Use __PMT instead of __P for function pointer.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps / wordsize-32 /
1998-02-15 drepperISO C header with system dependent types.
1998-02-15 drepperAdopt to use stdint.h.
1997-12-28 drepperCorrect handling of sysdep files.
1997-12-22 drepperAdd SCNd8, SCNi8, SCNo8, SCNx8, SCNu*.
1997-12-08 drepperConvert string to maxint number.
1997-12-08 drepperRewrite {str,wcs}to{i,u}max handling. Don't use macros...
1997-12-08 drepperAdd strtoimax, stroumax, wcstoimax, and wcstoumax.
1997-12-05 drepperAdd test for direct inclusion.
1997-12-04 drepperMacros for environment definition os 32bit machines.
1997-11-26 drepperIssue error message if the header is used directly.
1997-11-13 drepper(SIG_ATOMIC_MAX): Correct value.
1997-11-11 drepperInclude <stddef.h> for wchar_t. Define PTRDIFF_{MIN...
1997-10-12 drepperAdd definition of strtoimax and strtoumax plus needed...
1997-08-04 drepperPretty print.
1997-07-06 drepperCorrect values for INTFAST_MIN, INTFAST_MAX, and UINTFA...
1997-06-21 drepper32bit ELF specific definitions.
1997-06-21 drepperMoved to bits/.
1997-06-21 drepperNotice when int8_t and friends are defined and don...
1997-06-13 drepperAdd newline at end of file.
1997-06-12 drepperMakefile to distribute files.
1997-06-12 drepperMakefile to distribute files.
1997-06-03 drepperInclude features.h and use __CONCAT instead of defined...
1997-05-28 drepperCorrect names of ?INT_FAST*_{MAX,MIN} macros.
1997-05-28 drepperCorrect names of unsigned fast and least types.
1997-03-08 drepper*** empty log message ***
1996-06-10 rolandMon Jun 10 06:14:03 1996 Roland McGrath <roland@delas...