[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sunrpc /
1998-06-28 drepper(rtime): Use poll instead of select.
1998-06-28 drepper(clntudp_call): Likewise.
1998-06-28 drepper(clnt_broadcast): Likewise.
1998-06-28 drepper(readtcp): Use poll instead of select.
1998-06-16 drepperCheck for NULL pointer.
1998-06-15 drepper(set_input_fragment): Only recognize zero length fragme...
1998-06-15 drepper(readtcp): Also listen to all the other connections...
1998-06-11 drepperCorrect typos in comments.
1998-06-08 drepper(generated): Correct typo.
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrrec_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrmem_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-05 drepper(xdrstdio_create): Add cast for *_ops array since we...
1998-06-02 drepperUse &errno instead of __errno_location ().
1998-06-01 drepper(struct XDR): Don't mark xdr_ops element as const.
1998-06-01 drepperUse key_decryptsession_pk to avoid deadlock.
1998-06-01 drepperDocument, which control flags are not implementable.
1998-06-01 drepper(host2netname): Remove prefixing dot from domainname.
1998-06-01 drepperAdd more control flags.
1998-06-01 drepperAdd more control flags.
1998-06-01 drepperPrototypes moved from auth_des.c to here.
1998-06-01 drepperMove prototypes from here to rpc/auth.h.
1998-05-25 drepper(move-if-change): Removed.
1998-05-17 drepper(set_input_fragment): Add FreeBSD DoS patch.
1998-05-17 drepper(svctcp_recv): Add FreeBSD DoS patch.
1998-05-15 drepperUse move-if-change to update generated .h and .c files.
1998-05-12 drepper(generated): Restore old list.
1998-05-08 drepperHandled headers generated by rpcgen correctly.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated): Remove rpcsvc/*.
1998-04-09 drepperUse +force in dependency list of installation targets.
1998-04-01 drepper(clntudp_call): Don't check the xid if we only wait...
1998-03-27 drepperPrevent warning by unknown pragma ident.
1998-03-24 drepper(headers): Add rpc/rpc_des.h.
1998-03-24 drepperMoved to rpc/rpc_des.h.
1998-03-24 drepperRPC DES definitions.
1998-03-01 rth * shlib-versions: Match alpha*.
1998-02-27 drepper(open_input): Check pipe return error.
1998-02-24 drepperFix typo.
1998-02-17 drepper(inline_struct): Change typo of plus to const char...
1998-02-16 drepperAdd more changes from TI-RPC 2.3 for rpcgen to fix...
1998-02-16 drepperAdd new structs and prototypes.
1998-02-16 drepperRemove prototypes for static functions.
1998-02-16 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Don't use -$ parameter.
1998-02-16 drepperRemove support for -$$ option again.
1998-02-10 drepper(generated): Add rpc-proto.d and rpcgen.
1998-01-20 drepper(parseargs): Use perror to print error message.
1997-12-22 drepperAccept new flag -$.
1997-12-22 drepper(rpcgen-cmd): Pass it here.
1997-12-14 drepper(pmapdump): Unify messages.
1997-12-14 drepperUse new NSS interface.
1997-12-05 drepperFix lower/upper characters in optimized hexval
1997-11-13 drepperDon't process #ident preprocessor instruction.
1997-11-11 drepperInclude rpc/clnt.h.
1997-11-05 drepperUse memcpy instead of strcpy where possible.
1997-10-26 drepperAdd get_myaddress prototype.
1997-10-26 drepperUse get_myaddress from header file.
1997-10-26 drepperInclude rpc/clnt.h for prototypes.
1997-10-26 drepperAdd trailing '\0' to strings.
1997-10-12 drepperFix use of free'ed pointer.
1997-10-06 drepper(fix_buf_size, skip_input_bytes, flush_out, set_input_f...
1997-10-06 drepper(hexval): Make a macro for efficiency.
1997-10-06 drepper(cache_init, cache_spot, cache_ref, invalidate): Mark...
1997-10-06 drepper(makefd_xprt): Mark as internal function.
1997-10-06 drepper(getboradcastnets): Mark as internal function.
1997-10-06 drepper(key_call): Mark as internal function.
1997-10-06 drepper(auth_errmsg): Mark as internal function.
1997-10-06 drepper(marshal_new_auth): Mark as internal function.
1997-10-06 drepper(synchronize): Mark as internal function.
1997-09-30 drepperInclude rpc/auth.h to be self-contained.
1997-09-30 drepperInclude <string.h> not <strings.h>.
1997-09-24 drepper(get_myaddress): Avoid loopback interfaces, return...
1997-09-11 drepperAdd prototype for xdr_opaque_auth, don't define HAVE_SE...
1997-09-11 drepperDon't use /bin/sh to start /usr/etc/keyenvoy, or we...
1997-09-11 drepperFix signal handling.
1997-09-11 drepperDon't define our own prototypes, use the one from the...
1997-09-11 drepperDon't dereference NULL pointer, initialize ad->ad_timediff.
1997-09-05 drepperAvoid needless races around return value.
1997-09-05 drepper(CFLAGS-xkey_prot.c): Define to prevent warnings.
1997-08-29 drepper(rpcsvc): Add keyprot.x.
1997-08-29 drepperSecure RPC implementation
1997-08-29 drepperSecure RPC implementation
1997-08-29 drepperSecure RPC implementation
1997-08-29 drepperSecure RPC implementation
1997-08-29 drepperSecure RPC implementation
1997-08-27 drepper(XDR): Don't define argument of x_destroy callback...
1997-08-27 drepper(xdrstdio_destroy): Don't define argument as const.
1997-08-27 drepper(xdrrec_destroy): Don't define argument as const.
1997-08-27 drepper(xdrmem_destroy): Don't define argument as const.
1997-08-27 drepperChange name of parameters in prototypes of xdr_reference,
1997-08-20 drepperChange object suffixes from *.[spgb]o to *.o[spgb]...
1997-08-10 drepperAdd xdr_sizeof prototype.
1997-08-10 drepperXDR function from TIrpc 2.3.
1997-08-10 drepperAdd xdr_sizeof to routines.
1997-07-26 drepper(clntudp_call): Rename cu_wait from timeout to not...
1997-07-24 drepper(clntudp_call): Initialize outlen to prevent warning.
1997-07-21 drepper(clntudp_call): If xargs is NULL, don't encode it.
1997-07-06 drepperDon't use MAXPATHLEN.
1997-06-21 drepperPretty print.
1997-06-21 drepperStandardize the multiple-include protect.
1997-06-19 drepper($(rpcsvc:%.x=$(objpfx)rpcsvc/%.h)): Make command non...
1997-06-12 drepperAdopt comment for real situation.