(globfree64): Use libc_hidden_ver instead of libc_hidden_weak.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / m68k / fpu /
2002-06-13 schwabRemove INTDEF.
2002-06-13 schwabRemove INTDEF.
2002-06-13 schwabRemove INTDEF.
2002-06-13 schwab(INTDEFX): Define to get correct expansion order.
2002-04-14 drepperAlso define _internal alias.
2002-04-13 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/s_finite.c: Add internal alias.
2001-10-16 schwabUpdated for fixed cbrtl implementation.
2001-08-29 schwabUpdated.
2001-07-06 ajUpdate to LGPL v2.1.
2001-06-15 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h: Don't define...
2001-06-15 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h: Don't define...
2001-06-14 schwabFix typo.
2001-06-14 schwabFix typo.
2001-06-06 drepperM68k log2l implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperM68k log2f implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperM68k log2 implementation.
2001-06-06 drepperRenamed.
2001-06-02 roland2001-06-01 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-04-20 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/libm-test-ulps: Update.
2001-04-17 drepperAdjust for increased precision in result of several...
2001-04-11 schwabAdjusted.
2001-04-10 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/e_pow.c: Correct handling of some...
2001-03-11 drepperDummy replacement for code not needed here.
2001-02-17 drepperm68k exp2l implementation.
2001-02-17 drepperm68k exp2f implementation.
2001-02-17 drepperm68k exp2 implementation.
2001-02-17 drepperRenamed to e_exp2.
2001-02-16 schwabCorrectly handle m68k long double format.
2001-01-31 drepperInclude <float.h>.
2000-12-04 drepperRemove FLT_EVAL_METHOD and DECIMAL_DIG definitions.
2000-10-27 schwabAdd some more ulps.
2000-10-26 drepperUpdate after libm-test.inc change.
2000-10-23 schwabUpdated.
2000-10-17 schwabUpdate for changes in libm-test.inc.
2000-09-26 schwabUlps for m68k.
2000-09-01 drepper(FP_ILOGB0): Use values which don't produce warnings.
2000-09-01 drepperMake FP_ILOGB0 and FP_ILOGBNAN int values.
2000-09-01 drepperChange type of FE_*_ENV macros to const fenv_t*.
2000-08-16 schwab* sysdeps/m68k/fpu/fegetexcept.c: New file.
2000-06-04 drepperAdd __THROW to all inlines to match prototypes in mathc...
2000-05-23 aj Remove K&R support, use ANSI C prototypes.
2000-02-26 drepperChange default version to GLIBC_2.2.
2000-01-31 drepperCorrect return value according to the standard.
1999-12-18 drepperProtect definitions for math.h against double inclusion.
1999-10-31 drepperReturn value and add alias.
1999-10-31 drepperReplace __USE_ISOC9X by __USE_ISOC99 and also recognize...
1999-06-26 schwabNew file.
1999-06-26 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h: Move all libm...
1999-05-22 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/fenv.h (fenv_t): Prepend __...
1999-05-22 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/fenv.h (fenv_t): Prepend __...
1999-05-22 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/fenv.h (fenv_t): Prepend __...
1999-02-13 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/s_modf.c: Optimized by using __m81_...
1998-11-10 drepperDefine ISO C 9X stuff only if included from math.h...
1998-11-05 drepperDefine only if __USE_ISOC9X.
1998-09-09 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h (isinf): Avoid...
1998-07-04 drepperList only one file per line.
1998-06-10 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h: Define __ieee754...
1998-03-13 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/bits/mathinline.h (isgreater, isgre...
1998-02-26 drepper(FE_TOWARDZERO): Correct typo.
1998-02-18 schwabStub file
1997-12-22 drepperDon't define exp2 inline.
1997-12-14 drepperProtect declarations of inline functions by feature...
1997-12-14 drepper(fenv_t): Add member to hold fpiar value, to match...
1997-12-14 drepperSave/restore fpiar.
1997-12-03 drepperDon't define ___LIBC_INTERNAL_MATH_INLINES here.
1997-11-26 drepperIssue error message if the header is used directly.
1997-11-22 drepperDefine optimizations if __LIBC_INTERNAL_MATH_INLINES...
1997-11-22 drepperDefine __LIBC_INTERNAL_MATH_INLINES instead of
1997-11-13 drepperDefine INFINITY as of type float.
1997-11-11 drepperm68k specific llrint implementation.
1997-11-11 drepperMake compilable and fix overflow condition.
1997-10-26 drepperAdd fma and scalbln. Update lrint and scalbn.
1997-10-26 drepperAdd scalbln alias.
1997-10-26 drepperNew (empty) file.
1997-10-26 drepperAdd standard skeleton stuff.
1997-09-30 drepperRename exp2{,l,f} to __ieee754_exp2{,l,f}.
1997-08-10 drepperAdd empty file to prevent the version from libm-ieee754...
1997-07-24 drepperDon't handle FE_INEXACT specially, the standard doesn...
1997-07-14 drepperDefine ISO C9x comparison function always.
1997-07-11 drepper(fesetenv): Shift the exception mask in the right position.
1997-07-11 drepperShift the exception mask in the right position.
1997-07-06 drepperCorrect the FE_INEXACT and FE_UNDERFLOW cases.
1997-06-26 drepperAdapated for change of s_ilogb.c.
1997-06-26 drepperDefine it here. Handle zero, NaN and infinity specially.
1997-06-26 drepper(FP_ILOGB0): Correct value.
1997-06-26 drepperDon't undef macros for unordered comparison before...
1997-06-23 drepperFix type of second argument.
1997-06-23 drepperRewritten.
1997-06-23 drepper(FP_ILOGB0, FP_ILOGBNAN): Define.
1997-06-23 drepper(__scalbn): Fix type of second argument.
1997-06-21 drepperm68k w/out FPU specific math inline functions.
1997-06-21 drepperm68k specific math inline functions.
1997-06-21 drepperm68k specific math definitions.
1997-06-21 drepperm68k specific FP environment definitions.
1997-06-21 drepperMoved to bits/.
1997-06-19 drepperRemove FIXME and special case for quotient.
1997-06-19 drepperRenamed to s_llrint.
1997-06-19 drepperRenamed to lrint.
1997-06-19 drepperImplementation of m68k specific lrint function.
1997-06-19 drepperImplementation of m68k specific llrint function.