1998-11-30 Mark Kettenis <kettenis@phys.uva.nl>
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sunrpc /
1998-11-30 drepperAdd prototypes for new xdr_intXX_t functions.
1998-11-30 drepperFunctions to XDR encode intXX_t types.
1998-11-30 drepperRemove xdr_int32_t and xdr_uint32_t.
1998-11-30 drepperAdd xdr_int8_t, xdr_uint8_t, xdr_in16_t and xdr_uint16_t.
1998-11-30 drepperAdd xdr_intXX_t to routines.
1998-11-29 roland1998-11-29 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1998-11-19 drepper(readunix): Check for POLLERR, POLLHUP and POLLNVAL.
1998-11-18 drepperUse poll instead of select.
1998-11-18 drepperRemove patch from 1998-06-15, use poll instead of select.
1998-11-18 drepperCreate non-guessable xid.
1998-11-18 drepperUse non-guessable xid.
1998-11-18 drepper(routines): Add create_xid.
1998-11-16 drepper(write_program): Avoid -Wparentheses warning.
1998-11-16 drepper(write_sample_server): Avoid -Wparentheses warning.
1998-10-31 drepperImplement xdr_int32_t and xdr_uint32_t.
1998-10-31 drepperAdd INT32 support.
1998-10-31 drepperUse uint32_t for time values.
1998-10-31 drepperInitialize clnt_stat variable.
1998-10-31 drepperAdd xdr_uint32_t and xdr_int32_t.
1998-10-22 drepper(AUTH_DH): New macro. Alias for AUTH_DES.
1998-10-21 drepper(close_output, close_input): New functions.
1998-10-19 drepper(otherlibs): If static NSS is in use, set to the requir...
1998-10-16 drepperMark file so fixincludes won't modify it.
1998-09-14 drepperQuiet -Wparentheses warning.
1998-09-06 drepperQuiet -Wparentheses warnings.
1998-08-12 drepper(xdr_utmp): Use xdr_bytes instead of
1998-08-08 drepperUse ucred instead of cmsgcred again.
1998-08-08 drepperUse __fdopen instead of fdopen.
1998-08-08 drepperUse ucred instead of cmsgcred again.
1998-08-03 drepperCall setsockopt only if SO_PASSCRED is defined.
1998-08-03 drepperAdd keyserv/door interface.
1998-08-03 drepperAdd HAVE_DOOR define.
1998-07-31 drepperUse only the first 8 characters of the password.
1998-07-31 drepperFix typo.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite): Remove unused variables.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite): Remove unused variables.
1998-07-29 drepper(__msgwrite)[!SCM_CRED]: Add return statement, fix...
1998-07-28 drepperAdd AF_UNIX based RPC function prototypes.
1998-07-28 drepperFix typos.
1998-07-28 drepperCopy internal auth flavor if none is given.
1998-07-28 drepperUse RPC over AF_UNIX for communication with keyserv...
1998-07-28 drepperImplementation of server side of RPC over AF_UNIX.
1998-07-28 drepperImplementation of client side of RPC over AF_UNIX.
1998-07-28 drepperAdd support for RPC over AF_UNIX.
1998-07-28 drepperAdd new *unix_create functions.
1998-07-28 drepper(routines): Add clnt_unix and svc_unix.
1998-07-16 drepperFix warnings introduced in last change.
1998-07-16 drepperUse __PMT instead of __p in type definitions.
1998-07-16 drepperUnify names of used global functions.
1998-07-14 drepper(authunix_create_default): Use __sysconf instead of...
1998-07-02 drepperVersion definitions.
1998-06-28 drepper(rtime): Use poll instead of select.
1998-06-28 drepper(clntudp_call): Likewise.
1998-06-28 drepper(clnt_broadcast): Likewise.
1998-06-28 drepper(readtcp): Use poll instead of select.
1998-06-16 drepperCheck for NULL pointer.
1998-06-15 drepper(set_input_fragment): Only recognize zero length fragme...
1998-06-15 drepper(readtcp): Also listen to all the other connections...
1998-06-11 drepperCorrect typos in comments.
1998-06-08 drepper(generated): Correct typo.
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrrec_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrmem_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrstdio_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-02 drepperUse &errno instead of __errno_location ().
1998-06-01 drepper(struct XDR): Don't mark xdr_ops element as const.
1998-06-01 drepperUse key_decryptsession_pk to avoid deadlock.
1998-06-01 drepperDocument, which control flags are not implementable.
1998-06-01 drepper(host2netname): Remove prefixing dot from domainname.
1998-06-01 drepperAdd more control flags.
1998-06-01 drepperAdd more control flags.
1998-06-01 drepperPrototypes moved from auth_des.c to here.
1998-06-01 drepperMove prototypes from here to rpc/auth.h.
1998-05-25 drepper(move-if-change): Removed.
1998-05-17 drepper(set_input_fragment): Add FreeBSD DoS patch.
1998-05-17 drepper(svctcp_recv): Add FreeBSD DoS patch.
1998-05-15 drepperUse move-if-change to update generated .h and .c files.
1998-05-12 drepper(generated): Restore old list.
1998-05-08 drepperHandled headers generated by rpcgen correctly.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated): Remove rpcsvc/*.
1998-04-09 drepperUse +force in dependency list of installation targets.
1998-04-01 drepper(clntudp_call): Don't check the xid if we only wait...
1998-03-27 drepperPrevent warning by unknown pragma ident.
1998-03-24 drepper(headers): Add rpc/rpc_des.h.
1998-03-24 drepperMoved to rpc/rpc_des.h.
1998-03-24 drepperRPC DES definitions.
1998-03-01 rth * shlib-versions: Match alpha*.
1998-02-27 drepper(open_input): Check pipe return error.
1998-02-24 drepperFix typo.
1998-02-17 drepper(inline_struct): Change typo of plus to const char...
1998-02-16 drepperAdd more changes from TI-RPC 2.3 for rpcgen to fix...
1998-02-16 drepperAdd new structs and prototypes.
1998-02-16 drepperRemove prototypes for static functions.
1998-02-16 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Don't use -$ parameter.
1998-02-16 drepperRemove support for -$$ option again.
1998-02-10 drepper(generated): Add rpc-proto.d and rpcgen.
1998-01-20 drepper(parseargs): Use perror to print error message.
1997-12-22 drepperAccept new flag -$.
1997-12-22 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Pass it here.
1997-12-14 drepper(pmapdump): Unify messages.
1997-12-14 drepperUse new NSS interface.