Add _dl_function_address.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2001-04-22 drepperAdd _dl_function_address.
2001-04-22 drepper(_dl_function_address): Prototype.
2001-04-21 ajInclude "libc-internal.h" for __get_clockfreq declaration.
2001-04-21 drepperHandle thread CPU clock separately by calling __pthread...
2001-04-21 drepperi586+ implementation of clock_settime.
2001-04-21 drepperExport _dl_cpuclock_offset from ld.
2001-04-21 drepperx86 code to initialize CPU clocks.
2001-04-21 drepperInclude cpuclock-init.h. Use CPUCLOCK_VARDEF and CPUCL...
2001-04-21 drepperGeneric code to initialize CPU clocks.
2001-04-20 drepperArcsine implementation for IEEE 128-bit long double.
2001-04-20 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/libm-test-ulps: Update.
2001-04-20 drepper(NGREG, NFPREG, gregset): Correct for new kernel defini...
2001-04-20 drepper(CALL_MCOUNT): Update comment.
2001-04-20 drepper(LDFLAGS-c_pic.os): Define.
2001-04-20 drepperChange dlt reg save to r3 and generate unwind info...
2001-04-20 drepper(__mmap64): Optimize a bit.
2001-04-19 roland2001-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
2001-04-19 roland2001-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
2001-04-19 roland2001-04-19 Roland McGrath <>
2001-04-19 drepper(INLINE_SYSCALL): Change to return a signed result...
2001-04-19 drepper(__ASSUME_32BITUIDS): HPPA always had them.
2001-04-19 aj(__ieee754_sqrt): Remove unused variables b and n.
2001-04-19 drepper(ucontext_t): Add uc_stack and uc_sigmask, rename old...
2001-04-19 drepper(__getcontext): Save uc_link around trap. Copy __uc_sig...
2001-04-19 drepper(__setcontext): Copy first word of uc_sigmask into...
2001-04-19 dreppermakecontext definition for Linux/SPARC64.
2001-04-19 drepperswapcontext definition for Linux/SPARC64.
2001-04-19 drepperDefinitions to access ucontext_t struct.
2001-04-19 drepperUpdate errors.
2001-04-19 ajFix typos in last patch.
2001-04-19 ajFix typos in last patch.
2001-04-18 drepper(__get_clockfreq): Handle kernels which report only...
2001-04-18 drepperMaximum error for atan2f is 4.
2001-04-18 drepperAdjust error values for atan2f.
2001-04-18 drepperSome more adjustments after the last changes in libm...
2001-04-17 drepperAdjust result for higher precision results.
2001-04-17 drepperUpdate for new atan2 tests.
2001-04-17 drepperCorrect little fallout from the increased precision...
2001-04-17 drepperAdjust for increased precision in result of several...
2001-04-17 drepper(__ieee754_logl): Make sure desired exceptions are...
2001-04-17 drepper(pio2_hi, pio2_lo, pio4_hi): Correct the values.
2001-04-17 dreppertan implementation for 128-bit long double.
2001-04-17 roland2001-04-16 Roland McGrath <>
2001-04-14 drepperatan implementation for 128-bit long double.
2001-04-13 drepperAdd __pad0 to explicitly pad struct siginfo instead...
2001-04-13 drepperAdd elf/entry.h.
2001-04-12 drepper(elf_machine_load_address): Calculate load address...
2001-04-11 drepperAdd unwind directives. Drop superfluous restore of...
2001-04-11 drepperAdd unwind directives.
2001-04-11 drepperAdd unwind directives.
2001-04-11 drepperDrop superfluous "alloc".
2001-04-11 aj[__ASSEMBLY__]: Define it.
2001-04-11 schwabAdjusted.
2001-04-11 drepperStack information for Arm.
2001-04-11 drepper(fexcept_t): Change default type from struct to unsigne...
2001-04-11 drepperUse the standard DL_FIND_ARG_COMPONENTS if __ASSUME_STD...
2001-04-11 drepper(__ASSUME_STD_AUXV): Define for newer powerpc kernels.
2001-04-11 drepper(_dl_show_auxv): Print new AT_* values.
2001-04-11 drepperStack information for SH.
2001-04-11 drepperAdd deltas for tgamma to help the lousy AMD FPU.
2001-04-11 drepperCorrect typedefs.
2001-04-11 drepperDelete wrong stuff.
2001-04-11 drepperAdd sys/ptrace.h.
2001-04-11 drepperptrace definitions for Linux/PPC.
2001-04-10 drepperUndo last change.
2001-04-10 drepperExport __libc_ia64_register_backing_store_base.
2001-04-10 drepperFix allocation of __libc_ia64_register_backing_store_base.
2001-04-10 drepperDon't declare ENTRY_POINT. Use ENTRY_POINT instead...
2001-04-10 drepper[!__ASSEMBLY__]: Declare __start.
2001-04-10 drepper[!__ASSEMBLY__]: Declare _start.
2001-04-10 drepper(_start): Add unwind directives.
2001-04-10 drepperEntry code definition for IA-64/ELF.
2001-04-10 drepperSkip setcontext call by changing the saved context.
2001-04-10 drepperFix return value of setcontext.
2001-04-10 drepperFix return value of getcontext.
2001-04-10 drepperStack information for IA-64.
2001-04-10 drepperStack information for Alpha.
2001-04-10 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/e_pow.c: Correct handling of some...
2001-04-10 drepperExtra files to distribute for SPARC64.
2001-04-10 drepperAdd hp-timing.c.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific memory copying code.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific low-level definitions.
2001-04-10 dreppersetjmp implementation on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperMacros to help memusage program on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperDefinitions for efficient copying on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperProfiling definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperStartup code for ELF binaries on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific part of ELF dynamic loader.
2001-04-10 drepper<string.h> optimizations for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper<stejmp.h> definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper<endian.h> definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper_mcount implementation for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper__longjmp implementation for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperAdditional make rules for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperOther implied directories to use.
2001-04-10 drepperExtra files to distribute for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperBuild hp-timing.
2001-04-10 drepperBuild hp-timing.
2001-04-10 drepperHigh-precision timer access code for SPARC/64-bit.
2001-04-10 drepperDefinition for high-precision timer access code for...