdio /
1995-03-06 roland[USE_IN_LIBIO] (PAD): Only call the function if WIDTH...
1995-03-06 rolandInclude ../locale/localeinfo.h and use _NL_CURRENT...
1995-03-02 roland(%c): In no-assign case, fix loop to decrement WIDTH...
1995-03-01 rolandCorrectly notice Z modifier.
1995-02-24 rolandPut temporary files in /tmp.
1995-02-24 rolandPut temporary files in /tmp.
1995-02-24 rolandPut temporary files in /tmp.
1995-02-24 rolandPut temporary file in /tmp.
1995-02-24 rolandPut temporary file in /tmp.
1995-02-20 roland.
1995-02-18 roland(distribute): Remove mpn-copy.mk; add gen-mpn-copy.
1995-02-18 rolandNew file.
1995-02-18 rolandInitial checkin.
1995-02-18 rolandPreviously uncontrolled files put into CVS.
1995-02-17 rolandInitial checkin.
1995-02-17 rolandImported from gmp-1.900
1995-02-17 rolandEnable FP tests. Add some new tests from rfg.
1995-02-13 roland(%e, %f, %g): Use strod, __strtold, or __strtof as...
1995-02-13 rolandInclude "fpioconst.h".
1995-02-11 rolandInitial revision
1995-02-11 rolandInitial revision
1995-02-11 roland(aux): Add fpioconst.
1995-02-11 roland(routines): Add mpn2flt, mpn2dbl, mpn2ldbl.
1995-02-10 roland(fgets): Change `size_t' to `int' in prototype. Sigh.
1995-02-09 roland(fgets): Change `size_t' to `int' in prototype. Sigh.
1995-02-09 roland(printf_unknown): Print ' for INFO->group flag.
1995-02-08 roland[__STRICT_ANSI__] (stdin, stdout, stderr): Define as...
1995-02-08 roland(flushbuf): When there is no new data after priming...
1995-02-08 roland(tests): Add bug7.
1995-02-08 rolandInitial revision
1995-02-07 rolandDecrement COPY after getting a char from __fillbf.
1995-02-07 roland(tests): Add errnobug.
1995-02-07 rolandInitial revision
1995-02-07 roland(guess_grouping, group_number): New functions.
1995-02-07 roland(parse_printf_format): Fix typo in last change.
1995-02-07 rolandUse _strerror_internal for %m.
1995-02-07 roland(group_number): New function.
1995-02-07 roland(parse_printf_format): Grok %' flag and set INFO.group.
1995-02-07 roland(struct printf_info): New member `group', for %' flag.
1995-02-07 rolandSet seen bit before calling fclose.
1995-02-07 rolandInclude stddef.h.
1995-02-06 roland(__pad): Function renamed to __printf_pad, made global.
1995-02-06 roland(__pad): Function removed.
1995-02-06 rolandRewrite by drepper.
1995-02-06 roland(routines): Add ldbl2mpn.
1995-02-03 rolandSet PREC to zero for %. without following digit.
1995-01-26 rolandUse new link_warning macro instead of old warn_references.
1995-01-26 rolandAdd missing parens in last change.
1995-01-26 roland(routines): Remove __ names.
1995-01-26 rolandReplace __NORETURN keyword with __attribute__ use.
1995-01-22 rolandDo move bufp by O when that puts it exactly at get_limit.
1995-01-21 rolandConverted to use weak aliases with macros from libc...
1995-01-21 rolandConverted to use weak aliases with macros from libc...
1995-01-21 rolandConverted to use weak aliases with macros from libc...
1995-01-21 rolandConverted to use weak aliases with macros from libc...
1995-01-15 rolandIf there was a precision specified, ignore the 0 flag...
1995-01-15 rolandDon't use strchr to skip text until next %.
1994-12-11 roland(enlarge_buffer): Always add one char into NEED for...
1994-12-11 roland(enlarge_buffer): If realloc fails, just set error...
1994-12-11 rolandIn fill_buffer case, check for zero buffer space after...
1994-12-09 rolandInclude <string.h>.
1994-11-02 roland(fillbuf): Make sure returned char doesn't get sign...
1994-10-28 rolandReset BUFFER_SPACE after fflush in fill_buffer case.
1994-10-26 rolandIf STREAM->__pushed_back, calculate from pushback_bufp...
1994-10-10 rolandGrok %q modifier like %ll.
1994-10-08 rolandProperly grok %a modifier.
1994-09-09 rolandGrok q modifier like ll.
1994-08-30 roland(mpn-sysdep): Change asm.h to asm-syntax.h.
1994-08-30 roland(mpn-headers): Change asm.h to asm-syntax.h.
1994-08-19 roland(MPNSIZE): New macro, computed from DBL_MAX_EXP.
1994-07-05 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-24 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-24 rolandFormerly ../stdio/xbug.c.~3~
1994-06-21 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-18 rolandentered into RCS
1994-06-01 rolandFormerly ../stdio/freopen.c.~5~
1994-05-27 rolandFormerly ../stdio/freopen.c.~4~
1994-05-24 rolandFormerly ../stdio/xbug.c.~2~
1994-05-24 rolandentered into RCS
1994-05-24 rolandentered into RCS
1994-05-23 rolandentered into RCS
1994-05-23 rolandInitial revision
1994-05-18 rolandentered into RCS
1994-05-10 rolandentered into RCS
1994-05-04 rolandFormerly ../stdio/Makefile.~51~
1994-04-29 rolandFormerly ../stdio/printf_fp.c.~8~
1994-04-27 rolandFormerly ../stdio/Makefile.~50~
1994-03-25 rolandentered into RCS
1994-03-25 rolandFormerly stdio/stdio.h.~52~
1994-02-25 rolandFormerly ../stdio/printf_fp.c.~7~
1994-02-07 rolandFormerly ../stdio/vfprintf.c.~14~
1994-02-06 rolandFormerly stdio/stdio.h.~51~
1994-02-05 rolandFormerly ../stdio/_itoa.c.~3~
1994-02-04 rolandFormerly ../stdio/vfprintf.c.~13~
1994-02-04 rolandentered into RCS
1994-02-04 rolandFormerly ../stdio/_itoa.h.~2~
1994-02-02 rolandFormerly ../stdio/Makefile.~49~
1994-02-02 rolandFormerly ../stdio/_itoa.c.~2~
1994-02-02 rolandInitial revision
1994-02-02 rolandInitial revision