2005-08-30 drepper(__ieee754_hypotf): Add missing exponent bias to the...
2005-08-30 drepperDynamic linker definitions of linux/ppc64.
2005-08-30 drepper(DL_ADDR_SYM_MATCH): Define.
2005-08-30 drepper(_dl_addr): Use DL_ADDR_SYM_MATCH macro.
2005-08-24 drepper. fedora-glibc-20050824T0705
2005-08-24 drepper(nscd_parse_file): Use error while process isn't runnin...
2005-08-24 drepper(main): Use error while process isn't running in the...
2005-08-24 drepper.
2005-08-24 drepper(timer_helper_thread): Partially revert last patch...
2005-08-23 drepper.
2005-08-23 drepper(cache_addpw): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-08-23 drepper(send_stats): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-08-23 drepper(nscd_parse_file): Parse max-db-size parameter and...
2005-08-23 drepper(struct database_dyn): Add max_db_size field.
2005-08-23 drepperAdd max-db-size parameters.
2005-08-23 drepper(parse_opt): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write to...
2005-08-23 drepper(mempool_alloc): When resizing the file make sure the...
2005-08-23 drepper(addinitgroupsX): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-08-23 drepper(cache_addhst): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-08-23 drepper(cache_addgr): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write...
2005-08-23 drepper(DEFAULT_DATASIZE_PER_BUCKET): Move to nscd.h.
2005-08-23 drepper(addhstaiX): Use send with MSG_NOSIGNAL not write to...
2005-08-23 drepper.
2005-08-23 drepperDon't block SIGSETXID ever.
2005-08-23 drepper.
2005-08-23 drepperExport Inotify_* syscalls.
2005-08-22 drepper.
2005-08-22 drepperInclude assert.h.
2005-08-22 drepper(__wcstombs_chk): Pass &SRC rather than SRC to __wcsrtombs.
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbsrtowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbstowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-22 drepper(__mbsnrtowcs_chk): Don't multiply len by sizeof (wchar_t).
2005-08-22 drepper(mbsrtowcs, mbsnrtowcs): Divide __bos (__dst) by sizeof...
2005-08-22 drepper(mbstowcs): Divide __bos (__dst) by sizeof (wchar_t...
2005-08-22 drepper. fedora-glibc-20050822T0727
2005-08-22 drepper(Aerror): Fix printing IP address.
2005-08-21 drepper.
2005-08-21 drepper(send_vc): Pass correct sockaddr size to connect.
2005-08-20 drepper.
2005-08-20 drepperDon't abort if error conditions are not handled in...
2005-08-20 drepperAdd IN_MOVE_SELF event.
2005-08-20 drepper(read_alias_file): In case of failure, close the file...
2005-08-20 drepperDefine atomic_max and atomic_min.
2005-08-20 drepperLink libmemusage.so with ld.so.
2005-08-20 drepperUse atomic operations for all counter and size computat...
2005-08-20 drepperDefine memusage_cntr_t and memusage_size_t.
2005-08-20 drepperDefinitions for memusage on i686.
2005-08-20 drepperAdd tests for mbstowcs and wcstombs.
2005-08-19 rolandbz tags
2005-08-18 roland.
2005-08-18 roland2005-08-17 Paul Eggert <eggert@cs.ucla.edu>
2005-08-17 drepper.
2005-08-17 drepperHeader for inotify interfaces.
2005-08-17 drepper(sysdep_headers): Add sys/inotify.h.
2005-08-17 drepperAdd inotify syscalls.
2005-08-16 drepper.
2005-08-16 drepper(prune_cache): Add more debug output. Only for debug...
2005-08-16 drepper.
2005-08-16 drepper(prune_cache): Use stat64 not stat.
2005-08-16 drepper(nscd_init): Use stat64 not stat.
2005-08-16 drepper.
2005-08-16 drepper(_nss_nis_setnetgrent): Change assert check from (len...
2005-08-16 drepper(_xdr_nis_result): Fix type of res variable.
2005-08-16 drepper(nis_leaf_of_r): Handle buflen == 0 correctly.
2005-08-16 drepper(parse_options): change the -s option to support {datab...
2005-08-09 drepper.
2005-08-09 drepper(main_loop_epoll): Pass NULL as event argument for...
2005-08-09 drepper(fd_ready): Fix typo in comment.
2005-08-09 drepper.
2005-08-09 drepper(receive_print_stats): Really print values of thread...
2005-08-09 drepper.
2005-08-09 drepperUse _IO_vasprintf instead of vasprintf.
2005-08-09 drepperAdd libc_hidden_proto for __vfprintf_chk.
2005-08-09 drepperAdd libc_hidden_def.
2005-08-09 roland.
2005-08-09 roland2005-08-08 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2005-08-08 drepper. fedora-glibc-20050808T2126
2005-08-08 drepper(cache_add): Comment hash table and header to disk.
2005-08-08 roland.
2005-08-08 roland2005-08-05 Roland McGrath <roland@redhat.com>
2005-08-08 drepper.
2005-08-08 drepper(nscd_init): Use posix_fallocate instead of ftruncate.
2005-08-08 drepper(mempool_alloc): Use posix_fallocate instead of ftruncate.
2005-08-08 drepper.
2005-08-08 drepperInclude libioP.h.
2005-08-08 drepper.
2005-08-08 drepper(__memset_ichk): Likewise.
2005-08-08 drepper(wmemcpy, wmemmove, wmempcpy, wmemset, wcscpy, wcpcpy...
2005-08-08 drepper(recvfrom): Add __restrict keyword to __buf.
2005-08-08 drepper(ptsname_r, wctomb, mbstowcs, wcstombs): Add __NTH.
2005-08-08 drepper(confstr, getgroups, ttyname_r, gethostname, getdomainn...
2005-08-08 drepper(usekey): New enum.
2005-08-08 drepper(BLOCK_ALIGN_LOG, BLOCK_ALIGN, BLOCK_ALIGN_M1): Move...
2005-08-08 drepper(BLOCK_ALIGN_LOG, BLOCK_ALIGN, BLOCK_ALIGN_M1): .....
2005-08-08 drepper(PREPARE_LOOP): Minor cleanups to make code better...
2005-08-07 drepper(gc): Fix typo in comment.
2005-08-07 drepper.
2005-08-07 drepper(DT_ALPHA_PLTRO): Use symbolic name in DT_ALPHA_PLTRO...
2005-08-06 drepperUpdate from tzdata2005k.
2005-08-06 drepper.