Add sys/filio.h and fix up some other headers
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / unix / sysv / solaris2 / kopensolaris-gnu / Makefile
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/filio.h and fix up some other headers
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/kd.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/vm.h and sys/vmparam.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyInstall thread_db.h and proc_service.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyImplement _lwp_*
2008-09-04 David BartleyRename *_priv.* to *P.*
2008-09-01 David BartleyImplement more zone stuff
2008-09-01 David BartleyAdd -fexceptions to some CFLAGS
2008-08-31 David BartleyAdd sys/siginfo.h
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement settaskid, gettaskid, getprojid, and utssys
2008-08-28 David BartleyInstall pcsample.h
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement pcsample
2008-08-28 David BartleyNo need for sys_pollsys anymore
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement acctctl, allocids, idmap_reg, and idmap_unreg
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement acct
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement sysfs
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement getacct, putacct, and wracct
2008-08-28 David BartleyAdd sys/exacct.h
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement core_*
2008-08-28 David BartleyAdd sys/tsol/label.h
2008-08-27 David BartleyUse syscall/__systemcall instead of *_SYSCALL macros...
2008-08-27 David BartleyInstall more headers
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd gethrtime and gethrvtime
2008-08-22 David BartleyImplement getustack and setustack
2008-08-22 David BartleyInstall sys/bufmod.h and sys/types32.h
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_yield
2008-08-20 David BartleyMove opensolaris-gnu to kopensolaris-gnu