2000-07-22 drepperHandle input -- with format %f correctly (it's no input...
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepper(process_string_arg): Correct handling of multibyte...
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepper(collate_read): Allow collating elements be named in...
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepper(collate_read): Allow collating symbols be named in...
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepper(handle_ellipsis): Test for duplication with generated...
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepperAdd width information.
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepperCorrect bugs introduced in BP-ification.
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepperAdd volatile to asms. Define IMPLEMENT_TAS_WITH_CAS.
2000-07-22 drepperIf IMPLEMENT_TAS_WITH_CAS is defined use
2000-07-22 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-22 drepper(chunk_alloc): Try mmap_chunk() for smaller allocations...
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepper(_dl_map_object): Take loader==NULL into account in...
2000-07-21 ajUpdate.
2000-07-21 aj($(test-modules)): Exclude filtmod1.so, it has its...
2000-07-21 ajUpdate.
2000-07-21 ajInclude <wchar.h> for prototype.
2000-07-21 gkm * malloc/malloc.c (next_chunk, prev_chunk, inuse_bit_a...
2000-07-21 gkm * sysdeps/powerpc/bp-asm.h (DISCARD_BOUNDS): Rename...
2000-07-21 drepperRewrite rules to generate filtmod1.so.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepperModule for test program for DT_FILTER handling.
2000-07-21 drepperTest program for DT_FILTER handling.
2000-07-21 drepper(tests): Add filter. Add rules to generate filter.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepperDeclare _dl_bind_not.
2000-07-21 drepperDefine _dl_bind_not variable.
2000-07-21 drepper(fixup): Don't remember looked up value if _dl_bind_not.
2000-07-21 drepperDefine _dl_bind_not variable.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepper(routines): Add fwide.
2000-07-21 drepper(_IO_fwide): Remove locking. This is done in fwide...
2000-07-21 drepperfwide implementation for libio.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepper(_dl_map_object): Implement handling of DF_1_NODEFLIB.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepperAlso test case where dependency of dlopen() object...
2000-07-21 drepperAdd no modules for nodelete test.
2000-07-21 drepperModule for test program for handling DF_1_NODELETE.
2000-07-21 drepperModule for test program for handling DF_1_NOOPEN.
2000-07-21 drepperTest program for handling DF_1_NOOPEN.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepper(_dl_map_object): Rename last parameter.
2000-07-21 drepperAdd new parameter to _dl_map_object calls.
2000-07-21 drepperDefine __RTLD_DLOPEN.
2000-07-21 drepperPass the whole mode word to _dl_map_object.
2000-07-21 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): If DF_1_NOOPEN is set and...
2000-07-21 drepper(tests): Add nodlopen. Add rules to generate nodlopen.
2000-07-21 drepperAdd __RTLD_DLOPEN to mode passed down to _dl_open.
2000-07-21 drepperRegenerated.
2000-07-21 drepperDefine have-z-nodlopen with libc_cv_z_nodlopen.
2000-07-21 drepperAdd test for -z nodlopen option.
2000-07-21 drepper(libnss_hesiod-routines): Add hesiod-init and hesiod...
2000-07-21 drepper[GLIBC_2.2]: Add _nss_hesiod_getservbyport_r,
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate from BIND 8.2.3-T5B.
2000-07-21 drepperproto service for Hesiod NSS module.
2000-07-21 drepper(_nss_hesiod_getservbyport_r): New function. Provide...
2000-07-21 drepperNSS hesiod definitions.
2000-07-21 drepperRewritten for thread-safeness.
2000-07-21 drepperInitialization functions for Hesiod NSS module.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepper(res_nsend): Cast &EXT(statp).nsaddrs[ns] to
2000-07-21 drepper(struct __sockaddr_in): New definition.
2000-07-21 drepperFix typos.
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepperPass -z nodelete to linker for libpthread.so generation...
2000-07-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-21 drepperDefine have-z-nodelete with libc_cv_z_nodelete.
2000-07-21 drepperAdd test for -z nodelete option.
2000-07-21 drepperTest module for nodelete test.
2000-07-21 drepperTest program for nodelete objects.
2000-07-21 drepper(tests): Add $(tests-nodelete-$(have-z-nodelete)).
2000-07-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-20 drepperDefine RTLD_NOLOAD and RTLD_NODELETE.
2000-07-20 drepperUpdate prototype for _dl_map_object_from_fd and _dl_map...
2000-07-20 drepper(struct link_map): Add l_feature_1 and l_flags_1.
2000-07-20 drepperAdd new parameter to _dl_map_object calls.
2000-07-20 drepperTest for RTLD_NOLOAD flag.
2000-07-20 drepperAdd various DF_1_*, DTF_1_*, and DF_P1_* entries.
2000-07-20 drepper(elf_get_dynamic_info): Copy DT_FLAGS_1 entry if it...
2000-07-20 drepper(dl_open_worker): Pass RTLD_NOLOAD as new parameter
2000-07-20 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Take no parameter and use...
2000-07-20 drepperAdd new parameter to _dl_map_object calls.
2000-07-20 drepper(_dl_close): Don't close an object if it is marked...
2000-07-20 drepper(tests): Add noload. Add rules to generate noload.
2000-07-20 ajlocaledata is no add-on anymore, change docu.
2000-07-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-07-20 drepper(_IO_wdo_write): Overflow only if there is really
2000-07-20 drepperOnly allocate external buffer if this hasn't happened...
2000-07-20 drepper(tests): Add tst_wprintf2.
2000-07-20 drepperTest case for wprintf functions.
2000-07-19 drepper(process_string_arg): Handle multibyte strings with...
2000-07-19 drepperFix completely broken handlling of unbuffered wide...