HP/PA specific __longjmp implementation.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / unix /
2000-10-15 drepperExport ioperm, iopl, inb, inw, inl, _inb, _inw, _inl...
2000-10-14 geoffk * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/powerpc/syscalls.list: Add...
2000-10-14 schwab2000-10-13 Michael Fedrowitz <michael@fedrowitz.de>
2000-10-07 drepperMake it a dummy as clone is not supported under Linux...
2000-10-03 schwabMake struct stat64 backward compatible.
2000-10-03 schwabFix padding in struct stat for LARGEFILE64_SOURCE.
2000-10-02 drepperAdd missing .mips0 at the end of inline assembler code.
2000-10-02 ajAdd RLIMIT_LOCKS.
2000-10-02 ajSynch with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre8.
2000-09-30 drepperx86 version of function to cache DSOs.
2000-09-29 drepperldconfig cache information for Linux/IA-64.
2000-09-29 drepperAdditional ldconfig functionality to handle 32 and...
2000-09-29 ajProtect DN_* by __USE_GNU.
2000-09-29 ajSynch with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre7.
2000-09-29 ajSynch with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre7.
2000-09-29 drepper(CALL_MCOUNT): Implement.
2000-09-29 drepper(__ia64_syscall): Cleanup.
2000-09-29 drepperFix it so it actually works: call to __sigjmp_save...
2000-09-29 drepperSynch with Linux 2.4.0-test9-pre7.
2000-09-29 ajSupport for fcntl64 in Linux 2.4.x.
2000-09-29 drepperAdd RLIMIT_LOCKS.
2000-09-28 drepperAdd __ASSUME_IPC64, only define it for powerpc for...
2000-09-28 drepperSync with kernel.
2000-09-28 drepperTest for __ASSUME_IPC64, not __ASSUME_32BITUIDS.
2000-09-28 drepperLinux/PPC definitions for SysV shared memory.
2000-09-28 drepperLinux/PPC definitions for SysV semaphores.
2000-09-28 drepperLinux/PPC definitions for SysV message queues.
2000-09-28 drepperFix ucontext structure.
2000-09-28 drepperUse definitions from ucontext.h.
2000-09-28 drepper(F_GETLK64,F_SETLK64,F_SETLKW64): Use values from 2...
2000-09-27 aj(F_SETLKW64, F_GETLK64, F_SETLK64): Update from Linux...
2000-09-27 aj(enum): New flag MS_BIND.
2000-09-27 drepper(CLOCK_P): Remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
2000-09-27 drepper(EXTRA_CLOCK_CASES): Remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
2000-09-27 drepper(EXTRA_CLOCK_CASES): Remove CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
2000-09-26 drepperRemove CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
2000-09-26 drepper(__clone): Check %o1, not %o0 to see if we're parent...
2000-09-26 drepper(__clone): Optimize.
2000-09-26 drepperNot needed anymore.
2000-09-26 drepperLinux/IA-64 vfork implementation.
2000-09-26 drepperLinux/IA-64 fork implementation.
2000-09-26 drepperLinux device number information.
2000-09-26 drepperNot needed.
2000-09-26 drepper(sethostid): Use O_TRUNC to remove possible garbage...
2000-09-26 drepperLinux specific test for open standard streams.
2000-09-19 drepperAdd net/route.h.
2000-09-18 ajAlways define __ASSUME_32BITUIDS for MIPS.
2000-09-18 ajAdd ipc_priv.h.
2000-09-18 ajMIPS specific file. MIPS always had 32 bit uids.
2000-09-18 drepperLinux/PPC definitions for SysV IPC functionality.
2000-09-18 drepperAdd ipc_priv.h.
2000-09-18 drepperAlways define __ASSUME_32BITUIDS for __powerpc__.
2000-09-18 drepper(INLINE_SYSCALL): Fix last patch.
2000-09-17 drepper(INLINE_SYSCALL): Fix last patch.
2000-09-16 drepperCorrect position of st_blocks member in stat and stat64...
2000-09-15 drepper(INLINE_SYSCALL): Add memory clobber.
2000-09-15 drepper(inline_syscall_clobbers): Add memory clobber.
2000-09-14 drepper(DL_SYSDEP_OSCHECK): Change to not use sysctl(). Too...
2000-09-14 drepper(WCHAR_MIN): Define to -2147483647l - 1l.
2000-09-14 drepper(__cmsg_nxthdr): Fix test for no more entries.
2000-09-13 drepper(CLOCKS_PER_SEC): Make a long int constant since this...
2000-09-13 drepperPretty print.
2000-09-12 drepper<net/route.h> file for Linux/IA-64.
2000-09-12 drepperAdd __syscall_getdents64 wrapper.
2000-09-09 ajInclude <string.h> for strncpy prototype.
2000-09-09 drepper(DL_SYSDEP_OSCHECK): Use uname before trying to read...
2000-09-09 drepperMake uname a weak alias of __uname.
2000-09-08 gkm * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/syscalls.list (mincore)...
2000-09-08 aj * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/arm/lockf64.c: New...
2000-09-07 drepper(shmat): Add cast to avoid warning.
2000-09-07 drepper(msgsnd): Add cast to avoid warning.
2000-09-07 drepperLinux/IA-64 specific definitions for time.h.
2000-09-07 drepperFind hostid file in /etc.
2000-09-07 ajAdd prototypes for the syscalls.
2000-09-07 ajFix last checkin.
2000-09-07 ajLinux/MIPS specific lockf64 version.
2000-09-07 ajAdd __syscall_fcntl.
2000-09-07 ajfcntl/fcntl64 for Linux/MIPS.
2000-09-07 ajAdd getdents64.
2000-09-07 aj(SYS_getdents64): New.
2000-09-07 drepperDefine __ASSUME_O_DIRECTORY if kernel knows O_DIRECTORY.
2000-09-07 drepperLinux opendir implementation.
2000-09-07 drepperIf O_DIRECTORY_WORKS is defined don't use the hack...
2000-09-06 drepperMoved to sysdeps gnu.
2000-09-06 aj[$(subdir) = misc]: Use sysdep_headers instead of...
2000-09-05 ajFollow changes for <bits/stat.h>
2000-09-05 ajUse st_pad5.
2000-09-05 schwabNew file.
2000-09-02 ajFixes for fcntl64.
2000-09-01 ajAlways fail, each architecture needs to define its...
2000-09-01 ajLinux/PPC specific version.
2000-09-01 drepperLinux/x86 wchar_t definitions.
2000-09-01 drepperUse *stat64 instead of *stat internally.
2000-08-31 drepperAdd fe_nomask.c.
2000-08-31 drepperAdd olddirent.h.
2000-08-29 drepperPrevent double inclusion.
2000-08-28 drepperProtect against double inclusion.
2000-08-28 ajLinux/S390 specific files.
2000-08-28 ajAdd oldgetrlimit64.
2000-08-28 ajAdd oldgetrlimit64.c.