Move _dl_hp_timing_overhead and procinfo-related variables in
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / generic / ldsodefs.h
2002-02-01 drepperMove _dl_hp_timing_overhead and procinfo-related variab...
2002-02-01 drepperAdd _dl_load_lock, _dl_lazy, _dl_dynamic_weak, _dl_fpu_...
2002-01-31 drepperMove global variables for SHARED code in struct _rtld_g...
2001-12-12 drepper(_dl_trace_prelink_map): New declaration.
2001-11-10 drepper(PF_TO_PROT): New macro.
2001-11-08 drepperAdjust description of _dl_sysdep_read_whole_file for...
2001-11-06 drepper(DL_DEBUG_HELP): New macro.
2001-11-05 drepperAdjust _dl_reloc_bad_type prototype for last change.
2001-09-05 drepperAdjust all callers of _dl_signal_error and _dl_signal_c...
2001-08-26 drepper(ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_PLT, ELF_RTYPE_CLASS_COPY): Define.
2001-08-26 drepperRemove lookup_cache struct and variable declarations.
2001-08-23 drepper(struct lookup_cache): New definition.
2001-08-23 roland2001-08-22 Roland McGrath <>
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-03-16 drepper(_dl_osversion): Declare.
2001-02-28 drepperDon't declare _dl_sysdep_output, _dl_debug_message,
2001-02-27 drepperRemove commented-out variable declaractions.
2001-02-27 drepperReplace _dl_debug_* variables with _dl_debug_mask.
2001-01-11 drepper(DL_STATIC_INIT): Defined if not defined.
2000-12-28 ajAdd noreturn attribute to _dl_reloc_bad_type.
2000-12-05 aj Add declarations of
2000-11-16 drepper(DL_DT_INIT_ADDRESS): Defined if ELF_FUNCTION_PTR_IS_SP...
2000-09-26 drepper(DL_UNMAP): New. Defined if DL_UNMAP_IS_SPECIAL is...
2000-08-31 drepperAdd declaration for _dl_all_dirs and _dl_all_init_dirs.
2000-08-26 drepperAdjust _dl_lookup_symbol and _dl_lookup_versioned_symbo...
2000-08-19 drepper(struct libname_list): Add dont_free element.
2000-08-16 drepperDeclare _nl_loaded.
2000-07-21 drepperDeclare _dl_bind_not.
2000-07-21 drepper(_dl_map_object): Rename last parameter.
2000-07-20 drepperUpdate prototype for _dl_map_object_from_fd and _dl_map...
2000-07-13 drepperDeclare _dl_out_of_memory.
2000-06-10 drepperAdjust _dl_signal_error prototype.
2000-06-08 drepperDeclare _dl_dynamic_weak.
2000-05-05 drepper(LOOKUP_VALUE_ADDRESS): Check the validity of map befor...
2000-04-22 drepperInclude <string.h> for strcmp prototype.
2000-04-15 drepperUpdate prototypes for _dl_check_all_versions and _dl_ch...
2000-04-03 drepperFix typo in comment.
2000-03-31 aj2000-03-31 Andreas Jaeger <>
2000-03-30 drepperReplace _dl_init_next prototype with one for _dl_init.
2000-03-23 drepperInternal definitions for the dynamic loader.