2000-08-21 drepperAdd restrict where required by AGd4.
2000-08-21 drepperDefine __restrict_arr.
2000-08-21 drepperAdd restrict where required by AGd4.
2000-08-21 drepperAdd restrict where required by AGd4.
2000-08-21 drepperMake cuserid prototype again available for all XPG...
2000-08-21 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-21 drepperUnify use of function aliases to make more compact...
2000-08-20 drepperRegenerated.
2000-08-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-20 drepper(main): Make error messages more human readable.
2000-08-20 drepper(BSD Random): Document setstate failing.
2000-08-20 drepper(_FPU_GETCW): Allow gcc to generic postinc/postdec...
2000-08-20 ajReformat.
2000-08-20 ajUpdate.
2000-08-20 ajIncrease error in case of wrong conversion.
2000-08-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-20 drepper(tgamma): Renamed from gamma.
2000-08-20 drepper(signgam): Don't make available if ISO C99.
2000-08-20 drepper(iswblank): Make available if ISO C99.
2000-08-20 drepper(isblank): Make available if ISO C99.
2000-08-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-20 drepperRegenerated.
2000-08-20 drepper(new_exp): Take number of optional parameters in second...
2000-08-20 drepper(_nl_unload_domain): Also free conv_tab element.
2000-08-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-20 drepper(free_mem): New function. Free alt_digits and walt_digits.
2000-08-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-20 drepper(_nl_unload_locale): Also free locale->name.
2000-08-20 drepper(free_mem): Also free here->filename.
2000-08-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-19 drepper(feenv_tests): Clear all exceptions before first test.
2000-08-19 ajUpdate.
2000-08-19 ajUpdate.
2000-08-19 ajInclude stdlib.h and string.h to provide
2000-08-19 ajInclude string.h to provide prototype for strcmp.
2000-08-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-19 drepper(usage): Inform about --help.
2000-08-19 drepper(new_heap): try harder to get an aligned chunk of size...
2000-08-19 drepperRemove libnss_db, libdb and libdb1.
2000-08-19 drepperNot needed anymore.
2000-08-19 drepperRemove versioning.
2000-08-19 drepperOnly use for non-LFS getdents.
2000-08-19 drepperDon't include Alpha version, do everything here.
2000-08-19 drepperLinux/SPARC32 version of glob64.
2000-08-19 drepperLinux/PPC version of glob64.
2000-08-19 drepperLinux/Arm version of glob64.
2000-08-19 drepperLinux/x86 version of glob64.
2000-08-19 drepperAdd glob64@@GLIBC_2.2.
2000-08-19 drepperIf GLOB_ONLY_P is defined, only define glob and glob_in...
2000-08-19 drepper(__glob64): Add prototype.
2000-08-19 drepper(memusage): libmemusage.so is installed in slibdir.
2000-08-19 drepper(fe_single_test): New function.
2000-08-19 drepper(FE_DENORMAL): New.
2000-08-19 drepperUse <fenv_libc.h>.
2000-08-19 drepperfenv definitions for Linux/Alpha.
2000-08-19 ajUpdate.
2000-08-19 ajInclude <stdio.h> for puts prototype.
2000-08-19 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-19 drepper(struct libname_list): Add dont_free element.
2000-08-19 drepperAvoid unneccessary initializations. Mark l_libname...
2000-08-19 drepperCall mtrace. Close the objects.
2000-08-19 drepperCall mtrace. Check result of dlclose. Print more...
2000-08-19 drepperCall mtrace.
2000-08-19 drepper(dl_open_workder): Don't call _dl_check_all_versions...
2000-08-19 drepper(add_name_to_object): Initialize dont_free to 0.
2000-08-19 drepper(free_mem): Used as __libc_subfreeres callback to remov...
2000-08-19 drepper(_dl_map_object_deps): If object was dependency of...
2000-08-19 drepperAdd comment explaining not freed memory.
2000-08-19 drepper[ld] (GLIBC_2.2): Export _dl_check_map_versions.
2000-08-18 aj * tests-mbwc/tst_funcs.h (TMD_ERRET): Don't declare...
2000-08-18 ajUpdate.
2000-08-18 ajAdd pads to show alignment for structs stat and stat64.
2000-08-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-18 drepperRemove special d_ino handling.
2000-08-17 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-17 drepperRemove libnss_db information.
2000-08-17 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-17 drepperSPARC64 sqrtl implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperSPARC fegetexcept implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperSPARC feenableexcept implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperSPARC fedisableexcept implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperSubtract 4 .rela.plt entries to match Solaris.
2000-08-17 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-17 drepper(_FPU_GETCW): Use type-correct code.
2000-08-17 drepperUpdate.
2000-08-17 drepperFix chars_needed computation.
2000-08-17 drepper(_dl_map_object): Don't crash if both loader and _dl_lo...
2000-08-17 drepper(feholdexcept): Returns 0 on success.
2000-08-17 drepper(struct ifreq): Add ifru_newname.
2000-08-17 drepperAlpha fedisableexcept implementaton.
2000-08-17 drepperAlpha feenableexcept implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperApha fegetexcept implementation.
2000-08-17 drepperChange path in #include directive so that only linux...
2000-08-17 drepper(xstat32_conv): Test sizes of buf->st_ino and kbuf...
2000-08-17 drepperReturn currently enabled, not disabled exceptions.
2000-08-17 aj * tests-mbwc/tst_funcs.h (TST_IF_RETURN): Only test...