Fix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absence of CVS dirs.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / sparc / Makefile
1995-05-19 rolandFix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absen...
1995-02-22 roland[subdir=crypt] (crypt): Reset only if set to original...
1995-02-21 brendan * sysdeps/sparc/Makefile (routines): Reference...
1995-02-17 roland(divrem output): Do cvs commit if there is a CVS directory.
1995-01-30 roland(sysdep-realclean): New variable.
1994-11-15 roland(divrem rule): Make the output unwritable, use mv -f.
1994-02-22 rolandentered into RCS
1993-04-23 rolandFormerly sparc/Makefile.~14~
1993-02-21 rolandFormerly sparc/Makefile.~13~
1992-10-16 rolandFormerly sparc/Makefile.~12~
1992-09-16 rolandFormerly sparc/Makefile.~11~
1992-05-14 rolandFormerly sparc/Makefile.~10~
1992-02-10 meyeringFormerly sparc/Makefile.~9~
1991-10-26 rolandInitial revision