2000-01-22 kettenis2000-01-05 Roland McGrath <roland@baalperazim.frob...
2000-01-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-22 drepperDocument new gettext interfaces.
2000-01-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-22 drepperAdd format_arg attributes to declarations of new functions.
2000-01-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-22 drepperScript to generate input files for gettext tests and...
2000-01-22 drepperTest sources to test gettext functions.
2000-01-22 drepperSED script to convert PO file into input for test sources.
2000-01-22 drepperGenerated from plural.y.
2000-01-22 drepperYACC grammar and helper functions to parse plural expre...
2000-01-22 drepperImplementation of the ngettext function.
2000-01-22 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Search for plural information in...
2000-01-22 drepperAdd new parameter to _nl_find_msg declaration.
2000-01-22 drepperDeclare new functions. Add optimizations for them.
2000-01-22 drepper(struct expression): Define.
2000-01-22 drepperCall __dcgettext directly.
2000-01-22 drepperImplementation of the dngettext function.
2000-01-22 drepperImplementation of the dcngettext function.
2000-01-22 drepperInternal function to implement the message lookup.
2000-01-22 drepperMove most code into dcigettext.c. Add call dcigettext...
2000-01-22 drepper[GLIBC_2.2]: Add __dcngettext, dcngettext, dngettext...
2000-01-22 drepper(routines): Add dcigettext, dcngettext, dngettxt, ngett...
2000-01-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-21 drepper(td_thr_getgregs): Fix typo.
2000-01-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-21 drepper(Using the getopt function): Fix description of return...
2000-01-21 drepper(rpc_errlist): Fix index for RPC_PROGVERSMISMATCH.
2000-01-21 drepper(struct element_t): Add wclast and compute it where...
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepper(tests): Add test-misc.
2000-01-20 drepperMiscellaneous math tests.
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepperCorrect handling of arguments with exponent >31 and...
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepperCorrect size parameter of memset call.
2000-01-20 drepperAdjust for last change in ld-collate.c of adding alignm...
2000-01-20 drepperAdjust for last change of adding alignment padding.
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepper(output_weightwc): Return index measured in words,...
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepperDon't report an eror if final NUL is at the end of...
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate comment of RE_SYNTAX_POSIX_MINIMAL_EXTENDED.
2000-01-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-20 drepper(struct element_t): Add mblast and compute it where...
2000-01-20 drepper(findidx): Little optimization. Correctly return offse...
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperCreate temporary state object if no output is written.
2000-01-19 drepperCompute result correctly for successful call with s...
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperCompute return value correctly after change in gconv...
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperAdd double-width digits to digit class.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperDon't set errno if byte sequence is only incomplete...
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperNUL-terminte names of generated entries for ellipsis.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/SPARC32 implementation of xstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/SPARC32 implementation of lxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/SPARC32 implementation of fxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperiLinux/m68k implementation of xstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/m68k implementation of lxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/m68k implementation of fxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/Arm implementation of xstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/Arm implementation of lxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/Arm implementation of fxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/i386 implementation of fxstat.
2000-01-19 drepperLinux/i386 implementation of lxstat.
2000-01-19 drepper(__xstat): Move _STAT_VER_KERNEL handling up; don't...
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate after last bugfix in iconv implementation.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate comment for *written modification.
2000-01-19 drepper(COUNT_CONVERTED): Remove macro, comment, and all uses.
2000-01-19 drepper(__gconv): Update after last change.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepper(FCT): Use ISWCTYPE instead of __iswctype, and BTOWC...
2000-01-19 drepper(ISWCTYPE): New macro.
2000-01-19 drepperAdd new functions added on 2000-01-17.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepper(getdentries): Correct prototype to use __off64_t.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate from tzdata2000a.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepper(cache_addhst): Don't automatically add IPv6 address.
2000-01-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-19 drepper(pthread_allocate_stack): Compute guard page address...
2000-01-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-18 drepperFix expected result for test cases with * with no leadi...
2000-01-18 drepperRegenerated
2000-01-18 drepperDon't call fstat. Use STAT macro.
2000-01-18 drepperDefine STAT.
2000-01-18 drepperFix includes. Define STAT.
2000-01-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-01-18 drepperTerminate host name for NI_NOFQDN.
2000-01-18 drepperAdd internal_fnmatch.c.
2000-01-18 drepperActual implementation of statvfs and fstatvfs.