Add more cfi magic to some .S files
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2008-08-28 David BartleyAdd more cfi magic to some .S files
2008-08-28 David BartleyAdd libc_freeres_ptr around global in priv.c
2008-08-28 David BartleyFix configure/
2008-08-27 David BartleySet use_ldconfig in configure
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd more to sys/corectl.h
2008-08-27 David BartleyUse syscall/__systemcall instead of *_SYSCALL macros...
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd additional functions to Versions
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd more headers
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd some zone functions to zone.h
2008-08-27 David BartleyInstall more headers
2008-08-27 David BartleyFix ttyname/ttyname_r
2008-08-27 David BartleyAdd new headers and fix up some old ones
2008-08-27 David BartleyFix up some headers
2008-08-26 David BartleyUpdate comments in if_index.c
2008-08-26 David BartleyNo need for hidden def for clock_settime
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd gethrtime and gethrvtime
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd ifreq.c
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd PSEUDO_FASTTRAP to sysdep.h
2008-08-26 David Bartleyclock_settime needs to be in a .S file
2008-08-26 David BartleyFix formatting in net/if.h
2008-08-26 David BartleyClarify comments in brk.c
2008-08-26 David BartleyFix if_index.c
2008-08-26 David BartleyFix clock_nanosleep and clock_settime
2008-08-26 David BartleyFormatting fixes
2008-08-26 David BartleyAdd LIBC_CANCEL_HANDLED to some files
2008-08-26 David BartleyImplement fdatasync
2008-08-26 David BartleyRemove empty pollsys.h
2008-08-26 David BartleyMake tcsetattr.c clearer
2008-08-26 David BartleyFormatting fix
2008-08-26 David BartleyFix formatting
2008-08-26 David BartleyFix NCCS and add comment in tcsetattr.c
2008-08-25 David Bartleyunlink does not return EISDIR (but does return EPERM)
2008-08-23 David BartleyNo need to define PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX
2008-08-23 David BartleyFormatting fix in sys/syscall.h
2008-08-23 David BartleyRemove debug prints from sched_priv.c
2008-08-22 David BartleyImplement getustack and setustack
2008-08-22 David BartleyDon't call the priocntlsys syscall directly
2008-08-22 David BartleyInstall sys/bufmod.h and sys/types32.h
2008-08-22 David Bartleystropts.h defines t_uscalar_t so we can't define it...
2008-08-22 David BartleyAdd sys/bufmod.h (used by things like libpcap)
2008-08-22 David BartleyFix up some sys/bits headers
2008-08-21 David BartleyRefactor getpriority.c/setpriority.c
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement thr_yield
2008-08-21 David BartleyEnsure that signals are blocked when __sigaction is...
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd P_* p_online flags
2008-08-21 David BartleyAdd some macros to sys/priv.h
2008-08-21 David BartleyImplement additional sysconf values
2008-08-20 David BartleyAdd getsysstats.c
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix NSIG in bits/signum.h
2008-08-20 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of /users/dtbartle/opensolaris...
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix sigaltstack
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix typo in bits/regset.h
2008-08-20 David BartleyMore x86 Implies magic
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix __prmask and __prword
2008-08-20 David BartleyAdd x86 directory for common x86 32-bit and 64-bit...
2008-08-20 David BartleyMove opensolaris-gnu to kopensolaris-gnu
2008-08-20 David BartleyMake uname return GNU/kOpenSolaris
2008-08-20 David BartleyImplement opensolaris-specific system hooks
2008-08-20 David BartleyAdd sys/reg.h (just includes sys/regset.h)
2008-08-20 David BartleyDefine more stuff in sys/fault.h and sys/procfs.h
2008-08-20 David BartleyFix typo in bits/siginfo.h
2008-08-18 David BartleyFix typo in bits/fcntl.h
2008-08-18 David BartleyAdd cfi magic
2008-08-18 David BartleySome syscalls should be cancellation points
2008-08-18 David BartleyUse lwp_sigmask to block signals (this blocks SIGCANCEL...
2008-08-18 David BartleyRefactor rval_t
2008-08-17 David BartleyMisc. fixes
2008-08-15 David BartleyCleanup getpriority/setpriority
2008-08-14 David BartleyAdd EOWNERDEAD and ENOTRECOVERABLE to errno.h
2008-08-14 David BartleyCleanup send*.c
2008-08-14 David BartleyImplement a bunch of sched_* calls
2008-08-14 David BartleyRewrite MSG_NOSIGNAL emulation to be simpler and more...
2008-08-14 David Bartleyposix_fallocate64 should use flock64
2008-08-14 David BartleyDon't initialize result to 0 in sigaction.c
2008-08-13 David BartleyImplement pset_* and swapctl
2008-08-13 David BartleyIncrement copyright date in ldsodefs.h
2008-08-13 David BartleyFix return in getloadavg
2008-08-13 David BartleyFix some values in bits/fcntl.h
2008-08-13 David BartleyAdd include guard to sys/acl.h
2008-08-12 David BartleyFix lseek64 return
2008-08-12 David BartleyDon't return value in void function __sighandler
2008-08-12 David BartleyMake sigaction async-cancel safe
2008-08-12 David BartleyRemove old at-func code
2008-08-12 David Bartleyucred.h needs sys/priv.h
2008-08-11 David BartleyCommit sysdeps
2008-08-11 David BartleyCommit base patch
2007-10-19 jakub2007-10-06 David S. Miller <>
2007-10-18 jakub * sysdeps/x86_64/memset.S (bzero): Renamed to __bzero... glibc-2_7
2007-10-17 roland2007-10-17 Roland McGrath <>
2007-10-17 drepperDefine F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC.
2007-10-17 drepper(getaddrinfo): When sorting addresses and admin selects...
2007-10-17 drepperComment out code added in support of new memset.
2007-10-17 drepperImplement bzero unconditionally here.
2007-10-17 drepperRevert to old version for now. The cost is too high...
2007-10-16 drepperRegenerated: autoconf sysdeps/i386/elf/
2007-10-16 drepperRegenerated: autoconf sysdeps/x86_64/elf/
2007-10-16 jakub * sysdeps/x86_64/memset.S (memset): Fix sse2_nt_move
2007-10-16 jakub * sysdeps/x86_64/memset.S: Jump from bzero to memset...
2007-10-16 drepperRewritten.
2007-10-16 drepper(__x86_64_preferred_memory_instruction): New.