Implement more ucred_* calls
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / powerpc / Makefile
2004-02-14 drepper(sysdep_routines): Add novmx-longjmp.c and novmx-sigjmp.c
2004-01-16 drepperAdd rtld-global-offsets.sym to gen-as-const-headers.
2002-09-05 drepperiMove PPC32 rules to powerpc32/Makefile.
2002-09-03 drepperUndo last change.
2002-09-03 roland2002-09-02 Roland McGrath <>
2002-08-20 roland2002-08-20 Roland McGrath <>
2002-05-21 drepper(sysdeps_routines): Use libgcc-compat instead of cmpdi2...
2002-05-15 drepper(sysdeps_routines): Add divdi3, cmpdi2, shdi3, fixdfdi...
2001-12-06 geoffk * sysdeps/powerpc/Makefile (sysdep_routines): Don...
2001-12-06 geoffk * (with-fp): Define from configure.
2000-11-27 drepper(CFLAGS-initfini.s): Add -O1 to avoid the problems...
2000-09-07 drepper(sysdep-rtld-routines): New variable.
2000-09-06 aj[$(subdir) = elf]: Modify sysdep-dl-routines and sysdep...
2000-02-29 drepper[$(subdir)=math] (sysdep_routines): Add fprsave and...
2000-02-28 drepperAlways pass flags to compile for ppc and not rs6000.
1999-10-11 drepper[math] (libm-support): Remove t_sqrt.
1998-09-01 drepper[subdir=elf]: Add new files split out of dl-machine.h.
1998-06-11 drepperUse -G0 on the startup file; this makes it easier to...
1998-02-13 drepperRemove quad float support.
1997-09-24 drepper(pic-ccflags): Define this instead of CFLAGS-.os.
1997-09-11 drepper[subdir=gmon]: Compile ppc-mcount.
1997-08-10 drepper[subdir=math]: Add q_* routines.
1997-05-21 drepperAdditional rules for PPC.