[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / posix /
1999-08-03 drepperUnblock the signal after setting its disposition. ...
1999-07-28 drepper(gaih_inet): Only return information for the hinted...
1999-07-27 drepperHelp compiling in presence of __transparent_union__.
1999-07-12 drepper(gaih_inet): For non-passive connections without a...
1999-07-07 drepperCorrect last patch. Handle getcwd (NULL, != 0) correctly.
1999-07-07 drepperWhen resizing buffer make sure new size is large enough.
1999-07-06 drepper(__gen_tempname): Add ability to create directories...
1999-07-01 drepper(gaih_inet_serv): Handle failing call to get.*_r functi...
1999-07-01 drepper(cuserid): Handle failing call to get.*_r functions...
1999-06-19 drepperInclude libintl.h.
1999-05-25 drepper(__getcwd): Fix potential memory leaks.
1999-05-24 drepper(gaih_inet): Unod last change.
1999-05-24 drepper(gaih_inet): Set socket address to loopback if no name...
1999-05-02 drepper(gaih_inet_serv): Change fourth
1999-04-28 drepper(have_ids): Don't initialize with 0.
1999-02-16 drepper(getaddrinfo): Fix typo in last change.
1999-02-15 drepper(getaddrinfo): Correct test for invalid ai_flags.
1999-02-09 drepperassert.h isn't used anymore, remove inclusion.
1999-01-11 drepperOpen files with mode 0600.
1998-12-17 drepperUse __sigaction instead of sigaction.
1998-12-17 drepper(__path_search): Add casts for format string.
1998-12-15 drepper(__path_search): Fix the maximum string length.
1998-12-15 drepper(__path_search): Fix one more typo.
1998-12-15 drepper(__path_search): Add second part of the patch.
1998-12-14 drepper(__path_search): Correct last patch.
1998-12-14 drepperAdd new parameter. If value is nonzero consider TMPDIR...
1998-12-13 drepperUse __xstat instead of __stat.
1998-10-22 drepper(__isatty): Don't reset errno.
1998-10-22 drepper(__fpathconf): Set errno to EINVAL if errno == ENODEV.
1998-10-18 drepper(__getcwd): Don't stop processing directory entries...
1998-10-05 drepper(__getcwd): Use temporary variable to store result...
1998-09-24 drepperPrevent compiler warning from redefinition of mempcpy.
1998-09-23 drepperDon't use #include_next.
1998-09-14 drepperWould be empty.
1998-09-14 drepperNot needed anymore.
1998-09-09 drepperQuiet -Wparentheses warnings.
1998-09-06 drepperQuiet -Wparentheses warnings.
1998-08-13 drepperMake it work.
1998-08-13 drepperAllow SIG_HOLD being undefined.
1998-08-08 drepper(__gen_tempname): Don't bother checking __stub_open64...
1998-08-08 drepperDefine __fdopen and make fdopen weak alias.
1998-08-03 drepperWe have generic versions now.
1998-08-03 drepper(__stdio_gen_tempname): Rename to __gen_tempname and...
1998-07-22 drepperUse the random-name generator already used by mktemp...
1998-07-20 drepperDefine __sigsuspend with sigsuspend as a weak alias.
1998-07-16 drepperUnify names of used global functions.
1998-07-09 drepperHandle _PC_FILESIZEBITS.
1998-07-08 drepperHandle _PC_FILESIZEBITS.
1998-06-07 drepperRewrite the use definitions from sigset-cvt-mask.h...
1998-06-07 drepperSave one precious byte of rodata.
1998-05-12 drepper(__profil): Don't define act and timer variables as...
1998-04-20 drepperInclude stddef.h to get NULL definition.
1998-04-15 drepper(mkstemp): Change value and v to 64 bits.
1998-04-13 drepperIncrement `value' in a way which touches all needed...
1998-04-13 drepperIncrement `value' in a way which touches all needed...
1998-04-07 drepper(mkstemp): Correct return value in case template is...
1998-04-07 drepperRewrite to allow many more files and much less predicta...
1998-03-10 drepper(mkstemp): Open temporary file mode 0600.
1998-03-04 drepperDon't modify errno for an undefined value.
1998-02-10 drepperIgnore stdin/stdout/stderr.
1998-01-25 drepperHandle symbolic links.
1998-01-25 drepperSimplified sinal interface according to SUSv2.
1997-12-28 drepperLittle correction.
1997-12-28 drepperGenerate correct file which defines FOPEN_MAX also...
1997-12-22 drepperHandle _SC_XBS5_* and new _XOPEN_* symbols.
1997-12-22 drepperChange to generate file handling __need_FOPEN_MAX.
1997-12-14 drepperUpdate
1997-12-14 drepperwaitid implementation for POSIX systems.
1997-12-08 drepper(convert_mask, __sigvec): Don't check int mask beyound...
1997-12-08 drepper(__sigsetmask): Don't check int mask beyound its size.
1997-12-08 drepper(__sigblock): Don't check int mask beyound its size.
1997-12-08 drepperDefine weak alias only if function is really defined...
1997-12-01 drepperDefine GETCWD_RETURN_TYPE instead of GETCWD_STORYGE_CLA...
1997-11-26 drepperOutput file with comment.
1997-11-26 drepperRecognize EOF from readdir and translate it into ENOENT.
1997-11-22 drepperDefine sysv_signal as weak alias.
1997-11-18 drepperSimplify a bit.
1997-11-13 drepperAdd support for use of the code as a backup solution.
1997-11-11 drepperAdd comment to explain code.
1997-11-11 drepperDefine HAVE_MEMPCPY for _LIBC. Add casts.
1997-11-05 drepperOptimize a bit by using mempcpy.
1997-11-05 drepperOptimize a bit by using mempcpy.
1997-11-05 drepperOptimize a bit by using mempcpy.
1997-10-26 drepperReplacement pwrite64 implementation.
1997-10-26 drepperReplacement pread64 implementation.
1997-10-26 drepperDefine as __pwrite and make pwrite weak alias.
1997-10-26 drepperDefine as __pread and make pread weak alias.
1997-10-06 drepperAdd extra argument to trigger use of open64.
1997-10-06 drepperLFS open64 implementation.
1997-09-30 drepperUnix98 pwrite implementation.
1997-09-30 drepperUnix98 pread implementation.
1997-09-11 drepperChange to generate ANSI C style functions.
1997-09-11 drepperChange to generate ANSI C style functions.
1997-09-11 drepper(FUNC): Change to generate ANSI C style functions.
1997-09-11 drepper(_cleanup): Convert to ANSI C style declaration to...
1997-09-11 drepperCorrect test for too small buffer.
1997-09-11 drepperDefine function as __profil and make profil weak alias.
1997-08-20 drepperTidy up.
1997-08-10 drepper(stdstream): Change (PTR) to (void *).
1997-07-19 drepperCorrect comment.