Document new tristate __libc_missing_32bit_uids.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / arm / fpu /
2000-02-11 drepper(_FPU_DEFAULT): Set the AC bit.
2000-01-31 drepperCorrect return value according to the standard.
2000-01-03 drepperDefinitions for math on Arm.
1999-10-31 drepperReturn value and add alias.
1999-05-23 drepperAdapted for header file change.
1999-05-23 drepper(fenv_t): Prepend __ to member names to protect from...
1998-11-26 drepperRemove __setfpucw declaration, it's an internal symbol.
1998-11-13 drepper(__JMP_BUF_SP): Correct value.
1998-10-01 drepperCope with fussy assembler.
1998-09-14 drepperMoved one dir up.
1998-08-20 drepperMoved one directory up.
1998-08-20 drepperPut return value in correct register. Don't set the...
1998-08-15 drepperCorrect value of R0 before calling sigjmp_save.
1998-07-29 drepperArm with FPU specific files to distribute.
1998-07-27 drepperDefinitions for FPU control.
1998-06-01 drepperIEEE 754 float support for strange ARMs.
1998-06-01 drepper(FE_EXCEPTION_SHIFT): Rename to FE_EXCEPT_SHIFT.
1998-06-01 drepperjmpbuf definition for ARM with FPU.
1998-06-01 drepperARM implementation of feholdexcept.
1998-05-25 drepperCorrectly renamed.
1998-05-24 drepperSet exception bits in Arm FPU.
1998-05-21 drepperDefinitions for FPU handling header.
1998-05-21 drepperFP CW and SW handling for Arm.
1998-03-18 drepperlongjmp for ARM with FPU.
1998-03-18 dreppersetjmp for Arm.