(mmap): Fix setting of inheritance.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / mach / hurd / dl-sysdep.c
1995-12-18 roland(mmap): Fix setting of inheritance.
1995-11-22 roland(malloc, free, realloc, sigjmp_save, longjmp): Function...
1995-11-17 roland(_dl_sysdep_start_cleanup): New function.
1995-11-16 roland(free): Don't abort, just nop.
1995-11-16 rolandInclude _itoa.h from stdio-common instead of stdio.
1995-10-09 rolandUse __hurd_fail throughout.
1995-10-05 roland(_dl_sysdep_start): Ignore -- args.
1995-10-04 roland(_dl_sysdep_message): New function.
1995-09-30 roland(_dl_sysdep_start): If started by kernel with args...
1995-08-14 rolandChange all RPCs from `__hurd_intr_rpc_*' to `__*'.
1995-07-06 roland(fmh): Fixed this kludge to work when 0x08000000 and...
1995-06-08 roland(_dl_sysdep_start): Add kludge to allocate high address...
1995-06-07 roland(mmap): Use it as mask in vm_map call.
1995-06-07 roland(threadvars): New static variable.
1995-05-31 rolandFinally finished!!!
1995-05-11 roland.