Use __PMT instead of __P for function pointer.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / sparc /
1998-06-27 rthCleanup weak_extern usage for _dl_hwcap and _dl_hwcap_mask.
1998-06-16 drepper(elf_machine_fixup_plt): During rtld bootstrap, always...
1998-04-29 drepper(WEAKADDR): Add missing semicolon.
1998-04-20 drepperAdd copyright text.
1998-04-06 rth * elf/dl-runtime.c (fixup, profile_fixup):...
1998-04-06 rth* sysdeps/sparc/sparc32/elf.S: Rewrite for __libc_start...
1998-02-26 drepper(FE_TOWARDZERO): Correct typo.
1998-02-26 drepper(FE_TOWARDZERO): Correct typo.
1998-02-16 drepperRespect with-cvs setting.
1998-01-30 drepperDefine _SETJMP_H before including <bits/setjmp.h>.
1997-11-26 drepperIssue error message if the header is used directly.
1997-11-13 drepperDefine INFINITY as of type float.
1997-10-26 drepperCalculate argv correctly.
1997-10-12 drepper__setjmp is the same as _setjmp. Make the former a...
1997-10-12 drepperFix typo.
1997-10-12 drepper(elf_machine_plt_value): New function.
1997-10-06 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Move _dl_hwcap declaration to ...
1997-09-27 drepper(elf_machine_relplt): Killed.
1997-09-17 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Get rid of hack for handling flush...
1997-08-29 drepperPretty print.
1997-08-29 drepperRemove sys/trap.h.
1997-08-29 drepperAdditional files to distribute.
1997-08-29 drepperDesribe files to distribute additionally
1997-08-27 drepper[$(subdirs)=db2] (CPPFLAGS): Add macros to provide...
1997-08-27 drepper(RTLD_START): Switch back to previous section to avoid...
1997-08-24 drepperUpdate comment.
1997-08-24 drepper(ELF_FIXUP_RETURN_VALUE): New.
1997-08-24 drepperNew SuperSPARC specific implementations.
1997-08-24 drepperDuh. Use proper syntax for manipulating %fsr.
1997-08-24 drepperMake IEEE conformance be the default.
1997-08-24 drepperRemoved.
1997-08-24 drepperNew file, slightly modified from the sparc64 version.
1997-08-24 drepperImplement lazy relocation.
1997-08-24 drepperDike out.
1997-08-24 drepperUse <sysdep.h> and ENTRY, END, and LOC for proper assembly
1997-08-24 drepper%g6,%g7 are reserved to the "system". Use %g2,%g3...
1997-08-24 drepperFix sparc->sparc/sparc32 bits in divrem expansions.
1997-08-24 drepper(FP_ILOGB0, FP_ILOGBNAN): New.
1997-08-24 drepperRearrange for smaller code.
1997-08-24 drepperNot needed anymore.
1997-08-20 drepperChange object suffixes from *.[spgb]o to *.o[spgb]...
1997-08-14 drepperMoved to sysdeps/sprc32/sparcv8.
1997-08-14 drepperSPARC64 support for glibc.
1997-08-14 drepperSPARC64 support for glibc.
1997-08-14 drepperFSPARC FPU definitions.
1997-08-14 drepperSparc ISO C 9x exception handling.
1997-08-14 drepperMoved to sparc32 subdir.
1997-08-14 drepperSPARC32 supported in glibc.
1997-08-14 drepperMoved to sparc32 subdir.
1997-08-11 drepperReadd.
1997-08-11 drepperReadd.
1997-08-10 drepperAdd some files.
1997-08-02 drepper(elf_machine_runtime_setup): Add new parameter to enabl...
1997-07-28 drepper(elf_machine_runtime_setup): Add new parameter to enabl...
1997-07-26 drepperCheck PIC instead of __PIC__.
1997-07-22 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Mention program name in warning...
1997-07-11 drepperRemoved.
1997-07-11 drepperRegenerated.
1997-07-11 drepperEliminate use of "DEFS.h" (sysdep.h does the same job).
1997-07-11 drepperRemove DEFS.h.
1997-07-11 drepperRemoved.
1997-06-29 drepperGeneric trap.h definition.
1997-06-29 drepperMoved to sysdeps/sparc64.
1997-06-29 drepperInclude <sys/trap.h>.
1997-06-29 drepperGet trap definition properly.
1997-06-29 drepper[PIC]: There wasn't even valid asm here.
1997-06-26 drepperUpdate and reformat copyright, remove trailing white...
1997-06-23 drepperUpdate and reformat copyright, remove trailing white...
1997-06-21 drepperSPARC specific setjmp buffer.
1997-06-21 drepperSPARC specific endianess specification.
1997-06-21 drepperMoved to bits/.
1997-06-21 drepper<foo.h> -> <bits/foo.h>.
1997-05-26 drepperDe-ansidecl-fy.
1997-05-25 drepper(elf_machine_rel): Print warning about changed size...
1997-05-24 drepper(elf_machine_runtime_setup): Return lazy.
1997-05-21 drepperFlush windows.
1997-05-07 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Check for mismatch in size for...
1997-04-12 drepperCall atexit (_fini) after calling _init ().
1997-04-12 drepperAdd type @function.
1997-04-12 drepperPIC code was clobbering a callee saved register.
1997-04-12 drepperFix the FPU constants. I got them wrong the first...
1997-04-12 drepperBug fix: I was not loading the proper value from the...
1997-03-29 drepperMake the code PIC aware.
1997-03-29 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Test RTLD_BOOTSTRAP to avoid perfor...
1997-03-27 drepperRemove as per request of Miguel de Icaza.
1997-03-25 drepperCorrect noexec_p comment.
1997-03-23 drepper(elf_machine_rel): Rewritten as for i386.
1997-03-20 drepperFix my bugs.
1997-03-20 drepperFix OPCODE_CALL;
1997-03-20 drepperNo spaces in assignment.
1997-03-20 drepperRegenerated.
1997-03-20 drepper[HAVE_ELF]: Use type @function in the FUNC macro on...
1997-03-16 drepperSPARC/ELF specific startup code.
1997-03-16 drepperSPARC/ELF specific makefile.
1997-03-16 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Upgrade to versioning; Added missing
1997-03-09 drepperGenerated from sysdeps/sparc/
1997-03-09 drepperSPARC specific configuration.
1997-02-27 drepperupdate from main archive 970226 libc-970228
1997-01-21 drepperupdate from main archive 970120
1997-01-20 drepperupdate from main arhive 970119 libc-970120