[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sunrpc /
2002-05-15 drepperUse INTUSE calls to bindresvport, authunix_create,
2002-04-20 drepper(xtests): Add thrsvc if thread library available.
2002-04-20 drepperTest for multithreaded RPC service.
2002-04-20 drepper(__rpc_thread_destroy): No need to free authnone_private_s.
2002-04-20 drepperInclude bits/libc-lock.h.
2002-04-20 drepper(clntraw_create): Properly set xdrs and client.
2002-04-03 drepper(write_real_program): Write "result, " parameter if...
2002-04-03 drepper(printif): Remove third parameter. It was always ...
2002-04-03 drepper(__nss_publickey_lookup): Add internal_function.
2002-04-03 drepper(__nss_publickey_lookup): Add internal_function.
2002-02-26 drepperUse INTUSE to reference functions and variables inside...
2002-02-14 drepper(rtime): Change type of thetime to uint32_t.
2002-02-01 drepper(__rpc_thread_destroy): Move to GLIBC_PRIVATE.
2001-12-29 drepperRealloc error handling memory leak fix.
2001-12-21 aj * elf/dblloadmod1.c: Add prototype to avoid warning.
2001-11-02 drepperOptomize variable definitions a bit.
2001-11-02 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Use ../scripts/cpp in rpcgen calls.
2001-09-19 drepper(pmapdump): Replace bcopy with memcpy.
2001-09-05 drepper(upcase): Account for trailing '\0'.
2001-08-30 drepper(sgi_fam): Add.
2001-08-28 drepper(pargdef): Function must take pointer to object.
2001-08-22 drepperFree resources on failure.
2001-08-22 drepper(xdrrec_create): Fix buf sizes before allocating buf...
2001-08-20 drepper(_svcauth_des): Avoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepperAvoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepperAvoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepper(_svcauth_unix): Avoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepperAvoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepper(getrpcport): Avoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepper(callrpc): Avoid using bcopy.
2001-08-20 drepper(clnt_create): Avoid using bcopy.
2001-08-17 drepper(universal): Use __write instead of write.
2001-08-17 drepperUse __fwprintf instead of fwprintf.
2001-08-17 drepperHandle wide oriented stderr stream.
2001-07-23 drepper(svcunix_rendezvous_abort): New.
2001-07-23 drepper(svctcp_rendezvous_abort): New.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-06-11 ajAdd __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS.
2001-05-30 drepper(u_char, u_short, u_int, u_long, quad_t, u_quad_t,...
2001-05-17 drepper(authnone_private): Fix a typo.
2001-05-17 drepper(rpc_default): Remove.
2001-04-11 drepperIf we compile RPC thread safe, allow rpcgen to generate...
2001-04-04 drepper(get_type): Handle TOK_HYPER.
2001-04-04 drepper(enum tok_kind): Add TOK_HYPER.
2001-04-04 drepper(symbols): Add entry for HYPER.
2001-03-26 drepperReplace use of rpc_createerr by call to get_rpc_createerr.
2001-03-26 drepper[libc] (GLIBC_2.2.3): Export __rpc_thread_svc_fdset,
2001-03-26 drepperHandle first thread special, it uses the global variables.
2001-03-26 drepperDeclare __rpc_thread_svc_fdset, __rpc_thread_createerr,
2001-03-20 drepperDon't use global variables. Access state in thread...
2001-03-20 drepper[libc] (GLIBC_2.2.3): Export __rpc_thread_destroy.
2001-03-20 drepperHandling of thread-local storage for RPC functions.
2001-03-20 drepper(routines): Add rpc_thread.
2001-02-06 drepper(set_input_fragment): Change type of header variable...
2001-01-28 drepper(xdrrec_getpos): Add cast to long to avoid warning.
2001-01-28 drepper(x_inline): Add cast to long to avoid warning.
2001-01-15 drepper(xdr_long, xdr_u_long): Fix comments about this functions.
2001-01-11 drepper(distribute): Add errqueue.h.
2001-01-10 drepperInclude <errqueue.h> instead of <bits/errqueue.h>.
2001-01-10 drepper(clntudp_bufcreate): Set IP_RECVERR on the UDP socket.
2001-01-06 drepper(__get_myaddress): Return TRUE if successful, FALSE...
2000-12-31 ajAdd noreturn attributes to error and crash.
2000-12-31 ajAdd noreturn attribute to brdcst.
2000-12-31 ajAdd noreturn attributes.
2000-12-31 aj(storexdrfuncdecl): Make static.
2000-12-31 ajInclude <rpc/svc.h> for prototypes.
2000-12-31 ajAdd prototypes for some functions.
2000-12-28 aj * sunrpc/rpc_hout.c (print_funcdef): Add break stateme...
2000-12-28 ajInclude rpc/clnt.h for prototypes.
2000-12-27 ajInclude rpc/des_crypt.h for prototype.
2000-12-27 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Use single quotes in sed call.
2000-12-21 aj * nis/nss_nisplus/nisplus-ethers.c (struct etherent...
2000-11-10 drepper(GLIBC_2.1): Remove xdr_cryptkeyarg, xdr_cryptkeyarg2...
2000-11-01 drepper(clnt_call): Don't use timeout in tests with zero,...
2000-11-01 drepper(clnt_create): Don't set timeout with clnt_control...
2000-10-05 drepper(svcudp_recv): Set msg_controllen to all remaining...
2000-09-19 aj(callrpc): Fix write beyond end of buffer.
2000-08-24 drepper(free_mem): New function.
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-02 drepperRemove incompatible IPv6 extension of RPC.
2000-08-02 drepperRemove incompatible IPv6 extension of RPC.
2000-07-14 drepper(xdr_u_long): Handle reading of unsigned long on 64...
2000-07-01 drepper(inline_struct): Add missing braces in generated expres...
2000-06-30 aj * sunrpc/rpc_svcout.c (write_msg_out): Always use...
2000-06-25 aj * xdr_rec.c (set_input_fragment) Fix PR libc...
2000-05-26 ajUpdate.
2000-05-23 aj2000-05-18 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-03-04 geoffk * Makeconfig (rpath-dirs): Add crypt.
2000-03-03 drepper(xdr_hyper): Correctly handle lower half of llp.
2000-03-03 drepper(xdr_uint16_t): Fix ENCODE and DECODE cases.
2000-03-03 drepper(svcudp_bufcreate): Turn on IP_PKTINFO if available.
2000-03-03 drepper(SVCXPRT): Add a "xp_pad" field at the end.
2000-02-20 drepper(checkfiles): Add comment to help translators.
2000-01-24 drepper(rendezvous_request): Use memcpy rather than simple...
2000-01-24 drepper(clnttcp6_create, clntudp6_create, clntudp6_bufcreate...
2000-01-24 drepper(struct SVCXPRT): Use `struct sockaddr_storage' for...
2000-01-24 drepperServer side implementation for TCP function sof RPC...
2000-01-24 drepperServer side routines for UDP version of RPC over IPv6.
2000-01-24 drepperImplementation of UDP services for RPC over IPv6.
2000-01-24 drepperClient-side TCP handling for RPC over IPv6.