Remove nsl_misc.c
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2009-01-13 David BartleyRemove nsl_misc.c
2009-01-13 David BartleyFix access(X_OK) for super-user
2009-01-12 David BartleyMove some 32-bit x86 code into the common x86 directory
2009-01-12 David BartleyMake ssh work (fixes in openpty and ptsname)
2009-01-12 David BartleyFix type cast bug
2009-01-12 David BartleyFix recvmsg; also fix minor cast errors
2009-01-12 David BartleyAdd cmsg_nxthdr.c
2009-01-12 David BartleyPass SOV_XPG4_2 and MSG_XPG4_2 everywhere
2009-01-11 David BartleyPass MSG_XPG4_2 down to the kernel in sendmsg.c
2009-01-11 David BartleyFix euidaccess (test -x)
2009-01-11 David BartleyDefine NAME_MAX for compatibility reasons
2009-01-11 David BartleyFix typo
2009-01-11 David BartleyMake (struct dirent).d_name length 256 for compatibility
2009-01-08 David BartleyForward declare and cleanup some internal get*_r functions
2009-01-08 David BartleyDefine gnu_dev_* for compatibility
2009-01-08 David BartleyRevert "Add fchmodat.c submitted by Robert Millan"
2009-01-08 David BartleyAdd _CMSG_HDR_ALIGN to bits/socket.h
2009-01-07 David BartleyMinor comment fix
2009-01-07 David BartleyAdd sys/mkdev.h
2009-01-07 David BartleyFix makedev/major/minor bug
2009-01-07 David BartleyMove rtld_db.h
2009-01-04 David BartleyUse the mknod syscall instead of the deprecated xmknod one
2009-01-04 David BartleyRemove ABS, MAX, and MIN - they cause more problems...
2009-01-04 David BartleyUTMPX_FILE and WTMPX_FILE are already defined in paths.h
2009-01-04 David BartleyImplement more sun nss db stubs and file parsers
2009-01-04 David BartleyRemove sun nss compat code (moved to libsun)
2009-01-04 David BartleyImplement x86_64 version of syscall.S (untested)
2009-01-04 David BartleyUndo __systemcall fix; actual bug is in port.c
2009-01-04 David BartleyForward declare *_r functions
2009-01-04 David BartleyFix xmknod in syscalls.list
2009-01-04 David BartleyAdd ut_* from bits/utmp.h to bits/utmpx.h
2009-01-04 David BartleyAdd LOGNAME_MAX to bits/local_lim.h
2009-01-04 David BartleyExport sys_errlist and sys_nerr for compatibility
2009-01-04 David BartleyRemove more __USE_SUN macros
2009-01-04 David BartleyFix bug in __systemcall
2009-01-03 David BartleyFix xmknod
2008-12-27 David BartleyMake sure NODEV on LP64 is set correctly
2008-12-27 David BartleyMinor indent fix in sys/sysmacros.h
2008-12-27 David BartleyDon't remove AT_* definitions from fcntl.h but allow...
2008-12-26 David BartleyFix _ttyname_dev
2008-12-26 David BartleyAdd fchmodat.c submitted by Robert Millan
2008-12-25 David BartleyRemove sun compat bits
2008-11-05 David BartleyMagic
2008-10-07 David BartleyMore stuff
2008-10-05 David BartleyMore stuff
2008-10-05 David BartleyCheck return of pthread_cond_timedwait in lio_listio.c
2008-10-04 David BartleyMore stuff
2008-09-29 David BartleyHeader fixes; remove swapon/swapoff and sys/swap.h
2008-09-28 David BartleyMore madness
2008-09-28 David BartleyFix sys/feature_tests.h
2008-09-27 David BartleyMore fixes
2008-09-27 David BartleyPolar bears
2008-09-27 David BartleyEven more magic
2008-09-27 David BartleyMore magic
2008-09-27 David BartleyAdd bits/types.h
2008-09-27 David BartleyMagic
2008-09-25 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-25 David BartleyFix ttyname
2008-09-23 David BartleyMore stuff
2008-09-22 David BartleyLots of magic
2008-09-21 David BartleyFixes
2008-09-21 David Bartleynss fixes
2008-09-21 David BartleyImplement more nss stuff
2008-09-21 David BartleyImplement __init_suid_priv
2008-09-21 David BartleyAdd stuff to Versions
2008-09-21 David BartleyBug fix
2008-09-21 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-21 David BartleyImplmement rctl_walk
2008-09-21 David BartleyMore compat stuff
2008-09-21 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David Bartleymkdev.c needs sys/param.h
2008-09-20 David BartleyLots of fixes
2008-09-20 David BartleyAdd/fix more headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyAdd thr_sighndlrinfo to Makefile
2008-09-20 David BartleyImplement lots of stuff
2008-09-20 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyCall closedir in fdwalk
2008-09-20 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyImplement sigsend and sigsendset
2008-09-20 David BartleyImplmement getipnodebyname and co.
2008-09-20 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyDon't install sys/task.h
2008-09-20 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-20 David BartleyAllow null format in strftime
2008-09-19 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-19 David BartleyPut ifndef/endif block around MIN/MAX
2008-09-19 David BartleyRemove deflt.h
2008-09-19 David BartleyAdd ipsecalg.c
2008-09-19 David BartleyImplement defcntlt
2008-09-19 David BartleyFix headers
2008-09-19 David BartleyImplement fdwalk and closefrom
2008-09-19 David BartleyBug fixes
2008-09-18 David BartleyBug fix
2008-09-18 David BartleyFixes
2008-09-18 David BartleyImplmement getvfsent and co.
2008-09-18 David BartleyFixes
2008-09-18 David BartleyLots of fixes
2008-09-18 David BartleyMinor refactoring in zone.c
2008-09-18 David BartleyImplement makedevice