(ttyname): Terminate the string.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / unix / sysv / linux / ttyname.c
1999-04-01 drepper(ttyname): Terminate the string.
1999-03-08 drepper(ttyname): Undo last change. /dev/pts status may chang...
1999-03-05 drepper(ttyname): Fix handling of dev_pts_available.
1999-02-22 drepperUse __xstat and __fxstat instead of stat and fstat.
1998-11-02 drepper(getttyname): Remove unused parameter fd.
1998-10-29 drepper(ttyname): Keep Linux 2.0 kernels in mind when reading...
1998-10-29 drepper(ttyname): Try reading /prof/self/fd/FD first.
1998-07-16 drepperUnify names of used global functions.
1998-04-27 drepperLike sysdeps/posix/ttyname*.c, but look in /dev/pts...