Cleanup swapoff.c and swapon.c
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / i386 / fpu /
2007-09-15 drepper(__MATH_INLINE): Define to __extern_inline whenever...
2007-04-16 drepperInclude float.h.
2007-04-16 drepperInclude float.h.
2007-04-16 drepper(__nextafterl): Use math_opt_barrier and math_force_eva...
2007-04-16 drepperi386 math definitions.
2007-04-16 drepperInclude unistd.h, dl-procinfo.h and ldsodefs.h.
2007-04-16 drepper(feholdexcept): Clear all exceptions in SW.
2007-03-17 drepperUse __extern_inline and __extern_always_inline where...
2007-03-15 drepperDon't raise FE_INVALID when argument is qNaN.
2007-03-05 drepperAvoid invalid exception for x qNaN and y either +-inf...
2007-02-21 drepperUndo last change, fprem1 does not produce the right...
2007-02-19 drepperUse fprem1 instead of fprem.
2006-11-10 drepper(floor): Make sure gcc provides correct temporary varia... fedora-glibc-20061110T2049
2006-11-10 drepper(floor): Make rounding mode change atomic.
2006-02-01 roland2006-01-31 Roland McGrath <>
2006-01-15 aj Adopt for cacosh test change.
2005-12-21 drepperMark c0 and c1 as const.
2005-09-30 drepperUpdate for GCC 4.0.x.
2005-07-08 drepperAdd libm_hidden_def.
2005-05-04 drepperUse LOAD_PIC_REG macro. Add call frame information.
2005-05-04 drepperAdjust for gcc 4.
2004-11-04 roland2004-11-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
2004-09-30 drepperHandle +inf/+inf.
2004-09-07 drepperUse __NTH and __REDIRECT_NTH where necessary.
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_powl): Don't generate invalid exception...
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_pow): Don't generate invalid exception if...
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_powf): Don't generate invalid exception...
2004-07-01 drepperUpdate for GCC 3.4.
2004-05-28 drepper(__expm1_code): Define using __builtin_expm1l for GCC...
2004-03-15 rth * math/Makefile (headers): Add bits/huge_valf...
2004-03-10 drepperDon't define via builtins.
2004-03-05 drepperUse GLRO instead of GL where appropriate.
2004-02-09 drepper(__feclearexcept): Don't touch bits other than the...
2003-12-24 roland2000-05-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
2003-12-07 drepperConstruct overflow value correctly.
2003-12-07 drepperConstruct overflow value correctly.
2003-11-26 drepperIntroduce __libc_sqrtl symbol. Define it appropriately...
2003-11-26 drepper(sqrt): Don't inline sqrt for gcc 3.3 and above.
2003-09-25 drepperCleanup whitespaces.
2003-07-22 drepperInclude <unistd.h>, <ldsodefs.h> and <dl-procinfo.h>.
2003-07-22 drepperInclude <unistd.h>, <ldsodefs.h> and <dl-procinfo.h>.
2003-07-22 drepper(feenableexcept): Reverse use of stmxcsr and ldmxcsr.
2003-07-22 drepperUse dl_hwcap, not dl_hwcap_mask.
2003-06-24 drepper(fegetenv): Retain floating point mask.
2003-06-16 drepper(feholdexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-16 drepper(fedisableexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-16 drepper(feenableexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-04 drepper(log1p, asinh, acosh, atanh, hypot, logb): Protect...
2003-06-02 drepper(sqrt, __sqrtl, ldexp, ldexpf, ldexpl): Only define...
2003-04-29 drepperAdd libc_hidden_builtin_def.
2003-04-29 drepper(fesetround): Fix typo in last change.
2003-04-29 drepperAlso set SSE rounding mode.
2003-04-29 drepperAlso set SSE control word.
2003-04-29 drepperMakefile for ix86 with FPU.
2003-03-22 ajUpdate.
2003-02-27 drepperIncrease ULPs for yn due to code generation changes...
2003-02-15 drepperDecrement high word of mantissa of demorm correctly...
2003-01-07 drepper(__significandl): Really return significand and not...
2002-12-16 drepperBackout last change.
2002-12-16 roland2002-12-15 Art Haas <>
2002-09-10 drepperAdd libm_hidden_ver.
2002-09-10 drepper(__expm1l): Add libm_hidden_def.
2002-09-10 drepper(__fpclassifyl): Add libm_hidden_def.
2002-09-10 drepper(__isnanl): Remove INTDEF. Add hidden_def.
2002-09-10 drepper(__isinfl): Remove INTDEF. Add hidden_def.
2002-09-10 drepper(__finitel_internal): Remove alias.
2002-09-10 drepper(__finitef_internal): Remove alias.
2002-09-10 drepper(__finite_internal): Remove alias.
2002-08-28 drepperAdjust ulp for yn for float.
2002-08-05 drepperAdd epsilons for inlined ldouble asin tests.
2002-07-08 ajUlps for AMD k7 with gcc 2.95.3.
2002-07-08 ajUlps for K7 with GCC 3.1.
2002-07-02 aj * math/ (acos_test): Add missing L suffix for
2002-06-30 drepperAdjust error for cexp (0.75 + 1.25 i).
2002-06-21 ajAdd some ulps from my P3.
2002-06-20 ajRegnerated.
2002-06-20 drepperFix three mistakes in computing the quotient.
2002-04-14 drepperAlso define _internal alias.
2002-04-09 drepperDefine _internal alias.
2002-04-03 drepperfabs implementation for x86.
2002-04-03 drepperfabsl implementation for x86.
2002-04-03 drepperfabsf implementation for x86.
2001-09-18 ajRewritten to C versions using inline assembly.
2001-09-18 ajRewrite assembler versions to C versions with inline...
2001-08-27 aj * sysdeps/i386/fpu/libm-test-ulps (float): Add ulps...
2001-07-16 drepper(__ieee754_expl): Make it PIC friendly.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-06-22 aj(__ieee754_expl): Remove unused variable.
2001-06-22 aj(__nextafterl): Add parenthese to avoid warnings.
2001-06-22 ajInclude <math_private.h> for prototypes.
2001-06-16 dreppernexttoward implementation for i386.
2001-06-16 dreppernexttowardf implementation for i386.
2001-06-16 drepper(__nextafterl): Fix check for NaN.
2001-06-06 drepperReturn INT_MAX for +-Inf.
2001-06-06 drepper(__frexpl): Mostly revert 2000-12-03 changes, do the...
2001-06-06 drepperi386 log2l implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperi386 log2f implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperi386 log2 implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperRenamed.
2001-06-02 roland2001-06-01 Roland McGrath <>