Add sysdep-cancel.h.
[kopensolaris-gnu/glibc.git] / sysdeps /
2003-02-21 drepperAdd sysdep-cancel.h.
2003-02-21 drepper__errno_location implementation for Hurd.
2003-02-21 drepper(tcsetattr): Remove obsolete patch to check for system...
2003-02-20 drepper(init_iosys): Yield ENODEV on unknown systems.
2003-02-20 drepper(bits/utmpx.h): Delete.
2003-02-20 drepper(kernel_stat.h): Delete.
2003-02-20 drepperAdd fe_nomask.c.
2003-02-20 drepper(fe_nomask.c): Move to powerpc32/Dist.
2003-02-20 drepperExtra files to distribute for powerpc/nofpu.
2003-02-20 drepper(sim-full.c, fenv_const.c): Move to ../nofpu/Dist.
2003-02-20 drepperAvoid short interprocedure branches.
2003-02-20 drepperUse prctl if possible.
2003-02-20 drepper(__ASSUME_NEW_PRCTL_SYSCALL): Defined for ppc32 too.
2003-02-20 drepperRemove compiler workaround.
2003-02-20 drepper(HIDDEN_JUMPTARGET): Redefine.
2003-02-20 drepper(INLINE_SYSCALL): Add missing arguments to INTERNAL_SYS...
2003-02-20 drepper(__real_chown): Test for __ASSUME_32BITUIDS.
2003-02-20 schwabAdd MADV_* and POSIX_MADV_* constants.
2003-02-20 drepperpwrite64 for Linux/SH.
2003-02-20 drepperpwrite implementation for Linux/SH.
2003-02-20 drepperpread64 implementation for Linux/SH.
2003-02-20 drepperpread for Linux/SH.
2003-02-18 drepper(__ttyname_r): Recognize invalid file descriptors and...
2003-02-18 drepper(__sysconf): Test for LOGIN_NAME_MAX and TTY_NAME_MAX...
2003-02-17 drepperDefine TTY_NAME_MAX and LOGIN_NAME_MAX.
2003-02-17 drepperRemove R2 handling.
2003-02-17 drepperHandle NONTLS_INIT_TP.
2003-02-17 drepperAdd missing includes.
2003-02-17 drepperNot needed anymore.
2003-02-17 drepperMoved into powerpc32 subdir.
2003-02-17 drepper__fe_nomask_env implementation for Linux/PPC32.
2003-02-17 drepperglob64 implementation for Linux/PPC32.
2003-02-17 drepperUse generic Linux version.
2003-02-17 drepperUse INLINE_SYSCALL.
2003-02-16 roland2003-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
2003-02-16 roland2003-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
2003-02-15 roland2003-02-15 Roland McGrath <>
2003-02-15 drepperDecrement high word of mantissa of demorm correctly...
2003-02-14 drepper[HAVE_PTR_NTHREADS]: Decrement thread counter and only...
2003-02-14 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Add instead of subtracting map...
2003-02-12 drepper(ELF_MACHINE_RUNTIME_TRAMPOLINE): Fix masking of versio...
2003-02-08 drepper(SYSCALL_ERROR_HANDLER): Save and restore the frame...
2003-02-08 drepper(start_thread): Undef to avoid to use definition for...
2003-02-08 drepperSystem specific definitions for Linux/SH4.
2003-02-08 drepper(__clone): Add additional parameters.
2003-02-08 drepperAdd SYSCALL_INST_PAD after the trapa instruction.
2003-02-06 drepperSecond parameter of sched_setaffinity and sched_getaffi...
2003-02-06 drepperUndo last change.
2003-02-06 drepper(_CS_2_SYMLINKS): New definition.
2003-02-05 drepperAdd posix_fadvise64 syscall.
2003-02-05 drepperAdd posix_fadvise64 syscall.
2003-02-05 drepperposix_fadvise for Linux.
2003-02-04 dreppersystem implementation for Linux/S390.
2003-02-04 drepperRegenerated.
2003-02-04 drepper(BROKEN_SPARC_WDISP22): New check.
2003-02-04 dreppermemmove for i686.
2003-02-03 drepperInclude kernel-features.h.
2003-02-03 drepperInclude kernel-features.h.
2003-02-03 drepperRegenerated.
2003-02-01 drepper[!__ASSUME_NEW_PRCTL_SYSCALL]: Noop prctl syscall and...
2003-02-01 drepper[!__ASSUME_NEW_RT_SIGRETURN_SYSCALL]: Generate ENOSYS...
2003-02-01 drepper(__ASSUME_NEW_PRCTL_SYSCALL): Define for powerpc64.
2003-02-01 drepperChange arch_minimum_kernel back to 2.4.19 for powerpc64.
2003-01-31 drepperRemove __GI_* aliases, already added by
2003-01-30 schwab(sysdep-CFLAGS): Don't define, not needed any more.
2003-01-30 drepper(__clone): Use lg, not l to load tls from stack.
2003-01-30 roland2003-01-30 Roland McGrath <>
2003-01-30 drepper(elf_machine_lazy_rel): Move to RESOLVE protected part...
2003-01-30 drepperInclude stdlib.h.
2003-01-30 drepperFix storing and restoring of %r6. Use 64-bit load.
2003-01-30 drepperFix storing and restoring of %r6.
2003-01-29 drepper(__fe_nomask_env): Use INTERNAL_SYSCALL not INLINE_SYSCALL.
2003-01-29 drepperPretty printing.
2003-01-29 drepper(__fe_nomask_env): Change __prctl call to INLINE_SYSCALL.
2003-01-28 drepperReorder additional clone parameters to match the order...
2003-01-28 drepper(SYSCALL_ERROR_LABEL): Move define next to SYSCALL_ERRO...
2003-01-28 drepper(SYSCALL_ERROR_LABEL): Move define next to SYSCALL_ERRO...
2003-01-28 drepper(__syscall_error): Support USE___THREAD. Define RTLD_PR...
2003-01-28 drepperUse branch with 32 bit offset.
2003-01-28 drepperAdd support for CLONE_CHILD_*TID flags.
2003-01-28 drepperGenerated configure file.
2003-01-28 drepperExtra configure test to check for TLS support in tools.
2003-01-28 drepper(elf_machine_type_class): Add TLS relocs for class...
2003-01-28 drepperStatic TLS handling for s390.
2003-01-28 drepperTLS definitions for on s390.
2003-01-28 drepper[GLIBC_2.3] (ld): Export __tls_get_offset.
2003-01-28 drepper(do_pause): New function. Split from __libc_pause...
2003-01-28 drepper(do_sigpause): Check range of sig_or_mask parameter...
2003-01-28 drepper(SIOCSIFNAME): Define.
2003-01-28 drepper(CLEANUP_HANDLER): Pass 1 as first parameter to __libc_...
2003-01-28 drepper(__fe_nomask_env): Use __prctl not prctl.
2003-01-28 drepperAdd __prctl alias for prctl syscall.
2003-01-28 drepperconfigure file for SPARC32/ELF.
2003-01-27 drepperRemove divdi3.c.
2003-01-27 drepper(CPPFLAGS-divdi3.c): Don't define.
2003-01-27 drepperDon't use __divdi3_internal.
2003-01-27 drepperExport the functions only as compatibility symbols...
2003-01-27 drepperNot needed anymore.
2003-01-27 drepperUse %g6 instead of %g7.