(gaih_inet): Recognize all the IPv4 numeric address formats inet_addr knows.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2004-08-05 drepper(gaih_inet): Recognize all the IPv4 numeric address...
2004-07-31 drepper(memcpy): Optimize
2004-07-30 rth * sysdeps/alpha/divq.S: Save t3 before it gets...
2004-07-27 roland2004-07-26 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-07-26 drepper(__ifreq): Assign pointer for new buffer at the right...
2004-07-26 drepperStub setsourcefilter implementation.
2004-07-26 drepperStub setipv4sourcefilter implementation.
2004-07-26 drepperStub getsourcefilter implementation.
2004-07-26 drepperStub of getipv4sourcefilter implementation.
2004-07-26 drepperCompatibility code must have version GLIBC_2.0.
2004-07-25 drepperImprove instruction scheduling for POWER4 machines.
2004-07-21 ajAdd semtimedop.
2004-07-20 roland2004-07-20 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-07-20 aj($(objpfx)syscall-%.h): Sort by syscalls. Make sure...
2004-07-20 aj Use standard names for ABI macros, include sgidefs...
2004-07-20 aj(__dl_runtime_resolve): Update to use _dl_lookup_symbol_x.
2004-07-20 drepperMore comments.
2004-07-20 drepperDefine MCAST_INCLUDE and MCAST_EXCLUDE.
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_powl): Don't generate invalid exception...
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_pow): Don't generate invalid exception if...
2004-07-20 drepper(__ieee754_powf): Don't generate invalid exception...
2004-07-18 drepperRemove symbol _fp_hw.
2004-07-18 drepperCast first argument of __sync_bool_compare_and_swap_si...
2004-07-16 drepper[SHARED && !IS_IN_rtld]: Copy TOC save area from previo...
2004-07-16 drepper[SHARED && !IS_IN_rtld]: Store R2 in TOC save area.
2004-07-16 drepper[SHARED && !IS_IN_rtld]: Store R2 from jmpbuf in caller...
2004-07-16 drepper(__fcntl_nocancel): Define to
2004-07-16 drepper(__fcntl_nocancel):
2004-07-16 drepper(__fcntl_nocancel): Remove
2004-07-16 drepper(_start): Use @GOT instead of @GOTOFF for main.
2004-07-14 drepperDon't reset _dl_starting_up here.
2004-07-13 roland2004-07-12 Paul Eggert <eggert@cs.ucla.edu>
2004-07-10 drepper(elf_machine_rel): Mark with always_inline attribute.
2004-07-10 drepperDefine PROCINFO_CALLS only if not already defined.
2004-07-10 drepperAdd alias for internal symbol.
2004-07-10 drepperAdd libc_hidden_def.
2004-07-10 drepperAdd libc_hidden_def.
2004-07-10 drepperOnly define PROCINFO_CLASS if it is not already defined.
2004-07-09 drepperShuffle #includes around.
2004-07-09 drepper(__fcntl_nocancel): Move attribute to the front for...
2004-07-07 roland2004-07-06 Thorsten Kukuk <kukuk@suse.de>
2004-07-06 drepperDon't rest _dl_starting_up here.
2004-07-06 drepperIf compiled for ld.so, omit code which is needed to...
2004-07-06 drepperRegenerated.
2004-07-06 drepperDefine HAVE_INLINED_SYSCALLS.
2004-07-06 drepperIf compiled without cancellation support, make sure...
2004-07-06 drepperInline readlink syscall.
2004-07-06 drepperRegenerated.
2004-07-05 drepper(ffs): Add libc_hidden_builtin_def.
2004-07-05 drepper(__novmx__setjmp): Change
2004-07-05 drepper(__longjmp): Use strong_alias instead of default_symbol...
2004-07-05 drepper(__sigjmp_save): Remove.
2004-07-05 drepper(__sigjmp_save): Use strong_alias unconditionally.
2004-07-05 drepper(__libc_longjmp, __libc_siglongjmp): Export @@GLIBC_PRI...
2004-07-05 drepper(__libc_longjmp, __libc_siglongjmp): Remove symbol_version.
2004-07-04 drepper(glob64): Use libc_hidden_ver instead of libc_hidden_def.
2004-07-02 roland2004-07-01 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-07-01 drepperAdd ieee754/dbl-64 and ieee754/flt-32.
2004-07-01 drepperRemove ieee754, move ieee754/dbl-64 and ieee754/flt...
2004-07-01 dreppersqrtf implementation for s390 with FPU.
2004-07-01 dreppersqrt for s390 with FPU.
2004-07-01 drepper[__LIBC_INTERNAL_MATH_INLINES]
2004-07-01 drepper(glob64): Add libc_hidden_def.
2004-07-01 drepperInline math functions for s390.
2004-07-01 drepper(thread_start): DO_CALL (exit, 1) instead of branching...
2004-07-01 drepperInclude tls.h.
2004-07-01 drepperUpdate for GCC 3.4.
2004-06-30 dreppertrunc implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 dreppertruncf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperround implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperroundf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperrint implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperrintf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperlround implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperlroundf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperlrint implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperNot needed anymore.
2004-06-30 drepperfloor implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperfloorf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperceil implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperceilf implementation for ppc32.
2004-06-30 drepperNot needed anymore.
2004-06-30 drepperNot needed anymore.
2004-06-30 drepperAdd netlinkaccess.h.
2004-06-30 drepper(if_nameindex): Implement using netlink if possible...
2004-06-30 drepperExport netlink handling functions.
2004-06-30 drepperDefinitions for shared netlink access functions.
2004-06-30 drepperUse __truncate, not truncate.
2004-06-30 drepperAlso define __truncate.
2004-06-29 drepper(SYSCALL_ERROR_HANDLER): Fix branch offset for a PLT...
2004-06-29 drepper(if_nameindex): Use extend_alloca.
2004-06-29 roland2004-06-19 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2004-06-28 drepper[BZ #230]
2004-06-28 drepper[BZ #231]
2004-06-28 drepper(inline_syscall6): Fix a typo.
2004-06-27 drepper(F_GETLK, F_SETLK, F_SETLKW): Fix values for -m32 ...
2004-06-27 drepperMoved to ppc32 subdir.
2004-06-27 drepperMoved to ppc32 subdir.
2004-06-27 drepperlockf32 for ppc32/Linux.