Add more tests.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sunrpc / clnt_unix.c
2002-05-15 drepperUse INTUSE calls to bindresvport, authunix_create,
2002-02-26 drepperUse INTUSE to reference functions and variables inside...
2001-08-17 drepperHandle wide oriented stderr stream.
2001-03-26 drepperReplace use of rpc_createerr by call to get_rpc_createerr.
2000-11-01 drepper(clnt_call): Don't use timeout in tests with zero,...
1999-06-19 drepperInclude libintl.h.
1999-03-19 schwab1999-03-18 Thorsten Kukuk <>
1998-12-20 roland1998-12-20 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1998-12-17 drepper(clntunix_destroy): Use __close not close.
1998-11-29 roland1998-11-29 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1998-11-18 drepperUse non-guessable xid.
1998-08-08 drepperUse ucred instead of cmsgcred again.
1998-08-03 drepperCall setsockopt only if SO_PASSCRED is defined.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite): Remove unused variables.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite)[!SCM_CRED]: Add return statement, fix...
1998-07-28 drepperImplementation of client side of RPC over AF_UNIX.