Document new tristate __libc_missing_32bit_uids.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / generic /
2000-02-11 drepperTruely support wide characater output.
2000-01-31 drepperCorrect return value according to the standard.
2000-01-24 drepper(__libc_lseek64): Renamed from __lseek64.
2000-01-24 drepper(__ss_aligntype, struct sockaddr_storage): Make these...
2000-01-17 drepperInclude signal.h which sigcontextinfo.h headers are...
2000-01-06 drepper(struct layout): Likewise.
2000-01-06 drepper(struct layout): Delete definition; include the above...
2000-01-06 drepperGeneric stack layout description.
2000-01-04 drepperInitialize __libc_multiple_libcs, needed for change...
1999-12-31 drepperRemove K&R compatibility.
1999-12-24 drepper(glob): Pass alternate file access functions also in...
1999-12-19 drepper Remove declaration of __libc_open. Move declaration...
1999-12-19 drepperDefine __libc_* variant for cancelation wrapper.
1999-12-19 drepper(check_one_fd): Use __libc_open instead of __open.
1999-12-19 drepper(check_one_fd): Use __libc_fcntl instead of __fcntl.
1999-12-18 drepperIf delim string has only one character don't run over...
1999-12-18 drepperProtect definitions for math.h against double inclusion.
1999-12-04 drepperCode to determine ELF library type.
1999-12-04 drepperUpdate with LiS types and values.
1999-12-02 drepper(__protocol_available): Add missing int for parameter.
1999-12-02 drepperRemove K&R compatibility.
1999-12-02 drepperFix typo.
1999-11-23 drepperAvoid declaring the same field twice if SIGPWR is defin...
1999-11-12 drepperStub definition for fegetexcept.
1999-11-12 drepperStub definition for fedisableexcept.
1999-11-12 drepperStub definition for feenableexcept.
1999-11-11 drepperTemplate file for fenv inline functions.
1999-11-01 drepper(prefix_array) [__MSDOS__,WINDOWS32]: Keep the trailing...
1999-10-31 drepperReturn value and add alias.
1999-10-31 drepperUpdate comments for ISO C99.
1999-10-31 drepperReplace __USE_ISOC9X by __USE_ISOC99 and also recognize...
1999-10-31 drepperChange references to C9X to C99.
1999-10-29 drepperHeader for internal functionality to query interface...
1999-10-29 drepperReturn descriptor opened for a socket.
1999-10-19 drepperDummy error specification file for math test suite.
1999-10-19 drepperFix bug: NaN + i NaN returns now NaN + i NaN.
1999-10-12 drepperAdd parenthesis to shut up gcc warnings. COrrect value...
1999-10-04 drepperCorrect order of tests for matching bytes.
1999-10-04 drepperDon't undef memchr.
1999-10-04 roland1999-10-04 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-10-04 roland1999-10-04 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-09-20 drepper(__aio_sigqueue): Use old style function definition...
1999-09-10 drepperCorrect WCHAR_MIN, WCHAR_MAX, and WINT_MAX values.
1999-09-10 drepper(getenv): Fix lookup for single character variable...
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-09-06 drepperIt was not used.
1999-08-25 drepperFix typo.
1999-08-25 drepper(__protocol_available): New function.
1999-08-25 drepperGeneric Unix98 pseudo terminal definitions.
1999-08-23 drepperDefine SIGCONTEXT_EXTRA_ARGS.
1999-08-19 drepperDummy getdirentries64 implementation.
1999-08-19 drepperUpdate(__add_to_environ): Initialize ep after we have...
1999-08-18 drepperAvoid warning about uninitialized variable.
1999-08-18 drepper(seekdir): Fix type of second parameter.
1999-08-18 drepperDefine __blksize_t.
1999-08-18 drepperInclude bits/types.h instead of sys/types.h.
1999-08-18 drepperCorrect type of second parameter.
1999-08-18 drepperCorrect type of third parameter.
1999-08-18 drepperCorrect type of parameter.
1999-08-18 drepperCorrect type of second parameter.
1999-08-18 drepperMkae __useconds_t unsigned.
1999-08-18 drepper(ualarm): Change return value and parameter type to...
1999-08-18 drepper(usleep): Change parameter type to useconds_t.
1999-08-18 drepperDefine type __useconds_t.
1999-08-18 drepper(telldir): Change return type to long int.
1999-08-15 drepper(__aio_sigqueue): Take extra parameter.
1999-08-15 drepperGet definition of mbstate_t.
1999-08-13 drepperUpdate _G_iconv_t type from Linux version.
1999-08-02 drepperFix typo.
1999-08-02 drepperFix last patch.
1999-08-02 drepperDefine __nexttoward and nexttoward so something else...
1999-08-02 drepperRemove unbalanced #endif.
1999-08-02 drepperFix typo.
1999-07-31 drepperSet *signgam to zero.
1999-07-31 drepperRemove declaration of internal interface.
1999-07-30 drepper(__libc_cleanup_end): New definition.
1999-07-29 drepperMove setenv code in new function __add_to_environ....
1999-07-29 drepperUse __add_to_environ instead of setenv.
1999-07-27 drepperDefine Elf_Symndx as uint32_t.
1999-07-27 drepperCorrect types.
1999-07-27 drepperDefine __clockid_t, __timer_t, CLOCK_REALTIME, and...
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of timer_settime.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of timer_gettime.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of timer_overrun.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of timer_delete.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of timer_create.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of clock_settime.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of clock_gettime.
1999-07-27 drepperStub implementation of clock_getres.
1999-07-25 drepperMove getlogin{,_r} prototypes below glob.h to get __P...
1999-07-24 roland(OLCUC): use 1<<9, since that's what hurd is already...
1999-07-24 roland1999-07-23 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-07-21 roland1999-07-21 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
1999-07-20 schwab * Make-dist (generic-dirs): New variable.
1999-07-20 schwab PowerPC has own version of w_sqrt.c and w_sqrtf.c.
1999-07-20 schwab PowerPC has own version of w_sqrt.c and w_sqrtf.c.
1999-07-17 drepper(timeval): Use __suseconds_t type for tv_usec element.
1999-07-17 drepperDefine __suseconds_t.
1999-07-15 drepperDummy file to keep makefiles happy.
1999-07-15 drepperDummy file to keep Makefiles happy.