(nis_getnames): Add trailing dot to NIS_PATH components which lack them.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2006-10-10 roland2006-10-10 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2006-10-10 drepperInclude <rtld-lowlevel.h>.
2006-10-10 drepperDefine atomic_and and atomic_or. Various cleanups.
2006-10-10 drepperDefine atomic_and and atomic_or. Various cleanups.
2006-10-10 drepperStub version of lowlevel primitives for ld.so.
2006-10-02 drepperInclude errno.h, signal.h, unistd.h and sysdep-cancel.h.
2006-10-02 drepper(match_prefix): Make mask and val variables const to...
2006-09-25 drepperInclude i386/fchownat.c.
2006-09-25 drepper(fchownat): Handle only fchownat syscall and __ASSUME_3...
2006-09-25 drepper(fchownat): Handle only fchownat syscall and __ASSUME_L...
2006-09-25 drepperUpdated.
2006-09-25 drepper(__lrintl): Fix 2 typos.
2006-09-24 drepper(rfc3484_sort): Implement rule 4, home addresses.
2006-09-24 drepper(make_request): Recognize IFA_F_HOMEADDRESS flag for...
2006-09-22 drepper(__longjmp): Use PTR_MANGLE3 and PTR_DEMANGLE3.
2006-09-22 drepper(PTR_MANGLE3, PTR_DEMANGLE3): Define.
2006-09-20 drepperCorrect rounding of values near to 0.
2006-09-20 drepper(__makecontext): Cast sp to unsigned long to avoid...
2006-09-18 drepper(PT_GETEVENTMSG): Fix pasto.
2006-09-17 drepper(register_dump): Don't write '\0' to the fd.
2006-09-17 drepper(register_dump): Don't write '\0' to the fd.
2006-09-17 drepperRewritten.
2006-09-17 drepperComment fixes.
2006-09-15 drepper_DL_HWCAP_FIRST): Decrease.
2006-09-15 drepper(_dl_powerpc_cap_flags): Add 4 new cap
2006-09-09 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Ensure relocation doesn't clobber...
2006-09-07 drepper(__lrint): Don't access stack below r1.
2006-08-30 drepper(splice): Add offin and offout arguments to the prototype.
2006-08-30 drepper(splice): Adjust args string.
2006-08-24 drepper(_dl_ppc64_addr_sym_match): For undefined symbol requir...
2006-08-24 drepper(DL_ADDR_SYM_MATCH): For undefined symbol require exact...
2006-08-24 drepperPretty printing.
2006-08-24 drepper(__bswap_32): Use same conditions as in the x86-64...
2006-08-21 drepperFix compilation if __ASSUME_ATFCTS is defined.
2006-08-15 drepperUse sysdeps/posix/pause.c implementation.
2006-08-15 dreppernice): Transform EACCES errno from setpriority to EPERM.
2006-08-14 drepper(_dl_runtime_resolve): Don't clobber caller's LRSAVE.
2006-08-13 drepperAdd code to use syscall for CPU clocks.
2006-08-13 drepperAdd support for platform-specific setting of CPU clocks.
2006-08-12 drepper(UINT8_C, UINT16_C): Don't append 'U', since C99 requir...
2006-08-08 drepper(O_DIRECT): Protect with __USE_GNU.
2006-08-08 drepperUpdate.
2006-08-08 drepper(fchownat): Use fchownat syscall if available.
2006-08-03 drepperChange return value to ssize_t.
2006-08-03 drepperDon't define OLD_HOSTIDFILE and don't try to open it...
2006-08-01 drepperUndo last patch.
2006-08-01 drepperRemove add_key, request_key, keyctl.
2006-08-01 drepperFinally add add_key, request_key, and keyctl back.
2006-08-01 drepperRemove unnecessary include.
2006-07-31 roland2006-07-30 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2006-07-31 roland2006-07-30 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2006-07-29 drepperDefine __ASSUME_FUTEX_LOCK_PI.
2006-07-26 drepperFix comment.
2006-07-10 drepperAdjust _dl_name_match_p prototype.
2006-06-04 drepper(__spawni): Use local_seteuid and local_setegid instead...
2006-06-04 drepperDefinition of special setxid functions which only have...
2006-06-04 drepper(__spawni): Use non-cancelable interfaces.
2006-05-30 drepper(gaiconf_init): Initialize bits in the correct place.
2006-05-19 drepper(__netlink_sendreq): Make sure no uninitialized memory...
2006-05-18 drepperAdd unique labels to the default RFC3484 precedence...
2006-05-17 drepperDefine IN_CLOSE, IN_MOVE, IN_ONLYDIR, IN_DONT_FOLLOW...
2006-05-15 drepperMark __have_no_getdents64 as hidden.
2006-05-15 drepperInclude sys/param.h.
2006-05-10 drepper(__tcgetattr): Only store results if the call was succe...
2006-05-10 drepperRemove inadvertently added debug code.
2006-05-09 drepper(gaih_inet): Free canon string if list allocation fails.
2006-05-09 drepper(getifaddrs): Parameter can be assumed to always be...
2006-05-07 drepperRemove support for non-core architectures.
2006-05-06 drepper(make_request): Make sure that unused memory passed...
2006-05-05 drepperDefine SPLICE_F_*.
2006-05-05 drepperReplace pc relative relocation by a GOT relocation...
2006-05-05 drepperAdd support for six system call parameters.
2006-05-04 drepperImplement configuration file handling. /etc/gai.conf...
2006-05-02 drepperFix MADV_REMOVE value.
2006-05-02 drepper(execute_cfa_program): Fix typo.
2006-05-02 drepperMake usable outside libc.
2006-05-02 drepper(execute_cfa_program): Print error message for invalid...
2006-04-30 drepper(gaih_inet): Add missing parenthesis in test.
2006-04-27 drepperProtect against multiple inclusion.
2006-04-27 drepperAllow inclusion from <fcntl.h>.
2006-04-26 drepperDeclare vmsplice.
2006-04-26 drepperAdd vmsplice.
2006-04-26 drepperExport vmsplice@@GLIBC_2.5.
2006-04-26 drepperFix a typo in a comment.
2006-04-26 drepper(getaddrinfo): Fix typo which caused bugs not to be...
2006-04-25 drepperTest for clone error handling.
2006-04-25 drepper[subdir=misc] (tests): Add tst-clone.
2006-04-25 drepperCheck for NULL stakc pointers to match other architectures.
2006-04-24 drepper(getaddrinfo): Always initialize in6ai.
2006-04-24 drepper(sync_file_range): Use __LONG_LONG_PAIR macro.
2006-04-24 drepper(readlinkat): Add libc_hidden_def.
2006-04-23 drepper(sigset): Return correct value reflecting previous...
2006-04-19 drepperCleanups. Avoid compatibility code is possible. Move...
2006-04-19 drepperDefine __ASSUME_PROC_SELF_FD_SYMLINK.