Support strange mixed-endian double format used by ARM systems.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
1998-06-01 drepperUse ((__unused__)) instead of ((unused)).
1998-06-01 drepperFix typo.
1998-06-01 drepper(__jmp_buf): Remove floating-point support.
1998-06-01 drepperjmpbuf definition for ARM with FPU.
1998-06-01 drepperARM implementation of feholdexcept.
1998-06-01 drepperUse C_SYMBOL_NAME when referring to errno and _errno.
1998-06-01 drepperUse the `before-compile' target in order to build heade...
1998-05-29 drepperUse __ASSEMBLER__ test macro not ASSEMBLER.
1998-05-29 drepper(__wait4): Use ANSI-style definition so that transparen...
1998-05-27 drepperFix comment.
1998-05-25 drepperReconstruct.
1998-05-25 drepper($(common-objpfx)stamp-errnos): Use $(move-if-change).
1998-05-25 drepperCorrectly renamed.
1998-05-25 drepper(ERR_REMAP): Use err_get_code instead of a raw bitmask.
1998-05-25 drepper(__strerror_r): Don't return NULL pointers - return...
1998-05-24 drepperSet exception bits in Arm FPU.
1998-05-21 drepperDefinitions for FPU handling header.
1998-05-21 drepperFP CW and SW handling for Arm.
1998-05-21 drepperReplace stub file with real implementation.
1998-05-21 rth * sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/alpha/glob.c: Include...
1998-05-20 drepperMissed double occurences of "the the" in one line ...
1998-05-20 drepperProtect against GNU C extension.
1998-05-19 drepper(__strstr_g): Initialize %edx correctly.
1998-05-19 drepperCorrect handling of arguments.
1998-05-19 drepperFix the "the the" problems.
1998-05-19 drepper(syscall_error): Use C_SYMBOL_NAME for a.out compatibility.
1998-05-19 drepper(ALIGNARG): ELF .align directive uses a log, not a...
1998-05-19 drepperSupport both big and little endian processors.
1998-05-18 drepper(TIMEOUT): New macro.
1998-05-15 drepper(setenv): Remove optimization for overwriting existing...
1998-05-15 drepperUse __tfind and __tsearch, not tfind and
1998-05-15 drepper(AF_SNA,PF_SNA): Add new defines from Linux 2.1.102.
1998-05-14 drepperPrevent unnecessary memory leaks.
1998-05-14 drepperUse __setenv and __unsetenv, not setenv and unsetenv.
1998-05-12 drepperWrapper around current code to convert from and back...
1998-05-12 drepperWrapper around generic code to add version information.
1998-05-12 drepperCompile oldglob in posix subdir.
1998-05-12 drepperAdd oldglob.c.
1998-05-12 drepperglob(3) implementation.
1998-05-12 drepper(__profil): Don't define act and timer variables as...
1998-05-11 rthDon't mark pread and pwrite as EXTRA.
1998-05-11 rth(sysdep_routines): Remove statfs and fstatfs.
1998-05-08 drepper(DL_FIND_ARG_COMPONENTS): Find correct alignment for...
1998-05-08 drepperFind move-if-change in scripts.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd capset and capget syscalls.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd sys/kernel_termios.h.
1998-05-08 drepper[subdir=elf]: Define sysdep-others, not others.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd ldd-rewrite.sed.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd utmpx.h and bits/utmpx.h.
1998-05-08 drepperDon't use unsigned char * unless really necessary since...
1998-05-07 drepper(_JMPBUF_UNWINDS): Define.
1998-05-07 drepperUse long long int also for test in __pow2 implementation.
1998-05-06 drepperRemove syscall.h
1998-05-06 drepperStartup code for Linux/PPC.
1998-05-06 drepperUse result of test for broken gcc.
1998-05-06 drepperReduce the number of branches.
1998-05-06 drepperCorrectly shift double word.
1998-05-06 drepper(pow): Use long long int for test for integer.
1998-05-06 drepperSolaris specific error numbers.
1998-05-06 drepperUndefine EILSEQ before including linux/errno.h.
1998-05-06 drepperSolaris2 specific type definitions.
1998-05-06 drepperAdd LFS support and use correct types overall.
1998-05-04 drepperAvoid nasty relocations.
1998-05-04 drepperUse memcpy to copy the c_cc array.
1998-05-04 drepperUse memcpy to copy the c_cc array.
1998-05-04 dreppersigstach structure definitions. Linux version.
1998-05-04 dreppersigstach structure definitions. generic version.
1998-05-01 drepperDon't include kernel headers.
1998-04-30 drepper(PSEUDO): On error, call __syscall_error rather than...
1998-04-30 dreppermmap syscall interface for Linux/ARM.
1998-04-30 drepperStartup file for ARM.
1998-04-30 drepperFix off by one error.
1998-04-29 drepper(WEAKADDR): Add missing semicolon.
1998-04-29 drepperAdd SIGCLD definition.
1998-04-28 drepper(semctl): Define own union semun and use stdarg macros...
1998-04-28 drepperDon't use union semun.
1998-04-28 drepperDon"t define union semun. Define macro _SEM_SEMUN_UNDE...
1998-04-27 drepper[$(subdirs)=misc] (sysdep_routines): Add s_pread64...
1998-04-27 drepperLike sysdeps/posix/ttyname*.c, but look in /dev/pts...
1998-04-27 drepper(s_getcwd, s_getdents, s_pread64, s_pwrite64, s_reboot...
1998-04-27 drepperFix off-by-one bug in second argument of _itoa_word.
1998-04-27 drepper(sysdep_routines): Remove s_pread64 and s_pwrite64.
1998-04-24 drepper(ftruncate): Make __ftruncate the strong symbol, and...
1998-04-24 drepper(ftruncate): Make __ftruncate the strong symbol, and...
1998-04-24 rthDon't check against SP.
1998-04-24 drepperAdd #define for enum values.
1998-04-24 drepperLFS readdir implementation for Hurd.
1998-04-24 drepperLFS readdir implementation for Hurd.
1998-04-24 drepperChange occurances of `cd dir; cmd' to `cd dir && cmd'.
1998-04-24 drepperFix typo.
1998-04-23 rth(_JMPBUF_UNWINDS): Added.
1998-04-22 drepper(_JMPBUF_UNWINDS): Compare addresses as pointers, not...
1998-04-22 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/bits/setjmp.h (_JMPBUF_UNWINDS): Added.
1998-04-21 drepperRegenerated from ../sysdeps/gnu/errlist.awk ../manual...
1998-04-21 drepperWrapper to generate usable errlist arrays for Hurd.
1998-04-21 drepperAdd errlist.c to distribution.
1998-04-21 drepper(ERR_REMAP): Implement error code to array index transl...
1998-04-21 drepperInvoke awk using AWK variable.
1998-04-21 drepperHandle _dl__hwcap correctly.
1998-04-20 drepperUpdate.